Mammogram Party

Earlier in October I took part in an annual Mammogram Party in my home town. This was an event put together locally to help raise awareness about breast cancer and provide knowledge and important info to women about annual screenings. Those who attended were able to schedule their screening appointments while also enjoying prizes, goodie bags treats, hair extensions and plenty of shopping from some fabulous vendors.

The event lasted from 9-3 pm and I had my Posh Little Designs booth set up, with many products on display and for sale from my online shop. Everything from cookie cutters and baking cups, to cupcake liners, paper straws, cupcake toppers and much more. I also baked up a batch of sugar cookies in themes to match the event which were given away for donation. Since most of my business is online based, it was refreshing to speak to customers face to face and interact on that level. I enjoy both aspects very much!

Annual Mammogram Party | Posh Little Designs

For this event I again chose a mostly white backdrop, and tied in shades of black, pink and silver through my products and samples. I hung tassel garland in textured white, displayed simple white roses in my most favorite goblets from the Oh Joy! For Target party collection, and once again took advantage of the wonderful free awareness prints from Heather of Chickabug.

Annual Mammogram Party | Posh Little Designs

Annual Mammogram Party | Posh Little Designs

Annual Mammogram Party | Posh Little Designs

 I’ll be donating 20% of all proceeds from the event, in addition to sales of awareness themed and pink products from the shop for the month of Oct. to a local non-profit breast cancer organization known as Team Julia. You can find out more details about this wonderful charity by following the link above.

Annual Mammogram Party | Posh Little Designs

How wonderful it was to be involved in this event again this year! Thank you so much to Cassie, my great friend Christy and all the rest of the amazing ladies who made this event such a great success!

Much more to share soon!


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October Events

I can hardly believe we’re halfway through October! It’s been such a busy month already with 2 events and many behind the scenes projects that I’ll have to share with you in the coming weeks!

Over the weekend I completed 1 of two Breast Cancer Awareness Events for the month. It felt great to come together with other small businesses in the community for such a wonderful cause! Together we collected an awesome sized donation for Team Julia!

Here’s some of the products I had for sale and the sweet cookies I baked for the occasion. Everything from sprinkles and paper straws, to baking cups, cupcake liners, cupcake toppers, cookie cutters and more!

Breast Cancer Awareness Event |Posh Little Designs

And here’s a few snapshots from the event.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event |Posh Little Designs

I used plenty of white for my display  because I’m absolutely obsessed with it right now. I tied in pops of pink through products and fresh roses for the pink awareness theme and  used my favorite collection of vintage milk glass dishes to display many of the products.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event |Posh Little Designs Breast Cancer Awareness Event |Posh Little Designs

Most of what’s seen at my booth can be purchased online in my Posh Etsy Shop. For the entire month of October, I’ll be donating 20% of all pink colored and awareness related products to our local charity Team Julia. You can find more about Team Julia by clicking on the highlighted link.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event |Posh Little Designs

And for my personal style, a black peplum paired with black denim and a little pop of leopard which is so on trend for Fall.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event |Posh Little Designs

I’ve got one more awareness event this Friday at a local imaging center. They’ll be offering free mammograms to women 40 and over in addition to many free prizes and giveaways, while providing information and raising awareness about breast cancer. It’s another fundraiser I’m thrilled to be a part of!

Much more to share soon friends!


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New Happenings

 The Seahawks are going to the Superbowl, and Valentine’s day is nearing, and I have yet to post about either topic. This is because I’ve been incredibly busy in life, and with PLD lately. Right now I’m working on launching new products for the shop, as well as planning and prepping for a few upcoming events happening in the next few months. The first is a sponsorship for a West Elm Event in Orlando hosted by Sarah the DIY and Lifestyle Blogger from Sarahhearts. The event happening February 6th is called Meet+Makewhere guests will enjoy a fun evening, creating Valentine’s themed artwork and crafts.

Here’s a look at the product my company will be supplying for each of the attendee’s swag bags.

PLD - Heart Cookie Cutters

PLD Heart Cookie Cutters

Perfect for Valentine’s Day! I’ll have more details to share about the event in the coming days and weeks and some fresh concepts coming up soon!

In the mean time, if you’re in need of Valentine’s themed baking and party supplies, be sure to visit my Etsy Shop.

And of course, you can find and follow my Instagram here.

 Happy Friday!


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Bride’s Night Out – Recap

Back in September I had the pleasure of working with Dana Muchow from Spokane Bridal Blog for Bride’s Night Out Spokane, an event featuring top wedding vendors, loads of inspiration, products, designs and an evening of fun for many brides to be!

The Spokane Bridal Blog Marketplace showcase was setup within the event, which was coordinated by Alisa Lewis Event Designs and Attic Rentals, and intricately styled to capture the essence of a Parisian sidewalk market with a mix of vintage decor, furniture and products. Posh Little Designs was amongst many of the vendors who sold products within the showcase.

A variety of my cookie cutter sets, paper straws, baking cups and cupcake toppers were available for purchase, which you can see more of in the lovely images below.

Bride's Night Out Spokane 2013

Bride's Night Out Spokane 2013

Bride's Night Out Spokane 2013

Bride's Night Out Spokane 2013

Bride's Night Out Spokane 2013

Bride's Night Out Spokane 2013

Bride's Night Out Spokane 2013

 As you can see, there was an incredible amount of hard work and effort that went into the entire execution of Bride’s Night Out 2013. This was just one of the many showcases there! What an honor it was to be a part of it!

Find many of the PLD products seen here available in my Etsy Shop also available for sale on SBBMarketplace.

