Create: Halloween Cocktail Trim – DIY

Having a beverage and cocktail station at a get together is the perfect way to make your guests feel at ease. When I’m hosting a party, I find that this is the first place people migrate to, or the first thing I mention as they enter my home.  I always make sure to have a mix of non-alcoholic and alcoholic options to accommodate everyone attending.

People love to have options, so in addition to the beverages, I like to display fun garnishes for each drink that’s available. I’ll usually match the garnishes to the theme of the gathering and make them readily available for guests to pick and choose, and add to a drink of their choice.

With Halloween just a few days away, I’ve put together a few simple garnishes for festive cocktails! If  you’re hosting a party, you’ll appreciate my affordable suggestions that literally take just seconds to put out! Your guests will love them and so will you, as most of the items seen here require little to no fuss and can be found in the candy section of your local grocery store!

Accessorize your beverages with style!

Halloween Cocktail Garnishes by PLD

To put out this festive cocktail trim for your party guests, here’s what you’ll need:

Supply List:

1 Bag Candy corn/Pumpkin Autumn Mix

Wood Skewers (trim down to 6 inches using scissors)

White Rock Candy (you could also use black or orange)

Black or white ribbon for rock candy garnish (optional)

Black Raspberry Gumdrops

Black sanding sugar

1 lemon cut into wedges

Black and White Paper Straws (find them in my Etsy shop)

Halloween Cocktail Garnishes


Candy Corn Skewers: Gently puncture the bottom of single candy corn and candy pumpkins being sure not to push too hard. The candy is quite delicate so only twist the skewer lightly until sturdy. Make as many as needed and display.

Ribbon trim Rock Candy: Cut ribbon into 4 inch pieces and tie to the wood on each piece of rock candy.

Be sure to put out sanding sugar and cut up lemon wedges, as an optional choice.

Remaining items (gumdrops, and paper straws) require no alterations. Simply put out on display and allow your guests to add them to the drinks of their choice! I used shot glasses to display each item.

Halloween Cocktail Garnishes

My favorite garnish is the rock candy or the gum drops in a glass of sparkling wine! They add a touch of whimsy and sweetness too!

Halloween Cocktail Garnishes

Halloween Cocktail Garnishes

My birthday falls exactly one week after Halloween. I don’t have exact plans for my celebration as of yet, but I’m glad it falls on a Thursday so I can celebration the entire weekend! More on that soon.

Cheers and Happy Halloween!

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Black + White Halloween

Halloween is one week away, can you believe it? Do you have anything fabulous planned? This holiday is reserved for my girls, so no major party plans on my end. Instead I’ll be spending my evening trekking the streets with Rapunzel and the cutest kitty cat you ever did see! But, if you’re in need of inspiration for a last-minute Halloween party you’ve come to the right place!

Right now I just happen to be obsessed B&W so it felt right to create a board revolving around both. Especially for Halloween! The black seen throughout offers some chic with a bit of a spooky edge that you look for with this type of holiday, while the white adds a touch of clean and modern. When paired together they are nothing short of spooktacular!


Not only is black and white trendy at the moment, but it’s also timeless, meaning you could use this color scheme time and time again and never go wrong. Especially in the months of Fall and Winter, when the weather gets cold.

 If you’re still looking for ideas, I’ve put together some useful tips that will make throwing your next party a breeze!

Happy Halloween!


1 Diamond Fabric 2 Stripe Fabric 3 Cat Masks 4 Bunting 5 Decorative Pumpkin 6 Invite 7 Stemware 8 White Cake Stand 9 Black Cake Stand 10 Cupcake Liners 11 Gumdrops 12 Crystal head Vodka 13 Striped Paper Straws 14 Chevron Paper Straws

Posh Party Tips

Consider an upscale evening cocktail party with your closest friends.

Send out your invites via email, or you can even hand deliver.

Choose a color scheme of black and white, the most sought after shades of the fall season.

Decorate simply but with statement making fabric for table linens.

I love the look of an all white pumpkin. If you can’t find them locally you can always break out the paint, like I did here!

One of the things I’m currently obsessing over is cake stand. They are so pretty to look at! Mix and match, or stack atop each other for a gorgeous dessert display.

