Macaron Painted Easter Eggs – DIY

I’m sure by now everyone is aware of how much I love macarons. Well after a weekend of DIY’s I think it’s safe to say my obsession with them is at a whole new level. Now not only do I want to eat all the macarons, but I want to paint them on all the things too. Like Easter eggs! Fitting considering that we’re less than a week away from the holiday and I just happened to have an excess of Martha Stewart acrylic paints on hand. No expert skills necessary. If you love macs as much as I do, and you know the basic anatomy of these darling delights (shell, feet, filling, feet, shell), painting them will be a breeze when you follow the simple steps below.

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs – DIY

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Easter eggs painted in shades of pastels to resemble the much adored french cookie.


Acrylic Paints in spring macaron shades. I chose mint, lavender, pink, yellow and white (for filling and dimension)

5- 6 hard boiled eggs

1 piece of thick cardstock

1 pencil

1 fine tipped paint brush and 1 3/4 inch wide flat paint brush



iridescent glitter (optional)

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs


  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is draw your french macaron to turn it into a stencil. It should be about 1 3/4 inches in size in order to fit the center of each boiled egg.
  2. Based on the anatomy of the macaron, and with a pencil you’ll first want to draw your top shell in a long thin tube shape.
  3. Beneath the shell, draw your first set of ruffles (aka feet which I’ve discovered are much easier to achieve painting than baking.)
  4. Followed by another tube shape in the for filling.
  5. Beneath the filling you’ll draw your second set of ruffles (feet.) Make sure the second set of ruffles point towards the bottom of the filling and not the top part of bottom shell (2nd set of feet should be facing upwards)
  6. Lastly complete your macaron by drawing the bottom half of the shell.
  7. You can click on the photo below to zoom in.

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Cut out your pencil drawn french macaron and place it in the center of your boiled egg.

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

With a pencil, trace the outline of the macaron onto the egg, drawing in the lines of the shells, feet, and filling afterwards.

Repeat these steps until you have one macaron drawn on the front of all 5-6 of your boiled eggs.

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Be sure to allow your eggs time to rest if they’ve been in the fridge. If they have moisture on them, the paint won’t stick. Pat your eggs dry with a paper towel before you begin painting.

  1. Now for the paint. I would recommend using 2 different colors for each macaron.
  2. Purple and light purple and/or white as I did here.
  3. You’ll want to paint in your shells first, outlining the shells of the pencil drawn on macaron with your fine tip paint brush in the darkest color you’ve chosen.
  4. Then paint your shells. Mix in a little white with your darkest color for dimension.
  5. Using your lightest color, and horizontal strokes paint in the filling (center of the macaron.
  6. So far you should have the shells and filling painted as seen below.
  7. Sprinkle on a little glitter before the paint dries for a touch of sparkle.
  8. Now you can add your feet. Dip your wide flat brush into your darkest shade of paint on an angle.
  9. Dab the paint onto the egg in a tapping almost sponging motion to resemble the look of the feet.
  10. Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Then set aside to dry.

Repeat these steps to paint each of your macaron easter eggs.

You can experiment with colors and combos to create the macarons of your dreams.

Once your macaron easter eggs are painted, place them in the fridge to dry.

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Once dry, arrange them in your favorite dishes for a very sweet display.

They make  beautiful Easter centerpieces and add a chic touch to Easter baskets for loved ones! I hope these macarons eggs inspired you to make your own. Pick your favorite flavors and paint away.

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

I’ll have more on the way soon! Thanks as always for reading friends!


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Macaron Love

French macarons are my fave indulgence and now that Friday has arrived and I have a 4 day weekend to look forward to with my 3 valentines, an early celebration is in order. Nothing like a sweet and delicate fruity treat to get me into weekend mode, and ready for a busy yet fabulous Valentine’s weekend ahead.

 I tell you, of all the macarons I’ve tried, there’s nothing quite better than a Ladureé french macaron, and although I haven’t been in New York or Paris lately, I recently received the Ladureé Macarons recipe book as a gift and instantly fell in love.

Laduree French Macarons | Posh Little DesignsThis book is loaded with beauty, elegance, inspiration and many incredible and unexpected recipes for macaron shells and fillings. Highly recommended. I had such a difficult time deciding which to make first, but with Valentine’s Day on my mind I decided on a batch of the Red Jam Macarons with a classic almond shell. A designer exclusive (yes they have designer exclusives) for Christian Lacroix and suitable for the celebration of love in shades of mauve and pink.

Laduree French Macarons | Posh Little Designs

As you will see below, mine are certainly nowhere near the perfection of a Ladureé macaron, but simply the best I’ve ever made at home, with jam filling made from raspberries, strawberries and cherries, which was good enough to eat by the spoonful, no lie! The color of my shells definitely still need work as do my thin “feet” but I know what I did wrong, and cannot wait to make them again.  Now the question is which recipe I’ll try next.

