Black + White Halloween

Halloween is one week away, can you believe it? Do you have anything fabulous planned? This holiday is reserved for my girls, so no major party plans on my end. Instead I’ll be spending my evening trekking the streets with Rapunzel and the cutest kitty cat you ever did see! But, if you’re in need of inspiration for a last-minute Halloween party you’ve come to the right place!

Right now I just happen to be obsessed B&W so it felt right to create a board revolving around both. Especially for Halloween! The black seen throughout offers some chic with a bit of a spooky edge that you look for with this type of holiday, while the white adds a touch of clean and modern. When paired together they are nothing short of spooktacular!


Not only is black and white trendy at the moment, but it’s also timeless, meaning you could use this color scheme time and time again and never go wrong. Especially in the months of Fall and Winter, when the weather gets cold.

 If you’re still looking for ideas, I’ve put together some useful tips that will make throwing your next party a breeze!

Happy Halloween!


1 Diamond Fabric 2 Stripe Fabric 3 Cat Masks 4 Bunting 5 Decorative Pumpkin 6 Invite 7 Stemware 8 White Cake Stand 9 Black Cake Stand 10 Cupcake Liners 11 Gumdrops 12 Crystal head Vodka 13 Striped Paper Straws 14 Chevron Paper Straws

Posh Party Tips

Consider an upscale evening cocktail party with your closest friends.

Send out your invites via email, or you can even hand deliver.

Choose a color scheme of black and white, the most sought after shades of the fall season.

Decorate simply but with statement making fabric for table linens.

I love the look of an all white pumpkin. If you can’t find them locally you can always break out the paint, like I did here!

One of the things I’m currently obsessing over is cake stand. They are so pretty to look at! Mix and match, or stack atop each other for a gorgeous dessert display.

Pour. Champagne and sparkling wine is one of my favorite ways to kick off a party. Line the rims in black and white sanding sugar for a touch of sweet and serve in memorable stemware as seen above. The Crystal Head Vodka could be used as a centerpiece on its own. Such a stunning bottle which I’m sure would also make a mean martini (sorry for the bad pun.) And don’t forget the paper straws! A party isn’t complete these days without them! The specific ones seen above can be found in my Etsy shop.

Sweets. If you’re short on time, dress up bakery bought cupcakes with a simple topper and an additional cupcake liner for a layered look. You can really serve anything black and white to tie in your theme, from dipped oreos, and black and white macarons, to licorice wheels and gumdrops..oh my!

There’s more coming up this week so do check back soon.

Thanks for reading!


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Make – Prosecco Infused Fruit ~ Red, White & Blue

One of the must serve beverages at a posh celebration is sparkling wine/champagne! The bubbles, fizz and pop of the cork represent everything that a party should be. And since it’s available in all price ranges it’s affordable for any type of gathering. Pour it in your best flutes or pair it with your favorite mixer and you have a party on your hands in a matter of seconds. Or if you’re up to trying something new you can pair it with some festive fruit for the Fourth of July holiday happening in just a few short days.

Prosecco infused fruit

Prosecco is the Italian and less expensive alternative to champagne. The sparkling wine is sweet to taste and usually a bit on the dry side. It’s a classic in bellinis and goes well with all sorts of fruits, which is why I chose to use it for this recipe. La Marca happens to be one of my favorite brands of prosecco. It’s good quality and well priced. I picked watermelon, pear and blueberries to tie in the colors of the Independence Day holiday. Cut the fruit into star shapes using a mini star cookie cutter and finished them with handmade ribbon toothpick flags.

Fourth of July Fabulous.

Prosecco Infused Fruit

Prosecco Infused Fruit – Red White & Blue

The Prosecco paired with the watermelon, pear and blueberry is light, refreshing and the perfect celebratory bite and palate cleanser to serve between an appetizer and main course, or as an after dinner refreshment.

Serves 12


1 bottle Prosecco/Sparkling Wine

1  half of a miniature watermelon sliced into 2 inch thick rounds

2 pears sliced into 2 inch thick pieces

12 blueberries (or 1 for each guest)

Fresh lemon juice

Mini star-shaped cookie cutter (optional…you can always cut them into even squares or rounds – use what you have on hand)

12 Appetizer spoons

12 toothpicks and red ribbon.


Slice watermelon and pear into even pieces.

Squeeze fresh lemon juice over sliced pear to prevent browning.

Using your mini star cookie cutter begin cutting the fruit rounds into star shapes.

Place all cut fruit into a medium size bowl adding the blueberries last.

Pour champagne over top the fruit until fruit is fully submerged.

Place in fridge to chill and soak for 1 to 2 hours.

