Painted Mini Pumpkin Centerpieces

Black & Gold Mini Pumpkin Vases | Posh Little Designs

Black & Gold Mini Pumpkin Vases | Posh Little Designs

Each year as Halloween approaches I look forward to bringing home mini pumpkins from the market to display around my home. I prefer the white, or what are known as “ghost” pumpkins, since they’re a blank canvas, neutral for decorating and so incredibly chic! Although too much white is never a bad thing in my opinion, when I see a blank canvas, it’s in my nature to elevate it. As such, I’ve given my mini pumpkins (which included a few orange) a fresh coat of paint for an added touch of glam.

Aside from white, when I think of glam and opulence, black and gold come to mind. Both are elegant, and timeless with a major posh factor and look gorgeous when styled for parties, in fashion and for the home. These are the thoughts I had on my mind when I painted the pumpkins.

And in addition to making table centerpieces look posh and parties stylish, the black and gold painted pumpkins easily transform into miniature vases and centerpieces to hold your favorite blooms.

I just happened to have a vase of white roses on hand, so I stuffed each mini pumpkin with one single stem. I just love how they stand out in contrast to the black and gold.

Black & Gold Mini Pumpkin Vases | Posh Little Designs

Aside from paint drying time, these pumpkin vases only take a short period of time to make! Here’s what you’ll need to give them a try:

Black & Gold Mini Pumpkin Vases | Posh Little Designs

Painted Mini Pumpkins Centerpieces

Add a touch of glam to your Fall home decor and floral blooms with this simple and affordable DIY.


Mini pumpkins white or orange will do (white will work better for the gold paint, but orange will be fine for black).

Sharp knife.

Black & gold craft paint (gloss preferred). I actually used leftover chalkboard paint that I had and it worked just fine.

2 paint brushes (one for each color of paint).

newspaper or scrap paper to paint on.

small tray for paint.

white roses or flowers of choice.

Black & Gold Mini Pumpkin Vases | Posh Little Designs

Black & Gold Mini Pumpkin Vases | Posh Little Designs


Rinse all pumpkins and pat completely dry with a paper towel.

Using a large sharp knife, cut the top off of the pumpkins starting at about 1 inch down (try to make sure the cut is even so the top can fit back on the pumpkin properly).

Using a small spoon, scoop out the interior of the pumpkin and discard.

Rinse out the pumpkin and dry with a paper towel.

Begin painting the exterior of each pumpkin in the color of your choice. Paint everything including the stem and the flat surface of the bottom half of the pumpkin. (You won’t need to paint the bottom half of the top of the pumpkin since it won’t be seen.)

You’ll have to apply about 3 coats of each color of paint, allowing at least 30 minutes to an hour to dry in between, + touch ups. This part takes the longest.

Once the paint completely dry, you can fill each pumpkin with a small amount of water if you plan on using them for miniature vases.

Cut the stem of each rose bloom down to about 1 inch and place the bloom into the mini pumpkin. Depending on the size of your flowers, you may need to use more than one bloom. Allow roses 1-2 days to completely open up.

Black & Gold Mini Pumpkin Vases | Posh Little Designs

Painted pumpkin vases24

Black & Gold Mini Pumpkin Vases | Posh Little Designs

Black & Gold Mini Pumpkin Vases | Posh Little Designs

Black & Gold Mini Pumpkin Vases | Posh Little Designs

Black & Gold Mini Pumpkin Vases | Posh Little Designs

I can already envision these at my next celebration and I hope you can too. They’d make chic fall themed wedding related decor or place card holders. Elegant, posh and affordable.

Such a fun DIY to try over the weekend since Halloween is only 1 week out! I enjoyed every moment of decorating with these and I hope you do too!

Much more to share soon.


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Instagram, Cinderella & Surprise visits

Between planning my daughter’s party last week, and a surprise visit from my sis who lives in LA, I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blog posts. I do plan to edit and upload images from her royal celebration very soon, but for now I’m taking advantage of some long overdue sister catch up time. Until then, here are a few of the shots that I snapped from my daugher’s royal birthday celebration via Instagram.

Dessert Table


Royal Sugar Cookies


Rose Centerpiece


Cinderella Party Favors




Check back soon for more images and inspiration from her royal celebration.