Pour. Champagne and sparkling wine is one of my favorite ways to kick off a party. Line the rims in black and white sanding sugar for a touch of sweet and serve in memorable stemware as seen above. The Crystal Head Vodka could be used as a centerpiece on its own. Such a stunning bottle which I’m sure would also make a mean martini (sorry for the bad pun.) And don’t forget the paper straws! A party isn’t complete these days without them! The specific ones seen above can be found in my Etsy shop.

Sweets. If you’re short on time, dress up bakery bought cupcakes with a simple topper and an additional cupcake liner for a layered look. You can really serve anything black and white to tie in your theme, from dipped oreos, and black and white macarons, to licorice wheels and gumdrops..oh my!

There’s more coming up this week so do check back soon.

Thanks for reading!


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Annual Mammogram Party

Last Friday was the 10th Annual Mammogram Party for a local radiology center, Mt. Baker Imaging. This is an event that they put on every year to raise awareness about breast cancer while also reminding women 40 and over to get their annual mammogram.

This year, I was invited to be among the many fabulous vendors at the party, which was broadcasted live by one of our local radio stations.  The turnout was great! Several women came in to complete their mammograms, and those who did were given free goodie bags and pink flowers. It was truly an honor to be involved! I honestly had the best time designing and styling my display and adding many of my favorite DIY touches for the signature posh feel. This is the first time that I’ve set up as a vendor for a local event, so seeing everything come together was like a dream come true!

Because the focus was on breast health, for breast cancer awareness month, I setup my space using pink related baking and party supplies from my online shop. I had everything from paper straws and cookie cutters to chocolate molds, signature sprinkle mix, charms, baking cups and more, available for sale. All of these items matched my color scheme of pink, silver and white and of course followed the pink ribbon theme.

Posh Little Designs - Vendor - Mammogram Party 2013

I used a basic white shelving unit turned sideways to house the majority of my products, with silver trays, apothecary jars, vases and cake stands to hold the rest. I accented with handmade glittered pegs like the ones from my Glitter Clothespins post, and decorated with my Paint and Glitter pumpkins from this post. The finishing touch was the fabulous company sign made by a local printing center.

Cookies for the cure -  BCA Event - Chickabug free prints

When I came across the series of free Breast Cancer Awareness prints from ChickabugI couldn’t have been more excited! Heather’s designs are so gorgeous and this specific set fit in perfectly with my display.

If you’re planning a Breast Cancer Awareness themed fundraiser or event, these prints are a must use. She literally thought of everything with these printouts. They come with paper straw flags and banners, donation signs, folding cards, thank you’s, chocolate bar wrappers and hershey kiss tags, circle tags and much much more.

Follow the highlighted link above, to download them yourself!

Free Awareness Prints from - PLD Vendor Event

PLD - Shop Products - Sprinkle Mix

PLD Sprinkles

PLD - Cupcake Liners

Posh Little Designs Products - Vendor Event


Awareness Cookie Cutters - PLD

Awareness Charms



As you can see, there was much effort and time that went in to this event. Fortunately for me, I had one of my closest friends there to assist with what turned out to be a very successful day! She helped me prep, set up and decorate the awareness ribbon and bra sugar cookies that we gave away for donation. The cookies were a big hit as was the bra cookie cutter, which happens to be one of my best sellers in the online shop.

Awareness cookies - By PLD

 I’ll be combining a portion of all proceeds made from the event, along with all proceeds made in my online shop during breast cancer awareness month, to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Visit my shop to check out many of the products seen here. I’ll be adding the remaining items in the coming days!

Posh Little Designs - Vendor Space - Mammogram Party 2013


I have to say was so wonderful to be a part of such an important event, that I look forward to being involved in again next year!

Thanks for reading. Halloween is exactly two weeks away! I’m switching gears into holiday mode and will have some more ideas to share with you soon. 


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After a weekend conversation with the lovely Thuy from Tee2envisage, on the topic of creativity, she transformed a statement I had made into this lovely quote. Such a flattering discovery this Monday morning, that truly made my day!
As bloggers I feel it’s important to come together, uplift, and inspire. This is such a great example of how we can all do that.
Thank you again Thuy.
Go follow her over at Tee2envisage for inspiring posts and beautiful artistic creations.