Prosecco infused fruit

Meanwhile and if you’re feeling crafty, you can prep the toothpick flags.

Toothpick Ribbon Flags

Cut ribbon into 4 inch straight line pieces.

Place the toothpick to the end of each piece of ribbon and tie, double-knotting until secure.

To add the pointed edge, simply cut a small triangle from the end of each piece of ribbon.

Set toothpick flags aside until fruit is ready to skewer.

Ribbon Toothpicks - DIY


Once your fruit is fully infused (feel free to take a taste) it’s ready to be skewered.

Skewer the center of the blueberry first, followed by 1 piece of pear and one piece of watermelon.

Make sure your toothpick is not sticking out of the bottom of the watermelon otherwise your infused stacks will not stand up straight. None of the pick should be showing from the bottom.

Place each infused fruit stack onto a single serving appetizer spoon and finish by filling with a little extra Prosecco. A nice final note after the infused fruit has been eaten.

Repeat these steps and place in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

Prosecco Infused Fruit

Prosecco infused fruit

Prosecco Infused Fruit


Posh little tip: To make these kid friendly or non alcoholic, simply serve them as skewers by soaking them in sparkling cider instead of sparkling wine.

Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone has a safe and memorable one! Please do check back soon for more!

As always, I appreciate you reading.


This concept and fruit skewer recipe is a Posh Little Designs original. Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2013.

Celebrate – Independence Day Soireé

Fourth of July is only 1 week away and we don’t have big plans, but I’m still looking forward to the holiday! We’ll most likely throw a quaint celebration at our home with a few family members and if the forecast holds true, we’ll have sunshine and warm weather to look forward to! This is a bit of a rarity where I’m from. Usually we say our summer starts the day after the fourth as each year we seem to have rainy days through the holiday and then it magically starts to transition to summer on the 5th of July. Classy Northwest…real classy! Anyway, I have my fingers crossed that we’ll actually get to enjoy some time outdoors this year and avoid the rain altogether. I’m expecting that we’ll forgo our tradition of watching the firework show at the bay, but we will get to revisit this next year once our youngest is a bit older.

What are your big plans for the holiday? If you’re still looking for patriotic party ideas for next week, I have some unique inspiration and suggestions that will make for a memorable and of course posh Independence Day celebration.

Independece Day Soireé

 Like what you see? Use the tips below to plan a Independence Day Soireé of your own!

Posh Little Tips

Send. Schedule the celebration for late afternoon, early evening to set your soirée’s tone. Opt for a clean and modern invitation like the one seen above from Etsy. If you don’t have time to send invites through the mail consider Evite. A great invite alternative where you can quickly create online and send out for free via email. All you have to do is sign up.

Decorate. Choose a subtle and sophisticated base color scheme of white and gold, with minimal blue and red accents to tie in the holiday. Tissue poms are affordable and offer the simplistic chic-ness to any celebration. Hang them in different heights above your dining space or dessert table. Use festive table confetti to spruce up your surfaces and add party flags as drink markers to cocktail glasses for a fun final touch. The ones above came from Minted.

Make. Set up an evening picnic theme with assorted appetizers, sandwiches and salads. Use trendy wood cutlery like the ones referenced above from the Sucre Shop to capture the vibe. To tie in more red and blue, you can intentionally create dishes that match the holiday color scheme. Last year for our Fourth of July dessert I made Shortcake Stuffed Strawberries. The perfect one-bite red white and blue treat, great for easy entertaining. These are a must try for your celebration! Get the recipe here.

Serve. Champagne/Sparkling wine for the Fourth seems fitting. If you’re able to find it in stores, the Limited Edition Chandon would be perfect! I fell in love with the bottle alone, and at a price of just $22.00 per bottle it’s still in the affordable range. Otherwise, check out your local grocery store for inexpensive options.

Give. Rock candy is a nostalgic treat that brings me back to my childhood, as does the Fourth of July holiday. Choose a color that matches the holiday, adhere a little party flag and give as parting gifts to all of your guests.

Save the firework show for the soireé’s grand finale.

Sources 1. Fourth of July Invite 2. Gold Chevron Wood Cutlery  3. Party Flags 4. Limited Edition Chandon 5. Rock Candy  6. Tissue Poms 7. Shortcake Stuffed Strawberries 8. Festive Confetti

I hope you’ve found some ideas you can work with for your upcoming Fourth celebration. I’d love to hear more about your plans so feel free to share!

Up next on the blog is a festive Fourth of July treat recipe. Be sure to check back in for that soon and thanks for reading!


