Macaron Painted Easter Eggs – DIY

I’m sure by now everyone is aware of how much I love macarons. Well after a weekend of DIY’s I think it’s safe to say my obsession with them is at a whole new level. Now not only do I want to eat all the macarons, but I want to paint them on all the things too. Like Easter eggs! Fitting considering that we’re less than a week away from the holiday and I just happened to have an excess of Martha Stewart acrylic paints on hand. No expert skills necessary. If you love macs as much as I do, and you know the basic anatomy of these darling delights (shell, feet, filling, feet, shell), painting them will be a breeze when you follow the simple steps below.

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs – DIY

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Easter eggs painted in shades of pastels to resemble the much adored french cookie.


Acrylic Paints in spring macaron shades. I chose mint, lavender, pink, yellow and white (for filling and dimension)

5- 6 hard boiled eggs

1 piece of thick cardstock

1 pencil

1 fine tipped paint brush and 1 3/4 inch wide flat paint brush



iridescent glitter (optional)

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs


  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is draw your french macaron to turn it into a stencil. It should be about 1 3/4 inches in size in order to fit the center of each boiled egg.
  2. Based on the anatomy of the macaron, and with a pencil you’ll first want to draw your top shell in a long thin tube shape.
  3. Beneath the shell, draw your first set of ruffles (aka feet which I’ve discovered are much easier to achieve painting than baking.)
  4. Followed by another tube shape in the for filling.
  5. Beneath the filling you’ll draw your second set of ruffles (feet.) Make sure the second set of ruffles point towards the bottom of the filling and not the top part of bottom shell (2nd set of feet should be facing upwards)
  6. Lastly complete your macaron by drawing the bottom half of the shell.
  7. You can click on the photo below to zoom in.

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Cut out your pencil drawn french macaron and place it in the center of your boiled egg.

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

With a pencil, trace the outline of the macaron onto the egg, drawing in the lines of the shells, feet, and filling afterwards.

Repeat these steps until you have one macaron drawn on the front of all 5-6 of your boiled eggs.

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Be sure to allow your eggs time to rest if they’ve been in the fridge. If they have moisture on them, the paint won’t stick. Pat your eggs dry with a paper towel before you begin painting.

  1. Now for the paint. I would recommend using 2 different colors for each macaron.
  2. Purple and light purple and/or white as I did here.
  3. You’ll want to paint in your shells first, outlining the shells of the pencil drawn on macaron with your fine tip paint brush in the darkest color you’ve chosen.
  4. Then paint your shells. Mix in a little white with your darkest color for dimension.
  5. Using your lightest color, and horizontal strokes paint in the filling (center of the macaron.
  6. So far you should have the shells and filling painted as seen below.
  7. Sprinkle on a little glitter before the paint dries for a touch of sparkle.
  8. Now you can add your feet. Dip your wide flat brush into your darkest shade of paint on an angle.
  9. Dab the paint onto the egg in a tapping almost sponging motion to resemble the look of the feet.
  10. Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Then set aside to dry.

Repeat these steps to paint each of your macaron easter eggs.

You can experiment with colors and combos to create the macarons of your dreams.

Once your macaron easter eggs are painted, place them in the fridge to dry.

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Once dry, arrange them in your favorite dishes for a very sweet display.

They make  beautiful Easter centerpieces and add a chic touch to Easter baskets for loved ones! I hope these macarons eggs inspired you to make your own. Pick your favorite flavors and paint away.

Macaron Painted Easter Eggs | Posh Little Designs

I’ll have more on the way soon! Thanks as always for reading friends!


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All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2015.


Marble Easter Eggs – DIY

Marble is incredibly timeless and elegant and in my opinion will never go out of style. We already know how prominent marble is in home interiors, but lately it’s become quite trendy, making its way into the lifestyle and fashion industry as well. In 2015 I’ve seen marble on anything and everything, from office accessories, to phone cases, nails, jewelry, coffee mugs, clothing, you name it and I’m totally head over heels. Seriously, this trend is so posh, and so fabulous that doing something with marble on the blog was a must. And with Easter just a few weeks away, I tried my hand at marbling easter eggs using an unexpected yet simple nail polish technique, that promises to add a touch of on trend posh to your Easter decor.

