Make – Confetti Popsicles (vegan)

When I picked up my very first popsicle mold from Ikea a few months back, the wheels started to turn. Of course, it was far too cold to attempt to make popsicles in March, so I’ve held out until now. I’ve actually been dying to make them these last few days, which must have to do with our return from San Diego earlier this week. To be honest it still doesn’t feel warm enough around here to be hanging in the backyard eating popsicles, but I’m hoping by breaking out the mold and pretending it’s summer, the sunshine (and warm weather) will be awakened.

 These days there are so many ways to make a popsicle homemade. All you need is a mold, and some sticks and you’re ready to go. If you don’t have a mold, glasses and cups will do the trick. It’s really that simple. Today I hope to bring out the party in all of us, by adding a fun twist to a basic recipe that will have you wanting to celebrate the fact that it’s still cold outside.

Leave it to confetti to do the trick. Edible confetti of course, that actually sticks to the outside of the popsicle. So fun!!

Confetti, popsicles, homeamade, vegan

Confetti Popsicles (V)

These popsicles are icy, and coconutty with a light sweetness. The confetti adds an exciting little crunch, and festive flair.

The base of this recipe is made with vegan ingredients, but you can certainly use whole dairy milk if you so desire. If using dairy or canned coconut milk you’ll want to increase the sugar and vanilla content until the desired flavor is achieved.


16 oz (2 cups) vanilla flavored Coconut or Almond Milk

(you can also use full fat canned coconut milk for a richer and creamier texture)

1 tsp super fine sugar (or alternative sweetener)

1 tsp vanilla (in addition to the vanilla flavored milk)

6 popsicle sticks

6 cavity popsicle mold (2 oz each)

parchment paper

confetti sprinkles

Popsicle Ingredients


In a medium size bowl, mix together milk, sugar and vanilla and stir until sugar is dissolved.

ladle or funnel milk mixture into each popsicle cavity, filling all the way (set aside leftover milk mixture)

Place in the ice box to freeze for 45 minutes.

At 45 minutes your popsicles should be partially frozen and solid enough to insert a popsicle stick into the center of each. If not, give them a few more minutes.

Insert sticks into the center of each popsicle and allow to fully freeze, about 1 more hour.

In the meantime, line a flat baking sheet or dish with parchment paper and set aside.

Once your popsicles have fully chilled, remove each from their molds by running under hot water for a few seconds, the place each popsicle onto the parchment lined baking sheet.

Now for the exciting part…

Gently spread a teaspoonful of remaining milk mixture over each coconut popsicle and quickly top with a handful of confetti sprinkles. I say quickly because the extra layer of milk will freeze fast and then the confetti won’t stick.

Confetti, popsicles, homeamade, vegan

If you’re a perfectionist like me, you can strategically place each piece of confetti onto the popsicles, or you can just sprinkle them on as you wish.

Place them back in the freezer to chill.

Allow an extra 30 minutes to freeze, and your confetti popsicles are ready to enjoy!

NOTE: Don’t attempt to mix the confetti into the actual milk mixture because the sprinkles will bleed and make for a murky and not so posh looking popsicle (this was what I tried first…second time was definitely a charm.)

Confetti, popsicles, homeamade, vegan

Such a fun and festive treat for kids of any age. Plus versatile with tons of flavor alternatives. Make them how you choose and be sure to serve them at your next summer celebration.


Happy Friday everyone. Cheers to the weekend.

Check back soon.


This concept and popsicle recipe is a Posh Little Designs original. Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2013.


12 thoughts on “Make – Confetti Popsicles (vegan)

  1. Yum, Nom, Nom, Brandi Reid…maybe if enough people eat your vegan Popsicles , the sun will show it’s face. In any event, popsicles taste good anytime, especially homemade ones. 🙂

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