Mammogram Party

Earlier in October I took part in an annual Mammogram Party in my home town. This was an event put together locally to help raise awareness about breast cancer and provide knowledge and important info to women about annual screenings. Those who attended were able to schedule their screening appointments while also enjoying prizes, goodie bags treats, hair extensions and plenty of shopping from some fabulous vendors.

The event lasted from 9-3 pm and I had my Posh Little Designs booth set up, with many products on display and for sale from my online shop. Everything from cookie cutters and baking cups, to cupcake liners, paper straws, cupcake toppers and much more. I also baked up a batch of sugar cookies in themes to match the event which were given away for donation. Since most of my business is online based, it was refreshing to speak to customers face to face and interact on that level. I enjoy both aspects very much!

Annual Mammogram Party | Posh Little Designs

For this event I again chose a mostly white backdrop, and tied in shades of black, pink and silver through my products and samples. I hung tassel garland in textured white, displayed simple white roses in my most favorite goblets from the Oh Joy! For Target party collection, and once again took advantage of the wonderful free awareness prints from Heather of Chickabug.

Annual Mammogram Party | Posh Little Designs

Annual Mammogram Party | Posh Little Designs

Annual Mammogram Party | Posh Little Designs

 I’ll be donating 20% of all proceeds from the event, in addition to sales of awareness themed and pink products from the shop for the month of Oct. to a local non-profit breast cancer organization known as Team Julia. You can find out more details about this wonderful charity by following the link above.

Annual Mammogram Party | Posh Little Designs

How wonderful it was to be involved in this event again this year! Thank you so much to Cassie, my great friend Christy and all the rest of the amazing ladies who made this event such a great success!

Much more to share soon!


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October Events

I can hardly believe we’re halfway through October! It’s been such a busy month already with 2 events and many behind the scenes projects that I’ll have to share with you in the coming weeks!

Over the weekend I completed 1 of two Breast Cancer Awareness Events for the month. It felt great to come together with other small businesses in the community for such a wonderful cause! Together we collected an awesome sized donation for Team Julia!

Here’s some of the products I had for sale and the sweet cookies I baked for the occasion. Everything from sprinkles and paper straws, to baking cups, cupcake liners, cupcake toppers, cookie cutters and more!

Breast Cancer Awareness Event |Posh Little Designs

And here’s a few snapshots from the event.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event |Posh Little Designs

I used plenty of white for my display  because I’m absolutely obsessed with it right now. I tied in pops of pink through products and fresh roses for the pink awareness theme and  used my favorite collection of vintage milk glass dishes to display many of the products.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event |Posh Little Designs Breast Cancer Awareness Event |Posh Little Designs

Most of what’s seen at my booth can be purchased online in my Posh Etsy Shop. For the entire month of October, I’ll be donating 20% of all pink colored and awareness related products to our local charity Team Julia. You can find more about Team Julia by clicking on the highlighted link.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event |Posh Little Designs

And for my personal style, a black peplum paired with black denim and a little pop of leopard which is so on trend for Fall.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event |Posh Little Designs

I’ve got one more awareness event this Friday at a local imaging center. They’ll be offering free mammograms to women 40 and over in addition to many free prizes and giveaways, while providing information and raising awareness about breast cancer. It’s another fundraiser I’m thrilled to be a part of!

Much more to share soon friends!


All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October is dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer. Organizations from all over the world will be joining in and so will I. I’m taking part by participating in two wonderful events in my home town.

First up is a multi-vendor fundraising Bosom Boutique for Team Julia. A local charity providing assistance to families and individuals affected by breast cancer while also raising awareness about the disease. This specific event is taking place next Saturday the 11th of October and I’m delighted to be working with some awesome vendors. I’ll be putting together a variety of seasonal awareness and pink themed baking and party supplies for sale locally and in limited quantities in my Etsy shop, with a portion of the proceeds from the sales going directly to the charity we’re representing.

Bosom Boutique BCA | Posh Little Designs

I’ve also been invited again to be one of the vendors at an Annual Mammogram Party also happening locally. The event will offer mammograms by donation to women without a prior appointment, while also raising awareness about breast cancer. This event is taking place Friday October 17th. You can learn more about my participation in last year’s Mammo event here.

It’s shaping up to be quite a busy month but I’ll have plenty behind the scenes details to share with you in the coming days and weeks as I prepare for both events.

Happy weekend!! I’ll be sporting the color pink for breast cancer awareness this month and I hope you do too!

More to share soon.


top knots and tutus

Rainy Fridays call for plenty of indoor play and dress up time and since the sun will be hidden behind the clouds for most of today, that’s exactly how we’re spending our afternoon.

Top knots, the cutest tutus, and a few snapshots with my canon DSLR and our day is set!

topknots & tutus | Posh Little Designs

Genuine smiles, a sweet sister bond and candid shots = perfection.

topknots & tutus | Posh Little DesignsIt surely is the simplest things that make for the best moments!

The adorable tutus came from our lovely cousin Stephanie who runs Fingers and Toes Tutus on Etsy. All her pieces are gorgeous and handmade with love. Take a moment to check her out here!

Happy weekend to you all! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!


All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2014.