DIY Marble Eggs | Posh Little Designs

I first saw this technique after scrolling through my instagram feed and coming across a gorgeous nail tutorial by the uber fabulous Aimee Song of Of course I have yet to try marbling my nails (doing that soon) but her post totally inspired me to marble these eggs. Love!!

DIY Marble Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Marble Easter Eggs – DIY

DIY Marble Eggs | Posh Little Designs


4-6 boiled eggs chilled

3 of your favorite colors of nail polish (I chose Essie: blanc, after school boy blazer & Nicole: totally in the dark, because I love the classic color scheme)

1 cup of distilled water at room temp


shallow bowl or container preferably for crafts

paper towels or parchment

DIY Marble Eggs | Posh Little Designs


Place a sheet of parchment or paper towels down on a solid work surface.

Pour distilled water into your shallow bowl.

NOTE When the polish is dropped into the bowl of water, it tends to dry quickly, so make sure your nail polish lids are unscrewed and ready for use so you can work quickly. Also have your boiled eggs and toothpicks nearby.

DIY Marble Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Drop one drop of nail polish color of your choice (I started with white) into the bowl of water (it will spread). Quickly repeat this step with a new color of polish placing into the center of the nail polish that initially spread (for a bullseye effect). Add your third color to the center of the last nail polish color. You can repeat this pattern by adding more drops for a more intricate design. Or move onto the next step.

Using your toothpick, quickly blend the nail polish colors within the water to create the marble effect.

Once the marble design appeals to you, dip half of your egg into the water directly over the design, then quickly remove. You will discover that the marble polish has printed onto the egg.

DIY Marble Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Set your marble egg face up to dry gently wiping away any excess water or bubbles. Repeat steps above for remaining eggs.

Make each egg unique by changing around the color patterns and designs of your polish. You can also dip the bottom and/or top half of the boiled eggs to add more dimension.

You’ll be able to tell right away if your nail polish is too dry. If you’re unable to move a toothpick through it, I recommend starting over, which is actually easy because the polish will come right out, and you can reuse your water. It took me quite a few attempts to get a design that I loved.

Once your eggs are dry you can arrange them on a pretty cake stand or in your favorite dish to display on Easter Sunday.

DIY Marble Eggs | Posh Little Designs

DIY Marble Eggs | Posh Little Designs

Because the chemicals from the polish could possibly seep through the shell of the egg, I don’t recommend eating them, but they certainly do look gorgeous.

I hope you have as much fun with this DIY as I did!

Much more to share soon!


 All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2015.

Graduation & DIY Chocolate Chalkboards

There’s nothing I love more than giving edible gifts, and last week when my oldest daughter and I came across the DIY chocolate chalkboards found on the Dollhouse Bakeshoppe Blog we knew they would make an adorable thank you’s for her preschool teachers, in preparation for her graduation last Saturday.

Reality most certainly set in during the ceremony. I still remember 2 years ago around this time when we enrolled her into preschool, and I remember the tears I wept when we dropped her off for the first time. The way that she told us she would be fine, and ran off to play before we even walked out the door. Now to see how she’s blossomed and transformed into such a beautiful little being, makes me tear up over and over again.

We surely do have the teachers to thank. They have become a big part of our lives, playing a role in her growth and development over the last few years, with guidance and instruction helping shape her into the girl she is today. Both caring and compassionate, a lover of arts and crafts, a thinker, and great role model to her fellow classmates, and so much more. They most certainly deserve to be honored for all that they do. So in addition to the chocolate strawberries we made for the graduation, we also made these dark chocolate chalkboards for 5 of her teachers, using instruction from the Dollhouse Bakeshoppe Blog’s tutorial.

DIY Chocolate Chalkboards | Posh Little Designs

These little dark chocolate bars really do look like mini chalkboards. Wouldn’t you agree?! The addition of the jimmy sprinkles used as decorative chalk is such a brilliant idea. I die…seriously! And they make such perfect heartfelt gifts, that teachers will truly appreciate. I know my daughter’s teachers did!

