Green Tea Froyo (V)

Frozen yogurt has always been a favorite treat of mine. As a child, I recall frequenting TCBY with my dad and each time we went, like him I would always choose the white chocolate macadamia nut, in a cup with a few candy toppings. Fast forward several years and my love for froyo certainly still exists, but since I now limit my dairy intake, I no longer get to enjoy this delightful treat that brings back such wonderful memories for me. I’m now that girl who goes to the froyo place in search of sorbet and most times I come up empty, but when I do, it’s nice to know that I can recreate a little childhood nostalgia right in my own kitchen. Free of dairy, with no ice cream machine necessary and some added nutrients and antioxidants. Definitely not in the soft serve format and presented at TCBY, but a sufficient way for me to get my froyo fix nonetheless!

Vegan Green Tea Froyo | Posh Little Designs

As you all know, we’ve got St. Patrick’s Day coming up soon, so in honor of the holiday and all things green, I’m serving up this froyo infused with green tea, using a vegan coconut milk yogurt and shapely shamrock molds for a festive twist. Did I mention I don’t really care what the weather is doing outside?! This anytime treat is the perfect pick me up any time of the day and the individual molds also make them a fun party delight for your St. Patty’s Day celebration!

Green Tea Froyo (V)

The coconut milk yogurt has a natural tang and sweetness that is delightful when infused with the green tea. No additional sugars necessary, vegan and dairy free.

Vegan Green Tea Froyo | Posh Little Designs


2 10  oz containers plain coconut milk yogurt (I use trader joes brand)

1/2 cup coconut milk (for teabag use only)

Cheesecloth for removing all excess liquid from yogurt

3 bags of your favorite green tea or green tea powder (3 teaspoons of powder or more for desired flavor)

a few fresh spinach leaves for color and added boost (if not using green tea powder)

shamrock molds

magic bullet

Vegan Green Tea Froyo | Posh Little Designs


Wrap cheesecloth around a deep bowl and pour coconut milk yogurt over the top to remove excess liquid. This will make the yogurt freeze at a better consistency.  Allow liquid to drain out of the yogurt over a 2 hour period.

Once the yogurt is done draining, place separated yogurt into a dish.

If using green tea bags, heat the coconut milk to desired temperature. Add all 3 tea bags and soak. Remove the hot teabags from the coconut milk and wring them out into the strained yogurt, to infuse the flavors of the green tea.

If you’re using the green tea powder, you can simply add it to the yogurt and skip the step above.

Place the ingredients into a magic bullet and blend away.

I discovered that with the tea bags, the green color really doesn’t come through as much as I would like, so if you’re making these for a St. Patrick’s themed celebration and are missing the soft green, toss a few spinach leaves into the blender with the yogurt infusion for an extra splash of color. You’ll never even taste the spinach and you’ll get an added nutrient boost by adding in the leaves.

Place yogurt and green tea blend into the shamrock molds and freeze for about an hour maybe a little more or less. If you wait too long, the froyo will harden completely and then take quite a while to soften. Place excess in a separate container and also freeze.

Once the froyo has reached the desired consistency, it’s ready to enjoy! Simply scoop into cute little dishes, and top with one of the froyo shamrocks for a decorative finish. Serve immediately.

Vegan Green Tea Froyo | Posh Little Designs

If you don’t have any issues with dairy, you can always try this technique with regular yogurt, or any yogurt of your choice. (makes about 4 servings)

Vegan Green Tea Froyo | Posh Little Designs

Festive frozen deliciousness!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

more to share soon.


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Make: Hearts Day Partfaits (V)

There’s nothing I enjoy more for breakfast or brunch than fresh fruit and yogurt. Even better, I love combining the two to create a what we all know to be the yogurt parfait. I usually make one in the mornings based on what fruit I have on hand, and I’m certainly not picky, but since Valentine’s Day is coming up quick, today’s version features a few sweet surprise ingredients both healthy and dairy free, just right for celebrating the day of love with the ones you love! And if the grated dark chocolate and homemade crumble wasn’t enough already, I’ve topped them with the tiniest, and cutest little heart picks made from fresh strawberries and toothpicks, for a whimsical finish.

Love at first bite.

