Hand Painted Easter Eggs – DIY

Today is the first day of Spring but apparently mother nature did not get the memo here in Washington. She served up a full dose of stormy sideways rain and blustery wind to welcome the new season. This is pretty typical in our area, which means I’ll  just have to continue daydreaming about sunny days, floral blooms and vacation too. That’s ok though because as usual I have loads of things to complete before Spring kicks into full gear. One of which is a collection of Easter blogs posts, since the holiday falls at the end of March this year. First up is a fun little DIY perfect for today’s arrival of Spring and inspired by some of the things that I’m currently loving.

swoon list

Watercolors (I’m obsessed)

Floral print trend (seen in fashions for Spring and Summer 2013)

Hand written script (so chic)

Sounds like the perfect recipe for beautified Easter eggs to me, and also a great indoor activity for the stormy weather outside.

My 3-year-old daughter and I had so much fun making these.

diy hand painted easter eggs


1 Carton of Large or Extra Large Eggs (12)

1 small paint brush

Non-toxic watercolor set (any kind will do – don’t laugh…I actually used my 3-year-old daughter’s princess paint kit)

1 paper towel

1 shallow dish of water


Boil eggs in large pot for 12 minutes.

Remove from heat and run under cool water for 3 minutes.

Pull eggs from water and dry on paper towels removing all moisture.

Dip your paint brush in water and then brush over the paint color of your choice. (you can blot your brush on the paper towel to remove some of the excess paint for a lighter finish.)

Create a 2 inch floral shape or (squiggly circle) in center of an egg.

Paint a small circle in the center of your floral shape using a darker color of paint for contrast. It should start to resemble a flower at this point.

Add a green stem.

Repeat these steps creating additional flowers in different shapes and sizes for variety and range.

Place back in carton to dry.

These are a great conversation starter so be sure to display your works of art on Easter Sunday!

hand painted diy

Since my baby girl is about to turn 1, and her 1st birthday will be inspired by Spring in Paris, I used the leftover eggs to test out my artistry skills or (lack thereof,) for her upcoming celebration. I seriously have terrible hand-writing and I’m certainly no expert, but overall was pleased with how these Paris inspired eggs came out.

DIY hand painted easter eggs

Think of how many different notes or words you could hand paint on your Easter eggs. Your children’s names, etc.

spring in paris - easter eggs
Get creative and have fun!
diy hand painted easter eggs

Hoping this springy post brightens your week!

I have more Easter ideas on the way, as well as some Paris party inspiration coming up.

Check back again soon for more.


This DIY concept was seen first on Posh Little Designs. All images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2013


2 thoughts on “Hand Painted Easter Eggs – DIY

  1. Brandi these hand-painted Easter eggs are super cool…They look so delicate and I love the painted designs. You’ve got so much talent as a crafter.

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