Hand Painted Easter Eggs – DIY

Today is the first day of Spring but apparently mother nature did not get the memo here in Washington. She served up a full dose of stormy sideways rain and blustery wind to welcome the new season. This is pretty typical in our area, which means I’ll  just have to continue daydreaming about sunny days, floral blooms and vacation too. That’s ok though because as usual I have loads of things to complete before Spring kicks into full gear. One of which is a collection of Easter blogs posts, since the holiday falls at the end of March this year. First up is a fun little DIY perfect for today’s arrival of Spring and inspired by some of the things that I’m currently loving.

swoon list

Watercolors (I’m obsessed)

Floral print trend (seen in fashions for Spring and Summer 2013)

Hand written script (so chic)

Sounds like the perfect recipe for beautified Easter eggs to me, and also a great indoor activity for the stormy weather outside.

My 3-year-old daughter and I had so much fun making these.

diy hand painted easter eggs


1 Carton of Large or Extra Large Eggs (12)

1 small paint brush

Non-toxic watercolor set (any kind will do – don’t laugh…I actually used my 3-year-old daughter’s princess paint kit)

1 paper towel

1 shallow dish of water


Boil eggs in large pot for 12 minutes.

Remove from heat and run under cool water for 3 minutes.

Pull eggs from water and dry on paper towels removing all moisture.

Dip your paint brush in water and then brush over the paint color of your choice. (you can blot your brush on the paper towel to remove some of the excess paint for a lighter finish.)

Create a 2 inch floral shape or (squiggly circle) in center of an egg.

Paint a small circle in the center of your floral shape using a darker color of paint for contrast. It should start to resemble a flower at this point.

Add a green stem.

Repeat these steps creating additional flowers in different shapes and sizes for variety and range.

Place back in carton to dry.

These are a great conversation starter so be sure to display your works of art on Easter Sunday!

hand painted diy

Since my baby girl is about to turn 1, and her 1st birthday will be inspired by Spring in Paris, I used the leftover eggs to test out my artistry skills or (lack thereof,) for her upcoming celebration. I seriously have terrible hand-writing and I’m certainly no expert, but overall was pleased with how these Paris inspired eggs came out.

DIY hand painted easter eggs

Think of how many different notes or words you could hand paint on your Easter eggs. Your children’s names, etc.

spring in paris - easter eggs
Get creative and have fun!
diy hand painted easter eggs

Hoping this springy post brightens your week!

I have more Easter ideas on the way, as well as some Paris party inspiration coming up.

Check back again soon for more.


This DIY concept was seen first on Posh Little Designs. All images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2013

Repost: Vegan St. Peppermint Patties

Lately I’ve been having some serious issues with the wordpress iPhone app. Has anyone else been experiencing this? I have lost this article twice, so I’m reposting today for all of you to enjoy a second time. Hoping the problems I’ve encountered with WP will be resolved soon, but until then I’ll be doing all my blog work from my Desktop. Lesson learned.


It’s March, almost St. Patty’s Day and I have a taste for mint and chocolate. Unfortunately, most of what’s available in the grocery store is loaded with dairy ingredients, so my solution: make something homemade with a fitting and festive twist. The festive part is really just an excuse for me to indulge but I think after spending the last few weeks camped out on the couch with 2 sick girls, I deserve it.

An old favorite transformed, vegan and perfect for the holiday on Sunday.

vegan peppermint patties

Vegan St. Peppermint Patties

You can certainly make these with milk chocolate and regular shortening (trans fat free) if you are allergy free!

2 1/2 Cups powder sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons light corn syrup
1 1/2 tablespoons water
1/2 teaspoon peppermint oil
1 tablespoon coconut spread (solid)
10 oz dairy and soy free chocolate (I found mine at Trader Joes.)
2 12 inch sheets Parchment Paper
Shamrock Mold

Mini heart fondant cutter or round cutter (2 inch)

vegan peppermint patties


Remove 2 pieces of 12 inch parchment paper from roll and set aside.

Mix 2 1/4 cups powdered sugar and next 4 ingredients in stand mixer with paddle attachment until combined.

Dust solid surface with remaining powdered sugar (1/4) and knead patty mix until smooth.

Place patty mix between 2 sheets of parchment paper and roll out into an 8 inch round (about 1/4 of an inch thick.)

Freeze for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, place chocolate in a heat proof bowl and heat in double boiler or in 30 second intervals until melted.

If you don’t have a shamrock mold, bypass the Shamrock steps and see below.

For Shamrocks

Pour melted chocolate into the corner of ziplock bag.

Snip the tip and pipe chocolate into each shamrock mold filling 1/3 of the way full. Tap mold on solid surface to spread evenly.

Remove rolled patty dough from freezer and cut into heart shapes using a fondant sized heart cutter.

Place 1 peppermint heart into each of the clover leaves right side up (3 per shamrock.)

