An Award Winning Affair

There are a few things in life that I obsess over and celebrations just happen to be one of them. So when I got word that The Oscars were airing this Sunday creating a board for an award-winning viewing party was an absolute must. What I’m anticipating the most about the event this year is the red carpet pre-show, as I love to see the latest trends and fashions, (always searching for new ways to be inspired.) Will you be tuning in? Throwing a viewing party with your favorite girlfriends would be the perfect way to spend a chilly February afternoon!

Black tie affair

Source of inspirationThe iconic gold statue. 

Color schemeBlack and gold.

DecorElegant and glamorous with black bows to “tie” it all together.

Menu. Champagne and simple sweet treats. 

Party Favors. Something affordable yet decadent and rich.

Tips for creating an Award Winning Affair of your own.


Send. If you don’t have time to purchase and mail invites, Evite is always a great option. They have a fabulous array of Awards Party invites to choose from which you can create and send via email for free.

Decorate. Add the glam factor by decorating with gold shimmer & lots sequins.

Make. Glammed up popcorn…(yes there is such a thing.) Stay tuned for the Oscar inspired recipe later this week!

Serve. Your favorite Champagne/Sparkling wine. There are many options available in your local grocery store that are affordably priced.

Bring. Ask each friend to bring a sweet treat to share that fits your color scheme. This could be anything from store-bought OREOs and cupcakes, to color coordinated candy.

Give. A sweet Lindor truffle would make the perfect parting gift.


And the nominees are

1. Invite 2. Crystal Gold Pinata 3. Black Cake Stand 4. Lanvin Bow-tie 5. Lindt White 6. Gold Confetti

7. Lindt Dark 8. Party Cups 9. Vintage Veuve Clicquot

Next up I pair popcorn with glitter. Intrigued? Be sure to check back for that recipe and more.



3 thoughts on “An Award Winning Affair

  1. Those are great tips Brandi. You always do all the leg work for the rather inept “crafters.” like me and they are always so fabulous, elegant, fun and posh. What better way to ring in the Oscar gala with a gala of our own. Nice!

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