Laduree French Macarons | Posh Little Designs

I actually made these macarons earlier in the week and photographed via instagram, but I stored a few in the freezer, which I’m enjoying with a hot glass of tea this morning. My favorite way to kick off the weekend. What’s yours? Perhaps I’ll pair a few more with a glass of champagne tomorrow.

Wishing you all a fabulous Valentine’s Day and weekend. Thanks for reading!

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Birthday Gram – Las Vegas

Last weekend my hubby and I flew to Vegas for my birthday. This was last-minute, somewhat unexpected travel, but I’m so glad we decided to make the trip, because it turned out to be the perfect couples getaway. My sister in law’s birthday actually falls on the day before mine so each year we make an effort to celebrate together and since they just happened to be in Vegas the same weekend, in addition to my dear sis from LA, the timing couldn’t have been better!

The weekend moved by so quickly that I didn’t have much time for photos with my dslr camera, but I did capture many shots via instagram.IMG_6691.JPG


I truly cannot remember ever having a birthday celebration this wonderful. Thanks to my dear husband and amazing sister, I had the absolute time of my life and felt completely and utterly spoiled from start to finish.

From our stay at the Palazzo, to the gifted tiara and french macarons, the atmosphere, the laughs and the shows, the weather, quality time with my family…the list goes on.

IMG_6692.JPGThe only difficult part of course, was being away from our girls for a few days, but they had so much fun spending quality time with their Grandmas for the weekend.

This was certainly a much deserved break for me and my hubby. We all deserve those from time to time, especially on special occasions right?! Well aside from feeling a bit tired, I’m excited to get back to creating and will have some fresh concepts to share with you all soon. In the mean time, let’s be friends on IG: @poshlittledesigns.

Check back soon.


German Chocolate French Macarons

German Chocolate French Macarons | Posh Little Designs

After traveling to NY last month and visiting Ladurée, I’ve become a little more obsessed with french macarons. Not gonna lie, I’ve been thinking about them quite often and regretting not bringing home more from the city. More than anything I think visiting Ladurée has inspired me to become better at making macarons. My mom’s birthday last weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity to try my hand at making them again, this time flavored like german chocolate cake, since that’s her favorite dessert.

I just happened to have all the ingredients on hand in my pantry to make the german chocolate cake macarons, but none left to spare. Of course that meant if I experienced a mess up, it would basically be tragic and more than anything a waste of time, but luckily there were no tragedies in my kitchen last weekend. Instead I was thrilled when I placed the shells in the oven and watched them rise, feet and all. If you’ve ever made french macarons before, the term “feet” is one worth celebrating, and that I did, over a glass of sauvignon blanc.

 These German chocolate cake macarons were only my 3rd attempt at making them, and although far from perfect, they were much improved from my last batch. I credit the awesome recipe for the macarons I found via Wives with Knives which I followed exactly, only substituting the butter and evaporated milk in the german chocolate filling to make the macarons dairy free and do note that the shells and filling is also gluten free.

German Chocolate French Macarons | Posh Little Designs

Seriously if you love french macarons and german chocolate cake, I highly, highly recommend this recipe! They are a little intimidating to make at first, but I assure you with practice they become easier and easier. Next time around I’ll just have to grind down my almond meal to a finer consistency and add a few more folds to the batter for a smoother shinier shell, but the flavor was there nonetheless.

Most importantly, my mom was absolutely delighted by her sweet birthday gift, which was a reward in itself.

And for an extra reward, I enjoyed tea and a few leftover macarons on the morning of the first day of Fall as the rain began to fall. The perfect way to bring in the new season.

Thanks as always for reading and Happy Fall! Much more to share soon.


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Travel-gram -New York

With travel and preparation for school to start, the past few weeks have been hectic. It’s been on my heart to share and blog but finding the balance with everything else going on has proven to be difficult.  My hubby and I just recently returned from New York city. We spent 6 days away from our girls for the first time ever which means that all the spare time that we have right now is theirs. Enjoying the last few days of summer and time with my family and loved ones has been wonderful and much-needed, but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things! Starting off with some highlights from our incredible trip to NY, captured via instagram.

We traveled to celebrate a dear friend of 20 years’ wedding. I was honored to be one of the bridesmaids, along with several of our other childhood friends. The wedding took place in upstate NY on the countryside, near Rochester. The views were absolutely incredible! The wedding had many DIY details, mason jars and a color scheme of navy and grey. As you can see I had to make a switch of my shoes to sandals, as trying to trek through grass in heels was not working in my favor! Our experience though, was like no other. It was truly so special to be a part of their day and to witness their love for each other. So great to reminisce with all my girlfriend’s while making new memories in the process. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am for our dear friends, the bride and groom! Wishing them a lifetime of love and all the happiness in the world!