Pipe remaining chocolate over the patty filled shamrocks and tap gently on solid surface until patty is completely covered.

Place in fridge until fully chilled. About 1 hour.

Serve and enjoy!!

peppermint patties instructions

For regular patty

Remove rolled patty dough from fridge and cut into rounds using a 2 inch circle cutter.

Place each round on the tip of a fork and dunk in dark chocolate until fully coated.

Place on parchment paper in fridge until fully chilled.


vegan peppermint patties

Recipe adapted from Epicurious

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Remember to check back in soon for Easter inspiration and more!


Peppermint Hot Cocoa (vegan)

Chocolate and peppermint are a long time favorite flavor combination of mine. Really, I love the two together so much that I concocted a hot cocoa recipe (dairy free) that’s kept me cozy all Winter. Now I know you may be wondering why I’m blogging about hot cocoa with Spring on the way, but the evenings in the Pacific NW continue to be chilly…definitely not open toe heel kinda weather yet (darn,) so I’m squeezing in a few more cups before they’re replaced with a frozen alternative. Plus St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend so chocolate and peppermint just seem fitting.

If you’re throwing a St. Patrick’s Day bash I haven’t forgotten about you. Just a few simple steps and these transform into party shooters both festive and fabulous for your party this weekend.

Vegan Peppermint Hot Cocoa

Peppermint Hot Cocoa

Creamy and chocolaty with a hint of peppermint sure to keep you cozy until the weather warms up.


(makes 2 servings or 4 shooters)

2 Cups Vanilla Coconut Milk (I use silk brand) if you’re not dairy free you can use regular milk or soy.

1 tablespoon raw sugar

1 heaping tablespoon cocoa powder

4 drops peppermint oil (to taste) (if making for shooters, omit the peppermint oil)

Vegan Peppermint Hot Cocoa


(The coconut milk I purchase is already lightly sweetened so not much sugar is necessary…if you purchase an unsweetened version you can add your sugar to taste.)

Pour coconut milk in a medium sauce pan and bring to a boil.

Whisk in raw sugar and cocoa powder and allow to boil for one minute until combined.

Reduce heat to low and add in peppermint oil.

Remove from heat and pour into your favorite mug.

Serve immediately.

Now if you know me well, you know I wouldn’t leave without sharing the party alternative…oh yes, as you can see below, this hot cocoa transforms into the perfect Paddy’s Day party shooter.

St. Patrick’s Day Shooters

(here’s what you’ll need in addition to the hot cocoa above)


4 shot glasses

2 oz dairy free dark chocolate

Green & White Sprinkles

Peppermint Schnapps

St. Patrick's Day Shooters - Vegan

St. Patrick’s Sugar Rim

Place dark chocolate in heat proof dish and heat in microwave for 30 second intervals until melted.

Rim shot glasses with dark chocolate in dip in festive sprinkles until fully coated.


Fill shot glasses half full with hot cocoa and top with Peppermint Schnapps to taste.

Serve immediately.

Did you know that Easter is in March this year? Stay tuned for more inspiration and recipes coming soon.

Cheers and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


Pantone for St. Patty’s Day

As most of you know, Pantone has chosen Emerald as the color to represent the year of 2013. A vibrant hue with elegant air that reminds me of nature and the upcoming arrival of Spring. Oh how I love that this shade transforms so easily into soft mint, one of the color trends seen in fashions, weddings and parties the past several months. Hello warmer weather, longer days and blooming flowers. Are you as excited for Spring as I am? Well in the meantime feel free to go gaga for green and channel your happy as St. Patrick’s Day approaches. Not only will you be on trend, but perhaps you can avoid being pinched too…(wondering if people really do that anymore?!)

Here’s how you can celebrate green in all it’s glory for your St. Patty’s Day bash.

Emerald & Mint

Think emerald. Think mint. Choose chevron patterns. Modern garland & poms. Shamrock touches. Mason jar centerpieces. Serve San Pel. and festive cake. Give Andes mints (my all time favorite.)

1 Chevron cake 2 Garland 3 Shamrock paper punch 4 Tissue poms 5 San pellegrino 6 Andes Mints 7 Tinted Mason Jars

posh little tip: san pellegrino bottles easily transform into fabulously chic vases for single stem floral arrangements.

Fun tidbit about me: I happen to have a personal connection to the lovely color of green. Both my girls have birthstones in this hue (Peridot and Emerald,) so my appreciation for the color extends far beyond the trend.

Although Spring is near, they days in the Pacific NW are still quite chilly. Stay tuned for my next St. Patty’s post featuring a simple recipe that will keep you nice and cozy until the weather warms up!