Valentine-Parfaits-Vegan | Posh Little Designs

Hearts Day Partfaits (V)

The coconut milk yogurt is layered between fresh strawberries & raspberries and a homemade crumble that adds just the right amount of crunch and a grated dark chocolate topping as a decadent garnish. 


Four 8 ounce containers of plain coconut milk yogurt (use regular dairy yogurt if you wish)

32 Fresh whole raspberries and 10 fresh strawberries, rinsed and patted dry.

A few squares of dairy free Dark Chocolate (I find mine at Trader Joes)

1 cup Homemade Oat & Pecan Crumble (see recipe below)

1 ziplock bag

Cheese grater (for chocolate)

4 small glass serving bowls or parfait glasses about 8oz.

1 mini heart fondant cutter.


Slice strawberries into 1/4 inch thick pieces and cut into heart shapes using a heart fondant cookie cutter. Set aside 4 of the shaped strawberry for the heart toppers. (This is an optional step. If you don’t own a heart-shaped fondant cutter feel free to skip.)

Grate dairy free dark chocolate using a cheese grater, or similar and set aside.

Give yogurt a stir and then pour all 4 containers into the corner of a ziplock bag.

Cut the tip off the corner of the ziplock and begin piping an even layer of the yogurt into the bottom of each glass. Top the yogurt with a layer of the Oat & Pecan Crumble, lastly adding 6 of the fresh raspberries and 6 of the strawberry cutouts to the outer edge of each glass in a circular fashion. Top with an additional layer of yogurt, followed by an even layer of crumble. Finish with 2 fresh raspberries and 3-4 more strawberry hearts. Garnish with grated dark chocolate and one Strawberry Heart Pick.

The picks literally take just seconds to make. Simply cut the strawberries into shapes using your heart fondant cutter and insert one toothpick into the bottom point of each heart. Place inside the center or center back each parfait glass to enjoy the edible cuteness.

Makes 4 Servings.

Valentine-Parfaits-Vegan | Posh Little Designs

Homemade Oat & Pecan Crumble


1 cup of uncooked oatmeal

3 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp flour

1 tbsp chia seeds

1/3 cup chopped pecans.


Preheat oven to 350.

Mix all dry ingredients together.

Pour melted coconut oil over the top of dry ingredients.

Stir ingredients together and pour onto a parchment or foil lined baking sheet.

Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes until golden.

Remove from oven and allow to cool, then it’s ready to be used as a topping.

Valentine-Parfaits-Vegan | Posh Little Designs

How cute would these be for children’s Valentine’s parties, or as the starter, or the first course for a romantic breakfast or brunch with your love?! Such a great way to kick off the holiday!

Enjoy and Happy hearts day friends! Remember to check back soon for more.


This specific recipe for Hearts Day Parfaits was seen first on Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved. 2011-2014.

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Make – Mini Strawberry Shortcake (V)

Summer is coming to an end, but I’m not so sure I’m ready! I mean I do love Fall and can’t wait to switch up my wardrobe, prepare for football season and begin creating all new inspiration and designs for Posh, but there’s something about the warmth of the sunshine, long nights and outdoor activities that have a hold on me.

The seasons switch so abruptly where I live and I’m not prepared for the grey clouds and continuous rain that we experience in the NW shortly after September arrives. I guess I’ve got the end of summer blues. But to hold on a little bit longer, I’ve recreated one of the sweet treats from my daughter’s 4th birthday to remind me of the many good moments we experienced this season.

Mini Strawberry Shortcake - PLD

Mini Strawberry Shortcake (V)

The strawberries in this shortcake combined with the brightness from the lemon zest and adorable miniature homemade biscuits are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. The chevron party flags and adorable polka-dot baking cups just add to the overall cuteness and cheeriness of this favorite, perfect for summer reminiscing.

If you have no dairy sensitivities, feel free to use regular dairy whipping cream and butter for this recipe.


Parchment paper

2 cups flour

3 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup chilled vegan butter (1 stick)

1 cup coconut milk

1 pint strawberries

1 teaspoon sugar

zest from 1 lemon

1 can chilled full fat coconut milk

1 tablespoon powdered sugar


Start by cutting your strawberries into 1 inch pieces. Place them in a bowl with one teaspoon sugar and zest from one lemon to macerate for a few hours.

For the vegan Biscuits

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder and salt into a large bowl.