Although I used Lindsay’s instruction as a guide, I chose to melt my chocolate into molds for a decorate frame and finish. I did not use the caramels to frame the chocolate however if you do not have mold on hand and would like to use the caramel frame, visit her blog for instruction by following the highlighted link above.

DIY Chocolate Chalkboards | Posh Little Designs

DIY Chocolate Chalkboards


Chocolate mold (optional or you can just use the back side of the bar itself to create your message this is probably a faster option) You can find the mold I used in the Posh Etsy Shop.

Four 4 oz bars of quality dark chocolate

1/2 cup powdered sugar

white jimmy sprinkles


brand new paint brush washed and dried

parchment paper

ziplock bag

cellophane bags

bakers twine

DIY Chocolate Chalkboards | Posh Little Designs


Heat the chocolate in a double boiler or in 30 second intervals in the microwave until fully melted.

Pour melted chocolate into ziplock back and snip the corner.

Pipe melted chocolate into molds and once finished gently tap the mold against a hard surface to evenly distribute.

Place in the fridge until cooled, about 1 hour.

Remove from fridge and flip mold upside down onto a sheet of parchment paper to remove the chocolates.

With a toothpick, begin engraving your message into the molded chocolate. Remove excess chocolate shavings with brush.

Fill the engraved chocolate with powdered sugar using the paint brush or similar to pack it down, so it’s evenly distributed throughout the entire message.

Brush off the remaining powdered sugar which will also give the chocolate the “chalkboard” look.

Towards the bottom of each bar engrave two spaces large enough to hold the “chalk” or white jimmy sprinkles. Gently push them into place.

Repeat these steps for each chocolate bar.

Once all bars are engraved and completed, place them each in their own cellophane bag for packaging, and finish with bakers twine and handmade labels.

I would caution against placing the finished chocolate back in the fridge as the moisture can affect the look and texture of the powdered sugar. Leave them at room temperature, in a cool dry place.

DIY Chocolate Chalkboards | Posh Little Designs

DIY Chocolate Chalkboards | Posh Little Designs
DIY Chocolate Chalkboards | Posh Little DesignsChalkboards are so trendy these days, you could really use them for all sorts of different gifts and favors. Bridal showers, weddings, birthday parties and more!

 And here’s my little beauty, on graduation day! So much joy and many tears as well. When we asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she said a Dr, so she can help people. She also said she will miss all of her friends from school. This girl melts my heart and words cannot express how proud we are of her. This is only the beginning!

DIY Chocolate Chalkboards | Posh Little Designs

Thanks for reading and I hope you give this fun DIY a try! It’s a fun edible craft to try with the little ones and a great way to show appreciation to teachers, as they do so much for our children.

DIY Chocolate Chalkboards | Posh Little Designs

More to share soon.


DIY Adapted from the Dollhouse Bakeshoppe Blog

All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2014.

Ring Pop Party Favors – DIY

One of my best girlfriend’s was in town from New York a few weeks ago and completely unaware of a top-secret bachelorette party myself and the rest of the girls from her wedding party had been planning! We prepared for her final fling over the course of a few weeks and the entire night couldn’t have turned out better! Many personalized details were added to celebrate the Mrs to be, which included the Ring Pop party favors I made for all of the girls that attended. You may remember this sweet candy bling the most from days of your childhood, but they’ve recently become quite trendy for wedding gifts, bridesmaid invitations and party favors.

As you will see below, they easily transform from childhood treat into the perfect party favor or parting gift. Even better, they’re simple to create and affordable too!

DIY ring pop party favors | Posh Little Designs

Ring Pop DIY | Posh Little Designs

DIY Ring Pop Party Favors


Ring pops in your choice of color.

Showcase packaging containers which can be found in my Etsy shop.

Ribbon of choice cut into 8 inch pieces.

Small cellophane bags.

8 inch pieces of bakers twine.

labels for the top of each container (optional).

mini paper clips (+ glitter and glue).

paper name tags (these can be handmade in Word or Photoshop, or even store-bought)


Remove ring pops from packaging.

