Friday Delights

Yesterday my hubby surprised me with a box of French macarons and my Friday was instantly made!

Of course it would be even better if I was eating some authentic ones from Ladurée, but until I can make it to New York or Paris, the freezer section of Costco will have to suffice!

Ah…I still can’t believe there’s not one bakery in my hometown that makes macarons from scratch, but the Cocola brand from Costco was pretty decent. I tried the rose flavor yesterday and look forward to tasting the others soon! I do prefer the jam filled cookies since I avoid dairy for the most part, but how does the saying go? Everything in moderation right?!

Before I sampled one yesterday I snapped a photo for Instagram. I paired the sweet cookies with fresh hydrangea left over from my daughter’s party last Saturday! More on that soon!


I have learned to keep a stash of macarons on hand in the freezer when I need a pick me up, or have company coming by. They keep so well and are an anytime fix and an easy dessert option for entertaining. I prefer mine with a mug of hot tea in the morning hours, or a brut (less sweet) sparkling wine after dinner.

You can find me on instagram @poshlittledesigns. Lets be friends!

Thanks for reading! Wishing you all a weekend just as sweet!



6 thoughts on “Friday Delights

  1. Great hubby! I looove it! Let me know how the rest taste…Costco just seems to have everything now and days…i hear the chia seeds are there as well! 🙂 No bakery with macarons made from scratch?! No bueno. Yes, I hear you on the laduree ones. I have yet to try those! One day in paris with my cup of tea in my maxi dress and sun hat. Lol Yes, I already have the vision of it. Travel to Portland isn’t that far and we have plenty of spots that make their own…St. honore, Nuvrei, & Petite province! I am sure there are more that I haven’t tried.

    • So true! I will definitely let you know! That’s funny…I buy the big bags of organic chia seeds from Costco…I believe the nutiva brand. Such a great value and I can’t believe how fast I go through them! We are definitely both on the same page about Paris ☺ and I would love to get back to Portland! We’ve only been there once and it’s really not that far away + the shopping is wonderful!! So much to do and see there and now I’m determined to try the macarons. 😍 Hope you’ve had a fabulous wknd! xo

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