My youngest daughter’s 3rd birthday is coming up in just a few weeks and I can’t (or maybe it’s that I just don’t want to) believe it. I feel like I’m in some form of mommy denial about this whole year turning older thing. Maybe it’s because three represents so many new milestones like preschool and dance class. Of course I am so looking forward to seeing her shine and build her independence through new activities, but it’s the letting go part that I’m just not ready for.  But since I can’t freeze time, I’m grateful that I can capture moments of my girls through photography.

I photograph them each year around their birthday for to prep for their party and create invitations.

Below are a few of my favorite shots from our Frozen photoshoot and a reveal of the invites for her upcoming celebration.

Frozen Flat Lay | Posh Little Designs

An Anna (her favorite character from the movie) inspired look for her Frozen birthday shoot was a must.

What she wore – Anna Dress: Angora Boutique Sandals: Old Navy Necklace: Target Tiara: Mommy

One of my favorites. Baby girl your smile is infectious!

Frozen | Posh Little Designs

Her cute buddy Olaf. The perfect little prop.

Frozen | Posh Little Designs

And many sweet captures to create one Frozen storyboard.
Frozen | Posh Little Designs

Here’s a web version of  her Frozen invitations which I created using photoshop.

Frozen Invitations | Posh Little Designs

I centered her invites around one of my fave shots from our photo session and took advantage of free snowflake and #3 clip art from the great kids birthday parties website. There is no downloadable font to create ‘frozen’ looking words, but I learned that Trajan Pro is the closest matching font, which is what I ended up using throughout. I arranged the snowflakes in a variety of sizes on a white backdrop to create the final design. They were printed on 4×6 photo cards with blue coordinating envelopes and a sparkling snowflake seal.

The design of her party will follow the same aesthetic, with a color scheme of white, silver and icy blue. I’m excited to share more of the design process with you as it starts to come together!

Thanks for reading friends and happy almost Friday to you!


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All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2015.



In just over 2 weeks our oldest daughter will be will turning five years old. I know I say it often, but time has just flown! Even though it has, I am so so grateful to have spent every day of the last 5 years right by her side. There is honestly no place I would rather be! It’s simply amazing to watch her grow. All the ways she surprises us, and keeps us on our toes. And she is definitely a miniature version of myself. There’s seriously nothing more adorable than watching her follow behind me taking snapshots of toy treats and crafts that she’s made with her little Fisher Price camera. Ahh, my heart seriously melts.

In addition to loving to take photos, these days she also enjoys having her photo taken. This is a huge bonus for me because I truly enjoy photographing my girls as they grow. Plus I was in need of a few shots for her 5 year birthday and also for use on her party invitation, which I’m revealing below.

Just a few of my favorites to capture her in her element. Of course her dress matches the color scheme of her soon to be pink and yellow Hello Kitty Lemonade Party.

I found the cute little Hello Kitty summer dress at Target, and the handmade headband came from Yasmi & Crew‘s Etsy shop! Be sure to check her out for darling handcrafted accessories.

Posh Little Designs

Posh Little Designs

Posh Little Designs

I chose my favorite shot for her special invitations. I created them using Adobe Photoshop and designed them to match our  vision for her birthday bash! From Hello Kitty bunting to sweet little bows, tons of sunshine and lemonade, this celebration is sure to be a memorable one!

Hello Kitty Lemonade Invitation | Posh Little Designs

I’ll have much more to share on my progress of her 5th birthday party soon. Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!


This specific Hello Kitty Lemonade invitation design is hand created and specific to Posh Little Designs, seen first on Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved. 2011-2014.

All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2014.

top knots and tutus

Rainy Fridays call for plenty of indoor play and dress up time and since the sun will be hidden behind the clouds for most of today, that’s exactly how we’re spending our afternoon.

Top knots, the cutest tutus, and a few snapshots with my canon DSLR and our day is set!

topknots & tutus | Posh Little Designs

Genuine smiles, a sweet sister bond and candid shots = perfection.

topknots & tutus | Posh Little DesignsIt surely is the simplest things that make for the best moments!

The adorable tutus came from our lovely cousin Stephanie who runs Fingers and Toes Tutus on Etsy. All her pieces are gorgeous and handmade with love. Take a moment to check her out here!

Happy weekend to you all! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!


All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2014.


Taking a bit of time to reminisce about the near 2 years that it’s been since my youngest daughter was born. I can hardly believe that in just 1 week’s time she’ll be two! Maybe it’s flown by because we’ve had so many great moments! Of course those great moments include with many rough ones too. Illness, food allergies, sleepless nights…basically typical mommy and not-so posh things, but I would do it all over again and again if I was given the chance!

I do my best to document all of the girl’s milestones because I love to have those moments to look back on. Just last week I followed her around the yard, with my camera in hand for a little impromptu photo session.  Since we’re having a minnie themed party, I used the minnie mouse ears that we got from our trip to disney land late last year as an accessory. They tied in perfectly with her darling pink dress found at target, silver saltwater sandals and a few beaded bracelets.

