A fresh look for Posh

Over the last year, Posh Little Designs has become my second home. The place I go when I need a break from my little loves, have something fabulous and fun to share; a new concept, sweet recipe, party inspiration or even just a random blurb. What started out as a creative outlet for me has evolved into so much more. A brand, a journal documenting my most special life moments and a way for me to reach out and connect with friends across the globe. What a journey! And to all of my loyal readers, commenters, ‘likers’ and friends who have accompanied me, it is with gratitude that I thank you!

I love looking back to see the progression from my first post until now. The transition is worth celebrating and with the new season upon us, I do so with a fresh look for Posh.


If you’ve visited lately you may have already noticed the new design illustrated by Erisha of A Thing Created. I came to her with concepts that she ever so graciously and beautifully transformed into a design that is not only a reflection of my personal style, but the Posh Little Designs brand and signature. I can’t think of a better way to welcome Spring, except for with a lifesize pair of those mint heels. Need!!!

I hope you continue to follow Posh and stay in touch.

The future here is full of all things sweet, chic, stylish and posh of course.


Visit A Thing Created to see more captivating designs and illustrations by Erisha.


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