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Annual Mammogram Party

Last Friday was the 10th Annual Mammogram Party for a local radiology center, Mt. Baker Imaging. This is an event that they put on every year to raise awareness about breast cancer while also reminding women 40 and over to get their annual mammogram.

This year, I was invited to be among the many fabulous vendors at the party, which was broadcasted live by one of our local radio stations.  The turnout was great! Several women came in to complete their mammograms, and those who did were given free goodie bags and pink flowers. It was truly an honor to be involved! I honestly had the best time designing and styling my display and adding many of my favorite DIY touches for the signature posh feel. This is the first time that I’ve set up as a vendor for a local event, so seeing everything come together was like a dream come true!

Because the focus was on breast health, for breast cancer awareness month, I setup my space using pink related baking and party supplies from my online shop. I had everything from paper straws and cookie cutters to chocolate molds, signature sprinkle mix, charms, baking cups and more, available for sale. All of these items matched my color scheme of pink, silver and white and of course followed the pink ribbon theme.

Posh Little Designs - Vendor - Mammogram Party 2013

I used a basic white shelving unit turned sideways to house the majority of my products, with silver trays, apothecary jars, vases and cake stands to hold the rest. I accented with handmade glittered pegs like the ones from my Glitter Clothespins post, and decorated with my Paint and Glitter pumpkins from this post. The finishing touch was the fabulous company sign made by a local printing center.

Cookies for the cure -  BCA Event - Chickabug free prints

When I came across the series of free Breast Cancer Awareness prints from ChickabugI couldn’t have been more excited! Heather’s designs are so gorgeous and this specific set fit in perfectly with my display.

If you’re planning a Breast Cancer Awareness themed fundraiser or event, these prints are a must use. She literally thought of everything with these printouts. They come with paper straw flags and banners, donation signs, folding cards, thank you’s, chocolate bar wrappers and hershey kiss tags, circle tags and much much more.

Follow the highlighted link above, to download them yourself!

Free Awareness Prints from - PLD Vendor Event

PLD - Shop Products - Sprinkle Mix

PLD Sprinkles

PLD - Cupcake Liners

Posh Little Designs Products - Vendor Event


Awareness Cookie Cutters - PLD

Awareness Charms



As you can see, there was much effort and time that went in to this event. Fortunately for me, I had one of my closest friends there to assist with what turned out to be a very successful day! She helped me prep, set up and decorate the awareness ribbon and bra sugar cookies that we gave away for donation. The cookies were a big hit as was the bra cookie cutter, which happens to be one of my best sellers in the online shop.

Awareness cookies - By PLD

 I’ll be combining a portion of all proceeds made from the event, along with all proceeds made in my online shop during breast cancer awareness month, to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Visit my shop to check out many of the products seen here. I’ll be adding the remaining items in the coming days!

Posh Little Designs - Vendor Space - Mammogram Party 2013


I have to say was so wonderful to be a part of such an important event, that I look forward to being involved in again next year!

Thanks for reading. Halloween is exactly two weeks away! I’m switching gears into holiday mode and will have some more ideas to share with you soon. 


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Think Pink

Fall is officially upon us and I have all things pink on the brain. Not only because it’s a rather trendy color for the season but also because the color pink is the designated hue for Breast Cancer Awareness, and October just happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Organizations from all across the US will be participating in the fight against breast cancer by going pink and I’m honored to be participating as well!

This year, I’ve been invited to be one of the vendors at a local Mammogram Party in my hometown. The event will offer mammograms by donation to women without a prior appointment, while also raising awareness about the disease, and helping in the fight for a cure.

I’ll be putting together a display of breast cancer awareness baking and party supplies for sale locally and also in limited quantities in my Etsy shop for the month of October. Not only can we bake for a cure, but we can also celebrate the strength and courage of all women and families affected, while also supporting a great cause.

With the event just a few weeks away, and breast cancer awareness such a huge part the coming month, I’ve put together a board that I can draw from to style and design my vendor space. I hope to also provide inspiration to everyone affected by the disease.

Think Pink! - Breast Cancer Awareness Inspiration by PLD

For the vendor event, I’ll be working with a color scheme of pink and gold/silver. The setup will be all white and clean with a few small floral arrangements and pops of pink in a variety of shades. I’ll be carrying everything from cookie cutters, to paper straws, baking cups, sprinkles and more. As I work on projects for the event, I’ll be sure to share them here, so you can see how it all comes together!

Visit my Etsy shop for a look at the Breast Cancer Awareness Products currently in Stock. I’ll have more to sell in the coming weeks!

Source: 1 Ribbon Cookie Cutter 2 Rock Candy 3 Sprinkles 4 Glitter 5 Posh Paper Straws 6 Apothecary Jars 7 Floral Arrangement 8 Free Prints 9 Striped Baking Cups 10 Chevron Baking Cups

There are so many ways to help raise awareness and fight for the cure! For more information and details on how you can do so, visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

A portion of all proceeds from breast cancer related products sold by Posh Little Designs will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Think Pink. Raise Awareness. Fight for a Cure.

Thanks so much for reading! Have a lovely Saturday!


Sugar Cookie-gram

My daughter’s 3rd Birthday is only 6 days away and since I’ll be busy prepping the entire week, I’ll be photographing via Instagram and blog posting from my iPhone. Loving technology these days!

As you may already know, the theme for her party is Cinderella and one of the items on our dessert menu among many others is sugar cookies. I always try to do as much as I can in advance so I made these cookies last night and plan to freeze and get them decorated by the weekend.


Glass slipper, ball gown and princess tiara shapes will tie in perfectly!

Check back soon for more!