Travel Gram – Disney & Palm Springs

Christmas is less than two weeks and this is my first somewhat Christmas related post of the month, which means I’m way behind! With that said, while I’m in the process of working on some festive themed posts for the blog, I thought I’d at least share some of the IG pics from our travels to Disneyland & Palm Springs last week. A quick 4 day getaway to much warmer temps and lots of sunshine (it was 19 degrees when we left home).

This was our first trip to disneyland with the girls and we were a bit reluctant because they’re still so young, but visiting there was confirmation for us, that it was the right time to take them. When we saw their faces light up at each glimpse or meeting with a character, I knew we had made the right decision. Each moment was memorable! And can I just mention how absolutely beautiful disneyland is during the holidays?! I was mesmerized by the lights and Christmas displays. Especially the Sleeping Beauty winter castle at dusk. It was a truly magical experience and I would recommend anyone visiting DL during the month of December.

After leaving Disneyland we took a short trip two hours from Anaheim to Palm Springs for a few day stay with my in-laws. I love the laid back energy of the city, and the history right in the heart of town. We felt right at home here, and can’t wait to visit again soon!

Here are some of the highlights from our quick trip, captured via Instagram.

Travel-Gram Disneyland & Palm Springs

And then, we returned home to 14 degree temps, a power outage and frozen water main! Not quite the welcome home we were after. Back to reality!

Have you traveled to Disneyland and Palm Springs? Any highlights to share? I’d love to here from you all!

Let’s be friends on Instagram if we aren’t already!

Happy holidays. More to share soon.

xo from posh


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