Open each showcase container and insert ring pop on an angle until secured.

Seal by placing the lid back on the bottom.

Wrap 8 inch piece of ribbon around the bottom portion of the showcase container where the black lid, meets the acrylic container.

Next, place one label in the top center of each container. I made mine specifically using the verbiage “he put a ring on it” with a few extra embellishments to emulate the bling.

Ring Pop Tutorial | Posh Little Designs

After you’ve placed the ring pop in the container, wrapped in ribbon and labeled, insert each Ring Pop container into 1 small cellophane bag.

Tie the cellophane wrapped candy gift with one piece of bakers twine in your choice of color.

Write or print a name on each name tag, then hole punch (if not already done) and tie to each piece of bakers twine.

Ring Pop Tutorial | Posh Little Designs

Finish with one glittered mini clothespin (optional).

To create the mini glittered clothespins, simply paint the full top side of each clothespin with craft glue, and dredge in colored glitter of your choice. Allow an hour to dry.

DIY mini Glitter Clothespins | Posh Little Designs

DIY mini Glitter Clothespins | Posh Little Designs

Here’s how it should look when it’s finished!

Ring Pop DIY | Posh Little Designs

The favors for my girlfriend’s celebration were personalized to match the color scheme of her upcoming Summer Wedding. She has chosen shades of navy and grey, so I made sure to incorporate those details into the final packaging.

These certainly added a special touch of posh to our evening and didn’t disappoint! Can’t wait until I have the chance to make them again!

Thanks for reading as always! I have a busy few weeks coming up with my brother’s wedding Easter weekend and family in town, but hoping to squeeze in one more post before then!

Check back again soon!


This specific DIY for Ring Pop Party Favors was seen first on Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved. 2011-2014.

All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2014.

Confetti Easter Eggs – DIY

Have I mentioned yet one of my latest obsessions? It just happens to be edible confetti. There’s just so much to love about this sweet little confection with colors reminiscent of a bright Springy day. The perfect party and treat decor and I’ve recently discovered that it’s also quite versatile. Yes, it looks lovely on treats, and cake stands, and as filler, but how else can it be used? I put some ideas to the test the other day and turns out that these cute little confetti rounds transform into fun little embelli’s for easter egg decorating. A modern twist on the classic, that can be used for place settings, party centerpieces and decoration around the home on Easter Sunday. All you need is a little creativity and a few simple supplies to give them a try!

DIY Confetti Easter Eggs

Confetti Easter Egg DIY | Posh Little Designs

Confetti Easter Egg DIY | Posh Little Designs


1-2 ounces of pastel edible confetti. Available in my Etsy shop and at baking supply stores.

4-6 eggs, boiled, cooled and patted dry.

2 tablespoons powdered sugar.

1/2 to 1 tsp of water.

small tip paint brush.


Confetti Easter Egg DIY | Posh Little Designs


Confetti Easter Egg DIY | Posh Little Designs

Boil, your eggs for 12 minutes, then run under cold water to cool. You’ll want your eggs completely chilled for this DIY so if they’re still warm, be sure to place them in the fridge until they’re fridge temperature.

Once chilled, wipe off any moisture from your chilled eggs using a dry paper towel and set aside.

Combine powdered sugar and water in a dish and stir until thick paste forms. It should be around the same consistency as glue. If the mixture seems too runny, stir in a bit more powdered sugar. You also have the option of using glue for this DIY however, the sugar-water mixture dries hard and is very forgiving so if you make a decorative mistake, you can easily remove it with a damp cloth and start over. This product also dries quite quickly so you’ll want to work quickly and stir often.

Place pastel confetti in a shallow dish.

Dip your paint brush in the sugar mixture and paint it onto your eggs in the shape/or design of your choice. Place edible confetti on top of the sugar design you’ve painted onto your egg. You can use tweezers or your fingers to apply the confetti. Set aside to dry

Repeat steps above for all of the eggs you create.

. Place completed eggs in the fridge and allow them 1 hour to dry before using them for decorations.

They store best when laying flat in the fridge on top of a paper towel.

