Trends: Pantone + Paper Straws

Paper straws are among some of the hottest ongoing trends for parties, weddings and celebrations. I obsess over them a bit and I’m always sure to have a variety of colors on hand when I throw a party. They’re an ideal accessory for drinks and treats and add add an element of whimsy and chicness to the ordinary. These days they’re available in almost any color and design and tie in perfectly with the trends that we see throughout the seasons.

For Spring we saw many pastel tones, with mint, peach and blush all the rage, but now that we’re moving into Fall, expect to see deepened hues in almost jewel like tones, as per Pantone’s Fall picks for 2013. Along with these colors, you will see neutrals such as browns and grays to balance out the brighter shades.

The eye catching hues can be expected in women’s fashions, home decor, bridal fashion, wedding decor and themed celebrations for the remainder of the year.

And with these colors so on trend, I’ve put together a display of the paper straws that I carry in my Etsy Shop that just so happen to coincide with the colors for Fall, according to Pantone.

With that said, if you have plans to throw some parties from now until the end of the year, be sure to add in the hottest color accessories to your party beverages and dessert displays this season!

Pantone Color trends - + Paper Straws - Posh Little DesignsPantone Color Display via Style Pantry

What do you think about the picks for Fall 2013 and what are your favorite colors?

Follow the link to shop these colors and more now. Just $3.75 per package and perfect for your posh parties.

Check back soon for more!



7 thoughts on “Trends: Pantone + Paper Straws

  1. I was just looking at Pantone’s fall colors the other day! I’m really loving the hot pink and emerald! I couldn’t agree more about striped straws, we had turquoise ones at our wedding and I still have a few that are on display in my office. Love the ones you carry in your shop!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

    • The Emerald is definitely a favorite of mine as well. I love the shades of green myself. I’m already itching to throw a fall party with a color scheme in these shades. Party straws included of course! Nice to hear from you Jen. Hope all is fabulous! xx

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