Outfit of the day

It’s not often that I share images of my looks or what I wore for the day, but with my sis in town from LA and the beautiful weather we had over Mother’s Day weekend, snapping a few photos after brunch was a must.

It’s pretty rare for us to have such warm temps so early in the PNW, so I took full advantage, wearing a look fitting for our sun filled day down at the harbor.

OOTD | Posh Little Designs

I was feeling a bit nautical in a navy sweater and white floral tunic dress, that I paired with an espadrille wedge and oversized sunnies for a 70s vibe.

This look literally took just moments to put together, with casual and chic elements perfect for my Mother’s Day celebration.

here’s what I wore-

sunnies: dior tunic dress: h&m espadrilles: burberry handbag: burberry

Have a lovely Sunday!


photo by my dear sis @janiyawalker

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Christmas Wishes

Just a quick post to wish my blogger friends a beautiful holiday celebration! Tomorrow is officially Christmas eve and I’ll be taking a few days to enjoy time with my loved ones, but here’s a peek at the images we used for our Christmas cards this year. I took them a few weeks back on an incredibly freezing morning. Let’s just say I was grateful that the girls cooperated long enough to capture a few shots…

Christmas 2013 - PLD

I think I’m most anxious to see their faces on Christmas morning! These are the moments we live for. Big smiles, and pure joy. So priceless.

I hope your Christmas is filled with just as many blessings and much love.

Winter Storyboard - PLDMerry Christmas and check back soon friends.

More to share after the holiday!


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It’s difficult for me to grasp that my sweet little girl is getting older so fast. In less than a years time we’ll be registering her for kindergarten and this just blows my mind! I swear it feels like just a few months ago that I held her in my arms for the very first time and now in 1 month she’ll be four years old (tear.) Although I’ve enjoyed every moment of her growth, this stage is by far one of my favorites. Whether she’s telling us a story, singing a made up song, doing a little dance, or making a funny statement, she always finds a way to keep us laughing, smiling, and and also on our toes.

I’ve been scrambling a bit lately because I only have a little over 3 weeks to plan her birthday party. Yes, only 3 weeks! Normally this wouldn’t be a big issue, but our schedules at home have been so hectic lately (story of my life,) which is why it’s been a little quiet on the blog. In any event, I appreciate you continuing to read, even during the inconsistent times.

 This year she chose a theme of Strawberry Shortcake and I can’t wait to put my stamp on the celebration. I’ve already been busy with the invitations and will have those to share with you soon. In the meantime here’s the shots from our little backyard photo-shoot the other day. Instead of telling her to say cheese, I like to follow her around with the camera while she plays. It’s a sure way to create natural moments and allow her personality to shine through.

what she wore

A coordinating striped summer dress and jeweled headpiece to match our party color scheme of pink, red and green. Both were purchased at Gap. We picked a glittery tutu and pink ruffle blouse for her 2nd look. Both were found at Macys.

Set 1: complete with a smile that light’s up a room and some signature poses too.

4th bday

4th Birthday

4th Birthday

4th Birthday

4th Birthday

set 2: includes some honest moments + one w/ little sister, and a cute little topknot.

4th Birthday

4th Birthday

4th Birthday

I’ll admit that I’m a bit on the emotional side when it comes to my children and I think it’s because time has gone by way faster than I ever anticipated. Am I the only one who feels this way? I guess my remedy for the time being is to continue taking photos because I find that with each capture, time seems to stand still for at least a moment.

For all of you mommies out there, does it ever slow down, or is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life? What’s your favorite way to hold onto memories of your little ones? I’d love to hear them.


Check back soon for more details from her Strawberry Shortcake party in the making!


Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2013.

My littlest Valentine

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow will you be celebrating? To us the day is all about family so we’ll be spending it with our girls, but this year is extra special for us. Our youngest daughter just turned 9 months old so this will be her very first hearts day (also known as another excuse for me to do a photo-shoot.) The key here…let her “explore,” code word for mess. But all in the name of love. There is no greater gift.

WardrobeButton-closure Heart sweater — H&M baby.

Baby M

Her favorite pastime.

Baby M

A glimpse into the future? (she must get this from Mom.)

Baby M

Favorite ruffle pillow. Baby M

no longer a toothless grin…4 new teeth at once.

Baby M

we live for candid moments like this.

Baby M

and this.

Baby M

and sweet ones too.

Baby M

a sure sign she’s getting sleepy.

Baby M

And after the kids are off to bed tomorrow, my hubby and I get to enjoy a kid free dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Only the 2nd trip away from the girls since our youngest was born. Very much anticipated and very much deserved.

Have a fabulous day tomorrow celebrating with the ones you love and remember to check back soon for another dose of posh.

xo xo

Morning Inspiration

 Watching my two daughters interact the other morning inspired some impromptu camera time.

Unplanned, pure and honest.

filled with giggles



toothless grins

and lots of play.

As you can see from the shots, they already have such a special sister bond.

Priceless moments I live for.


Yesterday I celebrated my 31st birthday in the gorgeous city of Seattle and what a lovely celebration it was. Last year we were traveling at this time so it was nice to take advantage of some low-key festivities close to home. The weather was great with no rain and it was surprisingly sunny and warm. The tourist spots were quiet without the usual hustle and bustle and this was quite a refreshing surprise.

We shopped at my absolute favorite H&M flagship store, did some sightseeing, enjoyed the pier 54, merry-go-round and the Great Wheel, (which I was completely freaked out by, but I put on a happy face for my oldest daughter who was thrilled to ride it.) We ate some fresh and local seafood, sourdough bread, and enjoyed yummy birthday treats from a little French Bakery called Le Panier. I am totally obsessing over this place now! The French Macarons were to die for and were an amazing compliment to my vanilla Rooibos tea from the original Starbucks. Pike place was relaxed and the sounds of gospel filled the market. Fruit and veggies were vibrant and impossible to pass up. I took home some raspberries which I look forward to creating treats with over the next few days.

Here are some of the highlights from my celebration captured via Instagram. Follow me by clicking on the icon to the right.




The day was nothing short of perfect. Unhurried, and filled with lasting memories with my loved ones. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!


Sweet Moments

My youngest daughter is already 5 months old and growing so fast. Each day it seems like she’s doing some new, something special, something to remember. If I could freeze time and hold on to all the exciting milestones I would. Instead I spend every chance I get chasing her around with my camera doing my best to catch it all. Here she is dolled up in a vintage lace and rose headband and bloomers purchased from a local baby store in my home town.

Nothing sweeter!!