Celebrate – Girl’s Day In

It doesn’t feel like summer around home, but I’m officially in party mode. I kicked off the 1st day of the season, by hosting a little soiree with some of my girlfriends. The 7 of us make it a point to get together at least a few times per month. We used to do this by meeting up at some of our favorite restaurants, but now that some of us have young babies, it makes more sense for us to get together at one of our residences. As mothers and close friends it’s important for us to have our girl time! We all know how crazy life can get and I love that regardless of how busy we are, we can all make the effort to connect…and catch up, laugh, eat good food and enjoy ourselves. Each of us usually brings a dish, an appy or a beverage to share and between all of us we end up with entirely too much food, but it’s always a fabulous time! Unfortunately 3 of our girls were missing from this past Friday’s celebration. I think we actually made enough food to feed them too, + more, but it’s nice to have the leftovers anyway.

Of course, being who I am, it’s always necessary for me to make things look pretty and posh too, so I picked up some fresh peonies from the market, plus snapdragon and baby’s breath to make a few arrangements.

The four of us enjoyed Italian Grapefruit soda and San Pellegrino garnished with raspberry and lime, followed by Pink Panty Droppers made by my girlfriend who’s a mixologist. To my knowledge they’re made with beer, vodka and pink lemonade. Not that I would ever consider mixing the two, but they taste so good, and look so pretty you’d never know the beer was in there!

As for the menu, it was pretty casual. We went with an appetizer theme this time around and enjoyed assorted olives, pickles, flatbread, crackers, tapenade, chips, dips and more. Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of extra time to make a dessert, so instead I served fresh fruits with candied nuts and dairy free dark chocolate. This is a great dessert alternative if you’re hosting a party with limited time on your hands. Something lightly sweetened to finish the meal, but perfect because it’s not heavy or too filling.

Here’s a few of the shots from our day captured via Instagram.20130623-223902.jpg

Everything turned out lovely and it was wonderful to have an extended visit with my girls. To give us all a break my hubby took 4 of our kids to the park for the afternoon. I feel fortunate to have such an amazing man in my life and for my amazing girlfriends too.

Wishing the weather would have been nicer so we could have chilled outside, but I’m sure it will cooperate for our next girl’s celebration, which will be happening soon!

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Paris, Parties and Instagram

Happy Friday!! Hoping you all are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am!! We’re celebrating my baby girl’s 1st birthday tomorrow and then I get to kick my feet up and relax all day Sunday, for Mother’s Day. After all of the work I’ve put in lately, it will be nice to have a day just for me! The last few months have been super busy, and the days leading up to this weekend have been quite hectic to say the least so I feel very deserving.

Here are a few snippets I took via Instagram to share with you all the prep I’ve been working on for baby M’s Spring in Paris birthday party happening tomorrow.


I made homemade macaron shells and then celebrated my success with a glass of rosé. The macarons didn’t turn out as perfect as I would like (I think the batter needed a few more folds) but it was an excuse to have a glass of wine anyways…

My girlfriend and I prepped the white chocolate Eiffel Towers for party favors. I chose white chocolate to match our color scheme…even though I can’t eat them. Used to this by now.

I made homemade lavender syrup for fresh lavender lemonade! I’ve been dying to try it all week. Be on the lookout for that recipe on the blog soon.

Lastly, my hubby (with my over-the-phone assistance,) picked out the perfect pink and white roses to accompany the lilacs I’m using for centerpieces.

Back to work I go!! With the help of my lovely mom and sis, plus two of my fave girls, It’s sure to all get accomplished.

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Check back in soon for more Paris party details and Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mommies I know.