Citrus & Spice Sangria

One of my favorite adult beverages to serve when I’m hosting a party is sangria. I just love how simple it is to make, and how the flavors can be so easily adjusted to match the holiday that you’re celebrating.

Citrus & Spice Sangria | Posh Little Designs

Today I tested out a new sangria concoction that I’ll be adding to my Thanksgiving menu next week. The colors and flavor profiles remind me of the season, complete with tangerines, sweet persimmons, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, elderflower liqueur and sauvignon blanc.

An instant fave, that truly tastes like Fall in a glass, if there were ever such a thing!

Citrus & Spice Sangria | Posh Little Designs

Citrus & Spice Sangria

A sweet and tart blend of fall fruits and spice, floral liqueur and white wine. The vanilla bean adds a smoothness with fruity floral notes from the liqueur, with a mild cinnamon finish.


Medium sized pitcher

1 bottle of your favorite Sauvignon blanc (I chose Sauvignon blanc because it’s less sweet and has many floral notes. You could also try chardonnay or pinot grigio.)

1/2 cup St. Germaine – elderflower liqueur

1/4 cup Cointreau

3 tangerines sliced into 1/4 inch rounds

2 persimmons rinsed and sliced into 1/4 inch rounds (cut a few rounds into quarters and set aside for drink garnishes)

1 vanilla bean bruised

8 cinnamon sticks (2 for sangria remaining for drink garnish)

1 16 oz bottle of club soda or sparkling water

Citrus & Spice Sangria | Posh Little Designs

Citrus & Spice Sangria | Posh Little Designs


Place sliced persimmons & oranges, cinnamon sticks and vanilla bean into your pitcher.

Add St. Germaine, Cointreau and the entire bottle of white wine.

Stir and place in the fridge, allowing flavors to blend for at least 2 hours (make up to 24 hours ahead.)

Add sparkling water or club soda when ready to serve. Add to taste.

Pour sangria into your favorite wine glasses and garnish with cinnamon sticks and quartered persimmons or tangerines.

Citrus & Spice Sangria | Posh Little Designs

 This is a perfect make ahead low maintenance cocktail for the holiday. Is it Thanksgiving yet?

Citrus & Spice Sangria | Posh Little Designs

Still 6 days and counting, but luckily I have this test batch of sangria to finish up just in time for the weekend! One of the many perks of blogging. Cheers friends and happy Friday!

More to share early next week!


This specific recipe for Citrus & Spice Sangria was seen first on Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved. 2011-2014.

All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2014.


6 thoughts on “Citrus & Spice Sangria

  1. That looks so delicious Brandi Posh Little Designs. Not only is it visually appealing but it seems like it would be comforting as well with the added spiciness of the season. Stellar! I took your advice and tried a persimmon, such beautiful fruit and tastes so good, sorta like a cross between mangoes and oranges. I love how creative you are and always chic. Your photography work is gorgeous.

    • Aw! Thank you mom! I love this combo for Fall and look forward to you trying it on Thanksgiving 🙂 Persimmons are interesting right? and have beautiful color. The ones I just purchased for the sangria were nice and sweet which worked perfectly with the rest of the flavors! xoxo

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