Cut in butter. Mixture should resemble corse crumbs.

Pour in coconut milk and stir until dough forms being careful not to over-mix.

Gently roll dough onto floured surface.

Roll out dough and cut into round shapes.

I used the mouth of a champagne glass to achieve the miniature shape.

Line baking sheet with parchment paper and bake in the oven at 425 degrees for 5-7 minutes (or until golden brown)

Biscuit Recipe adapted from: Taste of Home

Vegan Whipped Cream

Place 1 can of full fat milk in the fridge to chill overnight.

Remove from fridge, open can and spoon out the only the cream from the can, leaving the excess liquid behind.

Place the thick cream in a mixing bowl w/ whisk attachment and mix on high for about 4-5 minutes.

Sweeten as desired.

It should resemble whipped cream at this point and makes a delicious dairy free topping.

Mini Strawberry Shortcake - PLD

To assemble

Top cooled biscuit with macerated strawberry and lemon zest mix. Finish with a dollop of vegan whipped cream. Enjoy!

You can serve these in mini baking cups  like the ones seen in this post (I will have them available in my shop soon), or make them to order.

 Whimsical, bite size (aka adorable) and bursting with some of my favorite flavors from the season.

Here’s a photo of the same shortcake we served at my daughter’s 4th birthday! Such great memories.

Mini Strawberry Shortcake
Thanks for reading!

How are you all enjoying your last few days of summer? Whether you’re throwing an end of summer bash, or looking for a recipe to remind you of how fabulous your summer was, I hope you give this one a try!

Check back soon.


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Make – Mini Lavender Cupcakes

One of the things that I love to do during summer and when I have spare time, is work in my flower garden. There’s something therapeutic about gardening for me, and I love the reward of the beautiful blooms as the seasons transition. Currently I’m obsessing over the 3 varieties of lavender I have growing. The gorgeous purple flowers and aroma they give off remind me of the warmth of summer days. And I enjoy trimming a few sprigs as I choose for summer cocktails, treats and garnishes. Such a versatile bloom with so many uses.


The obsession that I have with lavender has extended beyond the plant itself, making it’s way into some of my favorite store-bought items and restaurant orders too. There’s a cute little lounge bar in my hometown called The Real McCoy that I frequent with my girlfriends. One of our favorite items on their menu (aside from the drinks) is their Lavender Marcona Almonds. There’s just something about the crunch of the salt with the combination of the lavender pods that make them insanely addictive and a must try.

Another product that I discovered several months back and fell in love with was Lavender DRY Soda. If you have been visiting me here for a while, you may already be aware of how much I love DRY products as I explained in my Valentine’s Floats here. All their sodas are all natural, lightly sweetened and have fewer calories. Yes and yes! If you haven’t tasted DRY soda yet, I highly recommend it! The lavender is one of my favorites flavors. It’s subtle and not too overpowering, making it perfect for sipping on a warm afternoon, using as a cocktail mixer or drinking anytime really.

Lavender Dry Soda

To pay homage to my favorite summer bloom, I’ve made a sweet treat, perfect for summer parties. I chose the mini cupcake because they’re bite size, adorable and everyone loves them! I used the same recipe for my mini champagne cupcakes to make them, but this time instead of using champagne I added a posh twist by incorporating Lavender DRY soda and fresh lime zest. They turned out incredibly moist and delicious with subtle floral notes, and a light sweetness.

If you love lavender, you will truly enjoy this cupcake!

Mini Lavender Cupcakes

sweet. floral. decadent.

Mini Lavender Cupcakes (DF)

The addition of the soda keeps the cupcake moist, while also adding subtle flavor. The cupcakes were made using coconut oil in place of butter to make them dairy free.

Mini lavender cupcakes


24 mini cupcake liners

Mini cupcake pan

Paper straws and fresh lavender sprigs for garnish.

3/4 Cup All purpose flour
3/4 teaspoons baking powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup coconut spread or vegan butter
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1 and a half egg whites
1/2 cup Lavender DRY Soda
Lime zest from 1/2 a lime (optional)

(this recipe makes just enough for 24 mini cupcakes, simply double the ingredients for full size cupcakes.)