Confetti Easter Egg DIY | Posh Little Designs

Confetti Easter Egg DIY | Posh Little Designs

Confetti Easter Egg DIY | Posh Little Designs

Such a sweet little party makeover for your Easter eggs and also a fun craft for little ones!

I’ll have more Easter themed posts coming up soon and also a fun little DIY from last weekend’s surprise bachelorette party, that me and a few friends threw for one of my closest girlfriend’s who’s in town from New York!

Hope April has been treating you all wonderfully so far!

Thanks for reading! Check back soon!


This specific DIY for Confetti Easter Eggs was seen first on Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved. 2011-2014.

All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2014.

Create: Berry Infused Sugar – DIY

Sugar is sweet on its own, but when paired with dried berries, and the most adorable printables I’ve come across to date, you have a lovely little DIY gift on your hands, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The idea for this DIY was inspired of course by the one of a kind Valentine’s prints (see below) from Erisha of A Thing Created, who I’m always delighted to work with! How fabulous are her illustrations?! I love the way she incorporated the heart signage and paired the gingham skirt with the ankle strap heels using her fashion forward approach. Ahh, aren’t these prints just the epitome of sweet, chic and stylish?! And such a fun and modern way to dress up gifts and packages.

My bottles of sugar were immediately transformed into mini Valentine’s fashion moments when I attached them. Like a makeover for the bottles, which tied in beautifully with the red and pink shaded sugar. How fitting for Valentine’s Day and how perfect for the ones you love. These sugars paired with the prints are certainly pretty enough just sitting atop a counter, but they’ll be adored once tasted and used as a surprising replacement for anything that requires sugar! Posh indeed.

Berry Infused Sugar | Posh Little Designs

Berry Infused Sugar – DIY

Berry Infused Sugar | Posh Little Designs


The sugar infusions only feature two ingredients and are naturally colored. They instantly add a posh twist to baking recipes such as cookies and cakes and also an extra bit of flavor to morning grains, or plain yogurt. 

4 washed miniature bottles with seal (8 inches tall). I found mine at Michaels $1.99 a piece.

4 cups organic white sugar (divided into 2 separate bowls).

1 cup dried strawberries & 1 cup dried raspberries (only use the kind that are crisp and freeze-dried) (divided into 2 separate bowls).

Magic Bullet or blender.




Using a Magic Bullet or similar, blend strawberries until they turn into a fine dust (about 30 seconds).

Berry Infused Sugar | Posh Little Designs

Simply pour blended berry dust into 1 of the bowls of sugar and stir until incorporated.

Repeat these steps to make the Raspberry sugar, being sure to run the raspberry powder through a fine strainer to remove the seeds.

Berry Infused Sugar | Posh Little Designs

Place funnel into each empty bottle and pour infused sugar over top.

Each bottle will hold approximately 1 cup of the sugar and berry blend.

Once the bottles have been filled and sealed, they’re ready for packaging.

Makes 4 servings.

Berry Infused Sugar | Posh Little Designs

Berry Infused Sugar | Posh Little Designs

Valentine’s Packaging


Valentine’s Printables from A Thing Created – Etsy


Hole punch.

Four 12 inch pieces of ribbon or bakers twine.

Embellishments (optional)


Cut each printable into shape.

Using hole punch, punch one hole into the top left and top right side of each print.

Berry Infused Sugar | Posh Little Designs

Thread ribbon/twine through the front side of each printable and wrap around the upper neck of the bottle.

Berry Infused Sugar | Posh Little Designs

Tie tightly and attach any additional embellishments to the side opposite of the printables.

I added leftover glittered clothespins and mini labels to mine for a finishing touch.

Berry Infused Sugar | Posh Little Designs

Another option would be to actually write and personalize right on the valentine’s prints.

Berry Infused Sugar | Posh Little Designs

These babes are ready for gifting!

The Valentine’s printables are available for purchase in a variety of colors in Erisha’s Etsy shop for just $1.99 a piece! Such a fab deal and a darling and very fashion forward way to say Happy hearts day to friends and loves ones! Find them here. For inspiration and to see more of Erisha’s stunning art, visit A Thing Created.