Ahhh what a great reminder from Posh Little Designs.  Thank you for your encouragements.  I could not help and make a quote board from this to remind myself…tap into my creativity!  Her site is filled with greatness.  You should check it out AND follow her! Happy DAY and as for you TAP INTO your creativity!

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Create – Paint and Glitter Mini Pumpkins

These past few days I’ve been busy prepping and getting things ready for the Mammogram Party I’m a vendor for on Friday. I’ll be selling many of my pink ribbon products and other party supplies in shades of pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, with a portion of proceeds going towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I’ve also been working on a few DIY crafts that will be on display in my vendor space, like these darling mini pumpkins that underwent a very pink makeover. Inspired by Breast Cancer Awareness and the month of October, just 3 shades of paint, and some glitter was all it took to transform these cuties from plain to posh!

Paint & Glitter Pumpkins - DIY by PLD

As you can see, the pumpkins are sporting Martha Stewart Acrylic Paint and iridescent glitter. I’m obsessed with her colors! Maybe because of some of the names like Raspberry Ice and Poodle Skirt, Jelly Bean and Cotton Candy. Let’s just say I had a bit of a field day at Michaels.

Here’s what you’ll need!

Paint & Glitter Mini Pumpkins – DIY


3-6 Miniature pumpkins.

1 medium and 1 small paint brush.

Multi surface acrylic craft paint in 3 colors of your choice. I chose shades of pink for a bit of an ombre effect.

Craft Glue.


Newspaper or scratch paper.

Painters tray or old container.

Marthat Stewart Paint


Wipe pumpkins down with a damp cloth to remove excess dirt.

Squeeze a small amount paint onto tray and begin painting your pumpkin. Paint as much of the pumpkin as you can see visibly then allow to dry (about 15-20 minutes). Once the top of the pumpkin is mostly dry, flip it stem side down and paint the bottom. Allow the bottom of the pumpkin to dry and then repeat these steps painting 2-3 more coats until your pumpkin is evenly coated. Set aside to dry.

Continue painting as many pumpkins as your heart desires, following the  steps above.

It helps to use the same brush strokes in a downward motion so the pumpkins have an even finish.


Allow 24 hours for the pumpkins to dry, and they’re ready for their final accessory, the glittered stems!!

Martha Stewart Craft Supply

For the stems, dip your small paint brush in craft glue.

Simply coat the stems with the glue making sure not to get any on the pumpkin skin itself.

Dust in your favorite shade of glitter until fully coated.

Flip pumpkin upside down over a sheet of paper and gently tap the bottom to remove any excess glitter.

Allow 1 more hour for the stems to dry and your pumpkins are ready for display!

Paint & Glitter Pumpkins - DIY

 If you’re throwing a Breast Cancer Awareness themed event or have a fundraiser coming up, these will add a fun touch to your party decor!

Paint & Glitter Pumpkins

posh little tip

You can really paint these pumpkins in any color that you choose, your options are limitless. Black would be fabulous, as would metallics. Great party activity for kids!

Paint & Glitter Pumpkins - PLD

Thanks for reading! I’ll have plenty more to share soon.

Think pink!!


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Checking in

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! We have a few quiet days, so I’ve been taking advantage by doing some serious Fall cleaning around the house. Getting rid of old clothes to make room for new, organizing the office and finally editing photos that I took earlier last month.

Initially I didn’t have any plans for sharing these images on the blog, but I figured it had been too long since I posted updated pictures of both my girls. Just some simple shots from a visit to my mother in law’s place to pick apples in early September.

The apples just happen to be the perfect size for my girls, and as you can see they didn’t waste any time enjoying them.  Super adorable to watch and to photograph too. The look on my youngest’s face a few pictures down says it all!Apples

Apples - Girls

Baby M


Baby MEditing the images reminded me of how busy September really was, with that said, I’m happy to have these moments to look back on.

Now back to cleaning for me. Do you have anything fun planned this weekend? Tomorrow I’m getting my hair done, making brunch and watching football with the family. Speaking of football, I’m in an all girl’s Fantasy league this year and I just happen to be 4-0 at the moment. Fingers crossed I’ll be 5-0 after tomorrow!

And this coming week I’ll be working on getting things prepped for my BCA Event on the 11th. I’ll be sure to post photo updates later this week and maybe a few of my new do too! Thanks for reading.


Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2013.