Lavender DRY soda

Preheat oven to 350
Place liners in your mini muffin tin pan.
Mix together flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl and set aside.
Beat vegan butter and sugar in a mixing bowl until fluffy.
Add vanilla and beat in egg white.
Beat in dry mixture and DRY soda in thirds alternating each time (start and finish with dry mixture).

Teaspoon batter 2/3 of the way into liners and bake for roughly 10 minutes until a toothpick comes put clean.

Garnish as you wish.

Source: Cupcake recipe adapted from 20 Something Cupcakes

For the Icing

Mini lavender cupcakes

Lavender Infused Buttercream (V)

I infused some dried lavender pods and lime zest into a stick of dairy free butter for the vegan buttercream icing. This recipe is a must try and a Posh Little Designs original.

2 sticks vegan butter (1 cup)

1.5 tablespoons dried lavender pods

1 3/4 cups powdered sugar

Lime zest (for extra flavor)


Heat  butter and lavender pods in a sauce pan on medium low.

Allow the butter to fully melt and simmer with the lavender pods for about 2 minutes to infuse the flavor.

Remove from heat and pour butter through a fine mesh strainer to remove all excess pods.

Allow the butter to firm up for an hour or two on the counter,  be sure not to place it in the fridge as you want it in a softened state for the icing.

Once butter has firmed, place in the bowl of a stand mixer, with powdered sugar and lime zest.

Mix the ingredients together for a few minutes using the paddle attachment. Spoon lavender buttercream into piping bag, and pipe onto your cupcakes.

Mini Lavender Cupcakes

Wouldn’t these  be adorable for summertime parties. Think bridal showers or baby showers. You and your guests are sure to love them. For the full experience, make sure to wash them down with a bottle of Lavender DRY Soda.

Mini Lavender Cupcakes

Now switching gears back to party mode. I’ll have more to share with you and the strawberry shortcake celebration very soon.

Thanks for reading!


Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2013.

Make – Homemade Ice-cream Cones

Were you aware that this Sunday happens to be National Ice Cream day (the 3rd Sunday in July)?  I certainly wasn’t until I came across a bit of info while browsing my twitter feed. But you don’t have to tell me twice. I’ll take full advantage of the excuse to eat ice-cream all weekend. Dairy free ice-cream that is.

Most of you are aware that I eliminated dairy and soy from my diet a little over a year ago, so I usually don’t get the opportunity to enjoy the frozen treat, but I love that they have so many alternatives these days! Fruity gelato, sorbet and my favorite coconut milk ice-cream. It may not be typical, but I’m not your typical gal, so it suits me and my family perfectly. I can’t remember the last time I had ice-cream in a cone, but the thought of them brings me back to my childhood days. All those good memories got me thinking it would be fun to relive those moments by making homemade cones. Besides, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the holiday!

But of course they wouldn’t be posh without a little twist, so I’ve added a few extra elements to the cones. I made them in minis (because everything’s cuter in pint size,) and dressed them up by dipping the tips in chocolate. I used vegan dark chocolate and nonpareil sprinkles for a final touch, then pairing them with vegan strawberry coconut milk ice-cream from Trader Joes. Perfect combo. My entire family loved them.

Homemade Ice-cream cones

 Homemade Ice-cream Cones (mini)

After I came across the idea to make homemade cones here, and discovered I had everything I needed to make them from scratch, I did a little happy dance! Believe it or not, the only bit of equipment you need is a Panini press….yes a Panini press (and electric mixer.) Such a genius idea, and probably the best cone I’ve ever tasted, especially right when they come off the grill. I think I could have eaten the entire batch warm. And to make things better, it’s one of the simplest recipes I’ve tried. The basic ingredients can be found in your pantry and fridge without having to make additional trips to the grocery store. I made these dairy free using vegan butter, but you could certainly use regular butter if you so prefer.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Panini Press (or baking sheet you can make also these in the oven)

Electric or stand mixer.

1 sheet parchment paper

1 half sheet of paper rolled to shape a cone (or other cone-shaped item.)

2/3 cups sugar

3 egg whites

1 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/3 cup melted vegan butter.

Vegan Coconut Milk Ice-cream in flavor of choice (or any ice-cream you prefer)

For dipped cones

6 oz vegan dark chocolate

sprinkles of choice

Homemade Ice-cream cones


Place 3 egg whites in large mixing bowl with sugar. Beat on med for 30 seconds until frothy.

