Create – DIY Chalkboard Clothespins

One of the things that I’ve learned as I’ve gained more party planning experience is to recycle whenever possible. This is my solution for the celebration supplies and decor I’m left with after a party is over. A good example of this is the glitter clothespins I made for previous celebrations and holiday gifts. The leftovers were stashed away in a drawer just waiting to be transformed. My youngest daughter’s Spring in Paris celebration seemed like the perfect time to give them a makeover.

You also may remember these DIY Chalkboard Trays I made a few posts back. Well this DIY is even simpler. No painters tape necessary and a very short supply list! Plus they take just minutes to make.

DIY Chalkboard Clothespins

DIY Chalkboard Clothespins

Since I was reusing existing glitter clothespins, I simply flipped them around and painted the glitter free side. I guess I can call them my multi-use clothespins. One side glitter, one side chalk.


Leftover clothespins

Small paintbrush

Chalkboard Paint


Decorative adhesives (optional)

Chalkboard clothespins


Apply two even coats of chalkboard paint to wood clothespins. Set aside to dry completely.

Once dry, condition by rubbing the edge of chalk across the surface of the chalkboard clothespins.

Label or tag, by adding the words/names of your choice with chalk.

Add decorative pearls or adhesives for a finishing touch.

Chalkboard clothespins

It’s that simple!

DIY Chalkboard Clothespins

As you can see, they added an extra bit of fun to the favor bags from my daughter’s party.Chalkboard clothespins - favor bags

You can also use them for decorative display, or for food and beverage labeling.

Chalkboard clothespins

Enjoy this simple and trendy DIY and remember to check back in soon for more Posh!


Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2013.


7 thoughts on “Create – DIY Chalkboard Clothespins

  1. I love this idea Brandi Reid. I didn’t even realize there was such a thing as chalk board paint. You are so craft and clever always and you bring such sophistication and chicness to everything. So cool

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