As you can see, she loves the camera and loves to smile even more!

Minnie Mouse Birthday Story | Posh Little Designs


Two | Posh Little Designs

Two | Posh Little Designs

Two | Posh Little Designs

 Color to show of that darling dress and her stunning blue eyes!!

Two - Minnie Mouse | Posh Little Designs

cute little top knot.

Two - Minnie Mouse | Posh Little Designs

Mimi’s current favorite things: smiling, finding mischief, challenging mom and dad, being like big sis, singing and dancing and minnie mouse, her stuffed doggy, and soft blankets. Cuddle time with mom, the song you are my sunshine, reading books with dad, spending time with sis.

So grateful for this sweet girl! she’s forever our sunshine!

I’ll be sharing snippets from the planning process of Mimi’s Ombre Minnie Mouse birthday later this week, so check back again soon!

Thanks for reading!


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Christmas Wishes

Just a quick post to wish my blogger friends a beautiful holiday celebration! Tomorrow is officially Christmas eve and I’ll be taking a few days to enjoy time with my loved ones, but here’s a peek at the images we used for our Christmas cards this year. I took them a few weeks back on an incredibly freezing morning. Let’s just say I was grateful that the girls cooperated long enough to capture a few shots…

Christmas 2013 - PLD

I think I’m most anxious to see their faces on Christmas morning! These are the moments we live for. Big smiles, and pure joy. So priceless.

I hope your Christmas is filled with just as many blessings and much love.

Winter Storyboard - PLDMerry Christmas and check back soon friends.

More to share after the holiday!


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Checking in

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! We have a few quiet days, so I’ve been taking advantage by doing some serious Fall cleaning around the house. Getting rid of old clothes to make room for new, organizing the office and finally editing photos that I took earlier last month.

Initially I didn’t have any plans for sharing these images on the blog, but I figured it had been too long since I posted updated pictures of both my girls. Just some simple shots from a visit to my mother in law’s place to pick apples in early September.

The apples just happen to be the perfect size for my girls, and as you can see they didn’t waste any time enjoying them.  Super adorable to watch and to photograph too. The look on my youngest’s face a few pictures down says it all!Apples

Apples - Girls

Baby M


Baby MEditing the images reminded me of how busy September really was, with that said, I’m happy to have these moments to look back on.

Now back to cleaning for me. Do you have anything fun planned this weekend? Tomorrow I’m getting my hair done, making brunch and watching football with the family. Speaking of football, I’m in an all girl’s Fantasy league this year and I just happen to be 4-0 at the moment. Fingers crossed I’ll be 5-0 after tomorrow!

And this coming week I’ll be working on getting things prepped for my BCA Event on the 11th. I’ll be sure to post photo updates later this week and maybe a few of my new do too! Thanks for reading.


Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2013.


It’s difficult for me to grasp that my sweet little girl is getting older so fast. In less than a years time we’ll be registering her for kindergarten and this just blows my mind! I swear it feels like just a few months ago that I held her in my arms for the very first time and now in 1 month she’ll be four years old (tear.) Although I’ve enjoyed every moment of her growth, this stage is by far one of my favorites. Whether she’s telling us a story, singing a made up song, doing a little dance, or making a funny statement, she always finds a way to keep us laughing, smiling, and and also on our toes.

I’ve been scrambling a bit lately because I only have a little over 3 weeks to plan her birthday party. Yes, only 3 weeks! Normally this wouldn’t be a big issue, but our schedules at home have been so hectic lately (story of my life,) which is why it’s been a little quiet on the blog. In any event, I appreciate you continuing to read, even during the inconsistent times.

 This year she chose a theme of Strawberry Shortcake and I can’t wait to put my stamp on the celebration. I’ve already been busy with the invitations and will have those to share with you soon. In the meantime here’s the shots from our little backyard photo-shoot the other day. Instead of telling her to say cheese, I like to follow her around with the camera while she plays. It’s a sure way to create natural moments and allow her personality to shine through.

what she wore

A coordinating striped summer dress and jeweled headpiece to match our party color scheme of pink, red and green. Both were purchased at Gap. We picked a glittery tutu and pink ruffle blouse for her 2nd look. Both were found at Macys.

Set 1: complete with a smile that light’s up a room and some signature poses too.

4th bday

4th Birthday

4th Birthday

4th Birthday

4th Birthday

set 2: includes some honest moments + one w/ little sister, and a cute little topknot.

4th Birthday

4th Birthday

4th Birthday

I’ll admit that I’m a bit on the emotional side when it comes to my children and I think it’s because time has gone by way faster than I ever anticipated. Am I the only one who feels this way? I guess my remedy for the time being is to continue taking photos because I find that with each capture, time seems to stand still for at least a moment.

For all of you mommies out there, does it ever slow down, or is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life? What’s your favorite way to hold onto memories of your little ones? I’d love to hear them.


Check back soon for more details from her Strawberry Shortcake party in the making!


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