Mix in butter, flour and vanilla until smooth batter forms and all lumps have disappeared.

Heat Panini grill (or oven to 400 degrees)

Take 1/2 to 3/4 of a spoonful (teaspoon size) and drop it on the center of the grill.

Press down lid and allow batter to cook for about 60 seconds.

Open press and remove from grill once golden brown.

Place on sheet of parchment paper and roll cookie around the cone-shaped device, making a tight point on 1 end.

The cookie is much easier to form when still warm, so work quickly.

Set aside finished cones to cool.

Repeat steps until all cones are rolled.

homemade ice-cream cone - instructions

For Oven Instructions

Place 1 to 2 tablespoons batter onto parchment lined baking sheet. Spread the batter into thin circles. Bake for 4-5 minutes. Remove from oven and quickly roll cookie into cone shape using paper mold for assistance. Set aside to cool. Repeat steps until all cones are rolled.

Recipe Source: Adapted from Spoonful

Chocolate Dipped

Homemade Ice-cream cones

Homemade Ice-cream cones

While cones are cooling, heat dark chocolate in microwave on 30 second intervals until melted.

Dip the tips of each cone in the chocolate (this also forms a seal for the cone so any melting ice-cream doesn’t drip through,) and top with sprinkles.

You can place the finished cones on parchment paper in the fridge for 20 minutes until the chocolate has set.

Then simply fill cones with your favorite flavor of ice-cream and serve!

Great for kids of all ages and the perfect bite-size cones for summer parties.

Homemade Ice-cream cones

If you prefer ice-cream sundaes instead, the cones can be cut into triangle shapes and used as sweet sundae topper. So cute and delicious too!

Homemade Ice-cream cones

homemade ice-cream sundae

Everyone loves ice-cream! What’s your favorite flavor? If I still ate dairy it would be chocolate chip mint, hands down. I still remember the after dinner mint ice-cream from the 80s. My Dad would bring it home for us to enjoy as a treat literally after dinner. One of my best memories as a child. How do you plan on celebrating National Ice-cream Day?

Check back soon!


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Make – Confetti Popsicles (vegan)

When I picked up my very first popsicle mold from Ikea a few months back, the wheels started to turn. Of course, it was far too cold to attempt to make popsicles in March, so I’ve held out until now. I’ve actually been dying to make them these last few days, which must have to do with our return from San Diego earlier this week. To be honest it still doesn’t feel warm enough around here to be hanging in the backyard eating popsicles, but I’m hoping by breaking out the mold and pretending it’s summer, the sunshine (and warm weather) will be awakened.

 These days there are so many ways to make a popsicle homemade. All you need is a mold, and some sticks and you’re ready to go. If you don’t have a mold, glasses and cups will do the trick. It’s really that simple. Today I hope to bring out the party in all of us, by adding a fun twist to a basic recipe that will have you wanting to celebrate the fact that it’s still cold outside.

Leave it to confetti to do the trick. Edible confetti of course, that actually sticks to the outside of the popsicle. So fun!!

Confetti, popsicles, homeamade, vegan

Confetti Popsicles (V)

These popsicles are icy, and coconutty with a light sweetness. The confetti adds an exciting little crunch, and festive flair.

The base of this recipe is made with vegan ingredients, but you can certainly use whole dairy milk if you so desire. If using dairy or canned coconut milk you’ll want to increase the sugar and vanilla content until the desired flavor is achieved.


16 oz (2 cups) vanilla flavored Coconut or Almond Milk

(you can also use full fat canned coconut milk for a richer and creamier texture)

1 tsp super fine sugar (or alternative sweetener)

1 tsp vanilla (in addition to the vanilla flavored milk)

6 popsicle sticks

6 cavity popsicle mold (2 oz each)

parchment paper

confetti sprinkles

Popsicle Ingredients


In a medium size bowl, mix together milk, sugar and vanilla and stir until sugar is dissolved.

ladle or funnel milk mixture into each popsicle cavity, filling all the way (set aside leftover milk mixture)

Place in the ice box to freeze for 45 minutes.

At 45 minutes your popsicles should be partially frozen and solid enough to insert a popsicle stick into the center of each. If not, give them a few more minutes.

Insert sticks into the center of each popsicle and allow to fully freeze, about 1 more hour.

