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With travel and preparation for school to start, the past few weeks have been hectic. It’s been on my heart to share and blog but finding the balance with everything else going on has proven to be difficult.  My hubby and I just recently returned from New York city. We spent 6 days away from our girls for the first time ever which means that all the spare time that we have right now is theirs. Enjoying the last few days of summer and time with my family and loved ones has been wonderful and much-needed, but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things! Starting off with some highlights from our incredible trip to NY, captured via instagram.

We traveled to celebrate a dear friend of 20 years’ wedding. I was honored to be one of the bridesmaids, along with several of our other childhood friends. The wedding took place in upstate NY on the countryside, near Rochester. The views were absolutely incredible! The wedding had many DIY details, mason jars and a color scheme of navy and grey. As you can see I had to make a switch of my shoes to sandals, as trying to trek through grass in heels was not working in my favor! Our experience though, was like no other. It was truly so special to be a part of their day and to witness their love for each other. So great to reminisce with all my girlfriend’s while making new memories in the process. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am for our dear friends, the bride and groom! Wishing them a lifetime of love and all the happiness in the world!

New York Travel - Instagram

We followed up the wedding with a drive into Manhattan where we stayed with my sis-in-law and brother-in-law for a few days. Let me just say, what an incredible city New York is. Completely fell in love with most everything about it. The shopping in soho and the sites all around us. The food, the skyline. Central Park, views from the Empire State building at night and just the overall energy. Every moment we were there, the city was alive! Of course it wouldn’t have been a trip to NY without a stop at Ladurée on Madison Ave for french macarons. I was in heaven!! No seriously…H E A V E N! Never in my life have I had a macaron so good and I have had a lot of macarons in my life. Pictures don’t do them justice, but we cannot wait to go back for more. For all of the reasons above we’re tempted to plan another trip there very soon!

New York Travel - Instagram

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Have a fabulous holiday weekend loves! Much more to share here soon.



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