Coconut Milk Chia Pudding (V)

Happy Friday! I know things have been a little quiet here lately but I’ve been busily working behind the scenes to prepare for my sweet girl’s birthday happening next Saturday. Much more to share on all of that soon, but as for now, I’m thrilled the weekend is here!

And to start my day….my go-to Chia Coconut pudding that takes just moments to prepare. I love that I can make it the night before so it’s ready for me to grab from the fridge in the morning, before my day begins.

My darling Kate Spade mug full of my decaf green tea is also setting the tone.

Morning fave.

Chia Banana Pudding | Posh Little Designs

Coconut Milk Chia Pudding (V)


1 fancy glass (not required)

1/4 cup Chia Seed

3/4 Cups original Coconut Milk (you can also use almond, cashew, or any other alternative)

Half a banana sliced,

A pinch of cinnamon

Raw pecans and coconut flakes


Soak chia seed in coconut milk overnight or for at least 1 hour so it has time to expand.

When ready to eat, pull from fridge and top with sliced bananas, cinnamon, pecans and coconut. If the chia has soaked up most of the milk, just add more!


This breakfast is enough to keep me full for the entire morning and is a great post workout meal option.

Consuming Chia seed can assist with weight loss, hydration  and blood pressure reduction. It’s also packed with omega-3 to protect against inflammation. I can’t think of a better way to start my morning!

Do you have a favorite Chia Pudding recipe? If so I’d love to hear it and try it!

Photo via Instagram. Follow me there for in-between post updates.

Have a lovely weekend all!


This specific recipe for Coconut Milk Chia Pudding was seen first on Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved. 2011-2015.

All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2015.


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