In the meantime, line a flat baking sheet or dish with parchment paper and set aside.

Once your popsicles have fully chilled, remove each from their molds by running under hot water for a few seconds, the place each popsicle onto the parchment lined baking sheet.

Now for the exciting part…

Gently spread a teaspoonful of remaining milk mixture over each coconut popsicle and quickly top with a handful of confetti sprinkles. I say quickly because the extra layer of milk will freeze fast and then the confetti won’t stick.

Confetti, popsicles, homeamade, vegan

If you’re a perfectionist like me, you can strategically place each piece of confetti onto the popsicles, or you can just sprinkle them on as you wish.

Place them back in the freezer to chill.

Allow an extra 30 minutes to freeze, and your confetti popsicles are ready to enjoy!

NOTE: Don’t attempt to mix the confetti into the actual milk mixture because the sprinkles will bleed and make for a murky and not so posh looking popsicle (this was what I tried first…second time was definitely a charm.)

Confetti, popsicles, homeamade, vegan

Such a fun and festive treat for kids of any age. Plus versatile with tons of flavor alternatives. Make them how you choose and be sure to serve them at your next summer celebration.


Happy Friday everyone. Cheers to the weekend.

Check back soon.


This concept and popsicle recipe is a Posh Little Designs original. Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2013.

French Macarons

If ever there were a treat to represent posh, the macaron would be it. I just obsess over them! Not only for their delicious taste and texture, but also for the array of gorgeous hues they are available in. I seriously can’t think of a prettier dessert to serve for a special occasion and since my baby girls Spring in Paris themed 1st Birthday is coming up in a months time, adding them to the menu seemed like a no-brainer.

As a result, I have been attempting to get on my French Macaron A-game, but let me tell you the process hasn’t been pretty…or edible for that matter. Let’s just say, I quickly discovered that these chic little cookie gems are a lot easier to eat than they are to make.

Honestly speaking, It would probably make more sense to just purchase the macarons for my daughter’s 1st bday, but since I love a good challenge, attempting to make them homemade seems much more satisfying. Luckily I can report that after three inedible attempts at homemade macarons, I was able to make a batch this past Monday that came out of the oven sporting feet and shiny caps. Oh If only you could have seen the excitement on my face!! Nowhere near perfection but a huge improvement from the first ones I made. I even took a photo via Instagram for you to see!


The recipe I used came from which seriously features the best tutorial I have ever come across. Instead of attempting to share the full recipe here, I highly recommend following the link to the site below, as it features an instructional video, trouble-shooting and US measurement conversions, perfect for the macaron challenged like myself.

Easy French Macarons

Here is the dairy free buttercream recipe that I used to fill my macarons as well as some additional troubleshooting tips based on my own experience making these. I went dairy free because as most of you know my baby has an allergy to it and I have since removed it from my diet. If you are not dairy free, you can always just use regular butter for this recipe.

Dairy Free Apricot Strawberry Buttercream

1 stick Vegan buttery sticks softened

2 tablespoons strawberry preserves

2 tablespoons apricot preserves

1/4 cup powder sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla.


Place all ingredients into mixer and blend until incorporated.
Spoon into ziplock bag
Pipe between macaron shells, either a little..or a lot, based on your preference.

You can also add more sugar if you prefer a sweeter buttercream. I don’t care as much for overly sweet things and since the shells are already really sweet, I toned down the recipe.

Troubleshooting Tips

Whip your egg whites until dry. It took 12 minutes on speed 8 in my stand mixer.Use parchment paper instead of a silicone mat.

Make sure you are properly folding your batter as opposed to stirring it.

For consistent round shells, be sure to use an icing tip.

Watch the temp of your oven. I have gas heat so turning mine down to 295 degrees Fahrenheit worked well for me.

Don’t place your macarons too close to the heat source of your oven. I doubled up my pans and placed them on a higher shelf for a better result.

I wish you luck at making homemade macarons. If they turn out the first time for you…well then I’m completely jealous! If not, try again. Third time was a charm for me and I have since been enjoying a few every morning this week with my favorite lavender rooibos tea. Perfection. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to test out this recipe a few more times before my baby’s 1st birthday. I know I could use the extra practice.

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More ‘Spring in Paris’ related ideas and inspiration on the way soon!! Happy Friday to you all!