New York Travel - Instagram

We followed up the wedding with a drive into Manhattan where we stayed with my sis-in-law and brother-in-law for a few days. Let me just say, what an incredible city New York is. Completely fell in love with most everything about it. The shopping in soho and the sites all around us. The food, the skyline. Central Park, views from the Empire State building at night and just the overall energy. Every moment we were there, the city was alive! Of course it wouldn’t have been a trip to NY without a stop at Ladurée on Madison Ave for french macarons. I was in heaven!! No seriously…H E A V E N! Never in my life have I had a macaron so good and I have had a lot of macarons in my life. Pictures don’t do them justice, but we cannot wait to go back for more. For all of the reasons above we’re tempted to plan another trip there very soon!

New York Travel - Instagram

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Have a fabulous holiday weekend loves! Much more to share here soon.


Friday Delights

Yesterday my hubby surprised me with a box of French macarons and my Friday was instantly made!

Of course it would be even better if I was eating some authentic ones from Ladurée, but until I can make it to New York or Paris, the freezer section of Costco will have to suffice!

Ah…I still can’t believe there’s not one bakery in my hometown that makes macarons from scratch, but the Cocola brand from Costco was pretty decent. I tried the rose flavor yesterday and look forward to tasting the others soon! I do prefer the jam filled cookies since I avoid dairy for the most part, but how does the saying go? Everything in moderation right?!

Before I sampled one yesterday I snapped a photo for Instagram. I paired the sweet cookies with fresh hydrangea left over from my daughter’s party last Saturday! More on that soon!


I have learned to keep a stash of macarons on hand in the freezer when I need a pick me up, or have company coming by. They keep so well and are an anytime fix and an easy dessert option for entertaining. I prefer mine with a mug of hot tea in the morning hours, or a brut (less sweet) sparkling wine after dinner.

You can find me on instagram @poshlittledesigns. Lets be friends!

Thanks for reading! Wishing you all a weekend just as sweet!


French Macarons

If ever there were a treat to represent posh, the macaron would be it. I just obsess over them! Not only for their delicious taste and texture, but also for the array of gorgeous hues they are available in. I seriously can’t think of a prettier dessert to serve for a special occasion and since my baby girls Spring in Paris themed 1st Birthday is coming up in a months time, adding them to the menu seemed like a no-brainer.

As a result, I have been attempting to get on my French Macaron A-game, but let me tell you the process hasn’t been pretty…or edible for that matter. Let’s just say, I quickly discovered that these chic little cookie gems are a lot easier to eat than they are to make.

Honestly speaking, It would probably make more sense to just purchase the macarons for my daughter’s 1st bday, but since I love a good challenge, attempting to make them homemade seems much more satisfying. Luckily I can report that after three inedible attempts at homemade macarons, I was able to make a batch this past Monday that came out of the oven sporting feet and shiny caps. Oh If only you could have seen the excitement on my face!! Nowhere near perfection but a huge improvement from the first ones I made. I even took a photo via Instagram for you to see!


The recipe I used came from which seriously features the best tutorial I have ever come across. Instead of attempting to share the full recipe here, I highly recommend following the link to the site below, as it features an instructional video, trouble-shooting and US measurement conversions, perfect for the macaron challenged like myself.

Easy French Macarons

Here is the dairy free buttercream recipe that I used to fill my macarons as well as some additional troubleshooting tips based on my own experience making these. I went dairy free because as most of you know my baby has an allergy to it and I have since removed it from my diet. If you are not dairy free, you can always just use regular butter for this recipe.

Dairy Free Apricot Strawberry Buttercream

1 stick Vegan buttery sticks softened

2 tablespoons strawberry preserves

2 tablespoons apricot preserves

1/4 cup powder sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla.


Place all ingredients into mixer and blend until incorporated.
Spoon into ziplock bag
Pipe between macaron shells, either a little..or a lot, based on your preference.

You can also add more sugar if you prefer a sweeter buttercream. I don’t care as much for overly sweet things and since the shells are already really sweet, I toned down the recipe.

Troubleshooting Tips

Whip your egg whites until dry. It took 12 minutes on speed 8 in my stand mixer.Use parchment paper instead of a silicone mat.

Make sure you are properly folding your batter as opposed to stirring it.

For consistent round shells, be sure to use an icing tip.

Watch the temp of your oven. I have gas heat so turning mine down to 295 degrees Fahrenheit worked well for me.

Don’t place your macarons too close to the heat source of your oven. I doubled up my pans and placed them on a higher shelf for a better result.

I wish you luck at making homemade macarons. If they turn out the first time for you…well then I’m completely jealous! If not, try again. Third time was a charm for me and I have since been enjoying a few every morning this week with my favorite lavender rooibos tea. Perfection. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to test out this recipe a few more times before my baby’s 1st birthday. I know I could use the extra practice.

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More ‘Spring in Paris’ related ideas and inspiration on the way soon!! Happy Friday to you all!