And, if you loved today’s DIY, please check back shortly. I’ve got a Hearts day treat recipe to share, that features these berry infused sugars, and more packaging with the printables from A Thing Created.

And…of course, just a quick mention about Superbowl Sunday! I was absolutely delighted that my local team the Seahawks won Superbowl 48 for the first time in franchise history! Such an exciting moment for all of us fans!


This specific DIY for Berry Infused Sugar was seen first on Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved. 2011-2014.

All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2014.

Create: Glittered Walnut Place Card Holders

Last week I gushed over all things golden for Thanksgiving and today I’m continuing the golden theme, but this time things are getting a little nutty ’round here! Walnutty to be exact. Now don’t get me wrong, I do like the way walnuts look in their natural state….quite rustic and simple, but I must admit, they could use a little edge. And since It’s in my nature to elevate the ordinary, I took it upon myself to dress them up by adding a little sparkle, in one of my favorite hues of the season, and transforming them into a practical item that every holiday hostess can use!

The finished product is a DIY place card holder that’s both simple and affordable, with posh written all over it!

Glittered Walnut Place Card Holders - DIY

Glittered Walnut Place Card Holders

Here’s what you’ll need:


1 Bag of Walnuts in the shell

Masking Tape

Gold glitter

Glitter or craft glue

A serrated knife, or similar

Printer paper, or blank cards (business card size) 3 1/2 x 2

Thin paint brush (if your glue does not come with one)

Glittered Walnut Place Card Holders

DIY - Glittered Walnut Place card holders by PLD


Setup a workspace made from newspaper, or scrap paper that you can do this craft on.

Open the bag of walnuts and place them right side up to make sure they can stand up on their own.

(The most difficult part) Take a serrated knife and in a sawing motion, cut into the very top center of the walnut-shell. Hold the walnut sturdy and continue to saw through until there’s about 1/8 – 1 1/6 of an inch slit, deep enough to insert each place card. Please be careful not to cut yourself while completing this step. It helps to curve your fingers down away from the blade of the serrated knife. You could also try using a mini saw, or any other equivalent for the same result.

Once the walnuts have been prepped for the place cards, begin taping each one-off, only leaving exposed the areas that you want covered in glitter. As you can see below, I chose a variety of different ways to tape off the walnuts so each one had a different look and design.

Glittered Walnut Place Card Holders

Once all of your walnuts have been taped, begin painting on the craft glue in the untaped areas.

Apply glitter by shaking over the top of the subject. Or you can pour glitter into a dish and dip the glue covered walnut until fully coated.

Set aside and allow at least 2 hrs to dry (overnight preferred).

Repeat these steps until all walnuts have been covered in as much glitter as your heart desires.

After the walnuts have dried, shake off any loose glitter and begin removing the masking tape.

Glittered Walnut Place Card Holders

Now they’re ready for the place cards.

My handwriting skills are not star quality…just being honest, so instead of hand writing the place cards, I simply typed up the names on my desktop and printed them off. This worked like a charm for me and you could do this for your cards as well, but if you happen to have lovely printing, then by all means display the cards with handwritten names.

Glittered Walnut Place Card Holders

Voila! An easy and affordable last-minute DIY for the holiday hostess. Complete with the sparkle that looks beautiful displayed against simplistic dinnerware.

Glittered Walnut Place Card Holders

Give them a try for a chic and stylish addition to your Thanksgiving table this Thursday.

Speaking of Thursday, do you have any plans? I’m looking forward to celebrating with good food, football and my lovely family. I hope you all have a fabulous day, however it’s spent.

Glittered Walnut Place Card Holders

posh little tips

When Thanksgiving is over, you can always display these walnuts in a fancy dish as festive decor for the remainder of holiday season!

Glittered walnuts

Not a fan of gold? Simply change the color of glitter. Red, white, silver, green, or even black would be gorgeous!

Thanks for reading, I certainly won’t be taking part in any black friday chaos, but I will have a lineup of some hot holiday hostess gifts coming soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Glittered Walnut Place Card Holders - PLD


 This specific DIY for Glittered Walnut Place Cards was seen first on Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved. 2011-2013.

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