Real Parties: Vintage Glam Baby Shower – Yellow & Gray

Our newest addition to the family will arrive sometime at the end of this month, or beginning of next. We celebrated the anticipation of her arrival a few weeks back at my vintage-glam themed baby shower brunch, which couldn’t have turned out better! I have my mom, sister and a few good friends to thank for their assistance in pulling together all the little details leading up to the event, the day was simply perfect.

 In one of my previous posts Sunshine Yellow and Gray, I mentioned that I would be using that color scheme, along with some vintage and glam details, to pull together my concept for the celebration. Here’s a look back at my special day and all the details that made it so posh.

Brunch has forever been one of my all time favorite meals, so of course I had to incorporate that into the day when planning the menu. I am a big fan of little bites and appetizer portions so that’s how everything was prepared, in mini sizes. The delicious homemade menu consisted of the following; french toast rounds with maple syrup, a yogurt parfait station complete with fresh fruit, golden raisins, coconut, granola, white chocolate chips and pecans. We also served turkey sausage links, turkey bacon skewers, fresh fruit skewers made up of cantoulope, mango and pineapple and accompanied by a heavenly orange dream dip made by my Mother In-law. Lastly we ate mini frittatas, assorted cheese, fresh bagels and light cream cheese, donut holes and roasted potato cups.

To go along with the menu we served virgin mimosas using fresh mango orange juice and san pellegrino. We also prepared homemade virgin caesars, and a homemade cucumber lemonade. So fresh and perfect for a spring time soiree.

The sweet menu consisted of small bites as well, all of which were homemade and tied in perfectly with the color scheme. The dessert table included homemade lemon poppyseed muffin pops, skinny mango cheesecake bites, onesie lemon sugar cookies, mini cinnamon rolls, gray and white M&Ms, mango pineapple and lemon gummy bears, yogurt dipped raisins and almonds, and banana and vanilla saltwater tafffy. Each guest was given a favor bag to fill up with sweets of their choice as a little token of our appreciation.

The onesie sugar cookies were the perfect touch. I incorporated fresh lemon juice into the glaze so you could taste citrus in every bite. They were also hand designed by myself with the assistance of my sister and good friend using sugar pearls in our yellow and gray color scheme.

I found the recipe for the lemon poppyseed muffins in a cookbook and just cooked them in mini muffin pans. I inserted sticks into them the same way you would if making cake pops.

The recipe for the mini cinnamon rolls came from this fabulous blog: Iowa Girl Eats. I chose to use organic crescent dough from Trader Joes, just a personal preference. They were a big hit!

The decor and dishes used in the display tables and throughout the shower were a combination of vintage and modern. I added sparkle by adorning some decorative pieces with crystals, which I found antiquing. I borrowed the rest of the pieces from family and friends. The fabric for the tables was purchased from a local fabric store, and I found the birdcages at Michaels. Printed paper treat bags were purchased online and I found the damask plates and napkins at a local party store.

For the flower arrangements, I used milk glass, vintage decanters, vintage wine glasses, mason jars and teacups. The doily banners was hand designed by simply threading twine through doilies, and the adorable baby clothesline was hand designed by my sister using twine and the same glitter clothespins from my previous post Glamorous Glitter Clothespins.

To create the centerpiece on the left I used inexpensive flowers; carnations snap dragons daisies and spider mums and put them in a vintage decanter and mason jar. I used a vintage gold mirror, twine and a white porcelain bird to finish off the look. I used the same flowers for the centerpiece on the right and placed them in an old china teapot. I hung some crystals from the spout for the touch of glam. These same details were displayed all throughout the shower.

Here’s another look at some of the florals and table decor.

And here are some additional views of the decor from the celebration. The letter ‘M’ is the initial of our baby girl’s first name. My husband distressed it and painted it for me and we hung from the front door for a personal touch. All of the decorative pieces here will be incorporated into the nursery, which I will be revealing over the next few weeks once it’s finally finished!

To tie in our colors I custom designed all prints including invites and labels in a yellow damask with gray accents.

The fun games from the shower consisted of Guess Mommy’s Tummy size, Attributes, Never say baby Clothespins, Guess how many diapers, and Finish the Nursery Rhymes. We used the glitter clothespins I blogged about a few weeks back for “Never say baby.” Prize bags were hand designed. Check back next week for my easy and inexpensive DIY tutorial on these.

Here are some more snapshots from the celebration.

and more with my favorite people…

Thank you to all of you who helped make our baby shower celebration extra special and nothing short of posh.