An auction for Kylie

You may remember a few weeks back I shared information about the little angel Kylie who has been battling neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is childhood cancer, that can cause deadly tumors throughout the bodies of infants and children under the age of 5. Kylie has stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma.

I learned about this little angel about a month ago after being contacted by Amie Salter on Etsy to take part in an upcoming Instagram Auction held @cupcakesforkylie with all proceeds going directly to Kylie and her family. Kylie immediately captured my heart! Hundreds of vendors including myself will be donating items and taking part in this event happening this Sunday June 22nd from 7am-7pm.

I’ll be donating baking products from the Posh Etsy shop for the event and will also be donating a portion of all sales in my shop running through mid July.


Please mark your calendars for the event and if you’re on Instagram, show support and spread the word.

Thousands of people have banded together in continuous prayer and positive thoughts for this little angel and her family. It is quite miraculous to witness how far she’s come. Kylie exudes the spirit of a warrior with incredible courage and will to live. She and her family have become such an inspiration for me! Their faith and strength is nothing short of amazing!!

I feel honored to take part in this event and I hope you come join us to help this family who is so incredibly deserving!!

Please continue to send prayers and positive energy to Kylie and her dear family.

For more information about Kylie’s story and to find out how else you can help visit here:
Prayers for Kylie
Facebook Prayers for Kylie, God’s Little Warrior
Instagram: @prayersforkylie
Instagram Auction: @cupcakesforkylie

You can also find me on Instagram @poshlittledesigns.

Your support is appreciated!

More to share soon!

Cupcakes for Kylie

In June I will be donating some specialty items from the Posh Etsy shop to an Instagram auction held by @cupcakesforkylie for a little beauty. Kylie’s from San Diego, just turned 2 and was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma in December.  As a mama to my little girl’s I was immediately touched by this story and am eager to get involved. I can’t begin to imagine what this family is going through.
Please help spread the word and keep this little angel and her family in prayer. What a fighter and miracle she is!!
20140529-122558.jpgIf you’re on Instagram you can follow @cupcakesforkylie for additional information about the upcoming auction. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to Kylie and her family.

You can also learn more about Kylie’s story on and on her family’s Instagram and Facebook pages: @prayersforkylie and “Prayers For Kylie.”

Find me on Instagram: @poshlittledesigns

Thanks for reading and for spreading the word!


Ring Pop Party Favors – DIY

One of my best girlfriend’s was in town from New York a few weeks ago and completely unaware of a top-secret bachelorette party myself and the rest of the girls from her wedding party had been planning! We prepared for her final fling over the course of a few weeks and the entire night couldn’t have turned out better! Many personalized details were added to celebrate the Mrs to be, which included the Ring Pop party favors I made for all of the girls that attended. You may remember this sweet candy bling the most from days of your childhood, but they’ve recently become quite trendy for wedding gifts, bridesmaid invitations and party favors.

As you will see below, they easily transform from childhood treat into the perfect party favor or parting gift. Even better, they’re simple to create and affordable too!

DIY ring pop party favors | Posh Little Designs

Ring Pop DIY | Posh Little Designs

DIY Ring Pop Party Favors


Ring pops in your choice of color.

Showcase packaging containers which can be found in my Etsy shop.

Ribbon of choice cut into 8 inch pieces.

Small cellophane bags.

8 inch pieces of bakers twine.

labels for the top of each container (optional).

mini paper clips (+ glitter and glue).

paper name tags (these can be handmade in Word or Photoshop, or even store-bought)


Remove ring pops from packaging.

Open each showcase container and insert ring pop on an angle until secured.

Seal by placing the lid back on the bottom.

Wrap 8 inch piece of ribbon around the bottom portion of the showcase container where the black lid, meets the acrylic container.

Next, place one label in the top center of each container. I made mine specifically using the verbiage “he put a ring on it” with a few extra embellishments to emulate the bling.

Ring Pop Tutorial | Posh Little Designs

After you’ve placed the ring pop in the container, wrapped in ribbon and labeled, insert each Ring Pop container into 1 small cellophane bag.

Tie the cellophane wrapped candy gift with one piece of bakers twine in your choice of color.

Write or print a name on each name tag, then hole punch (if not already done) and tie to each piece of bakers twine.

Ring Pop Tutorial | Posh Little Designs

Finish with one glittered mini clothespin (optional).

To create the mini glittered clothespins, simply paint the full top side of each clothespin with craft glue, and dredge in colored glitter of your choice. Allow an hour to dry.

DIY mini Glitter Clothespins | Posh Little Designs

DIY mini Glitter Clothespins | Posh Little Designs

Here’s how it should look when it’s finished!

Ring Pop DIY | Posh Little Designs

The favors for my girlfriend’s celebration were personalized to match the color scheme of her upcoming Summer Wedding. She has chosen shades of navy and grey, so I made sure to incorporate those details into the final packaging.

These certainly added a special touch of posh to our evening and didn’t disappoint! Can’t wait until I have the chance to make them again!

Thanks for reading as always! I have a busy few weeks coming up with my brother’s wedding Easter weekend and family in town, but hoping to squeeze in one more post before then!

Check back again soon!


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