Travelgram – Cabo

It’s been nearly 3 years since our last visit to Cabo San Lucas, but after an incredibly hectic and long Winter, my hubby and I booked a quick getaway to our favorite little city in Mexico, to regroup, and refresh. The Winter storm that we had only days before we traveled, left us with over 10 inches of snow, plus power outages and down trees so let’s just say we were more than ready to leave town for a few days! Somehow we were fortunate enough to miss the 2nd snow and ice storm that hit our area, so the timing of our departure couldn’t have been better!

We ended up staying in San Jose Del Cabo at the Hyatt Ziva resort just 15 minutes from the Airport and 20-30 minutes from downtown Cabo. Right on the beach, with a stunning ocean view for watching the sun rise and set, and plenty of time to get our much-needed vitamin D. We love the charm of Cabo and the super laid back and easy vibe of the town. The beaches are beautiful, as is the scenery and the temps were perfect, low 80s during the day with a light breeze and mid 60s at night, we really couldn’t have asked for better weather! My girls had such a great time there! We spent nearly every day swimming with them at the pool and playing in the sand on the beach. Ah!! Perfection!

Here’s just a few highlights from our lovely stay in Cabo, in tropical shades, all captured via Instagram.

cabo san lucas - cabo - travel - instragram - scenery - blog

This was exactly what I needed to get myself back on track in preparation for the craziness the next few months will bring. It wasn’t my intention to stay away from the blog for as long as I did, but I have to be realistic. There’s only one of me and I can only do so much. With that said, things will start getting back to normal around here and soon! I’m already getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day, and I’ll have a very green inspired post to share with you all soon!

Have you traveled to Cabo? If so, what’s your favorite place to stay? If you’re interested in seeing more highlights from my trip, head over to my Instagram @poshlittledesigns for a little video slideshow I put together using one of my fav apps, flipagram. Let’s be friends!

More to share soon.



4 thoughts on “Travelgram – Cabo

  1. Ahhh escaping the snow storm! Oh how perfect timing! Glad you took the time to do so… Small getaways are so precious and more refreshing than the longer vacay! Oh your girls are way too cute… And yes you are right.. There is only one of you.. Relaxing and refreshing is important. Glad to see you back! 😉

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