Strawberry Nutella Dessert Panini

World Nutella Day was on Tuesday the 5th and although I wasn’t able to get this post up in time to celebrate (chasing two kids around is a full-time job,) the holiday was enough to inspire a little treat…even if it took a few extra days to make. Now before I go any further, let me announce that Nutella does include both dairy and soy ingredients so this is not a treat for me to enjoy but my husband and 3-year-old daughter certainly loved tasting these little ‘sweethearts” today. And with Valentine’s day just one week away, making something with a chocolate hazelnut spread and strawberries seemed appropriate because we all know how well chocolate and strawberries go together. Well this treat is certainly no exception. A modern twist on the classic chocolate strawberry that your “sweetheart” will truly adore.

Also featured is an incredibly simple DIY. See below for the easiest instructions ever!

Strawberry Nutella Panini

Strawberry Nutella Dessert Panini


Panini Press

4 slices of whole grain bread

Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread

4 Fresh strawberries rinsed and sliced into rounds

2 Tablespoons Powdered Sugar (optional)

Heart shaped cookie cutters (optional)

1 paper towel.


Slice strawberries into rounds and place on a paper towel to soak up excess juice.

Spread an even layer of nutella onto all slices of bread.

Cover two slices of the nutella bread with strawberry rounds, placing remaining two slices of nutella bread atop the strawberries, creating two sandwiches.

Place both nutella and strawberry sandwiches in Panini press and cook for 2-4 minutes until bread has grill marks and is perfectly golden brown.

Remove from heat and allow to cool for 2 minutes.

If you are Celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, you can cut your Panini into festive shapes using a heart cookie cutter (warning…this can get a little messy.) Check out my etsy shop to purchase one today. You still have time to receive it before Valentine’s Day!

Dust with powdered sugar and serve.

strawberry nutella panini

When I started photographing these sweetheart sandwiches they began to remind me of breakfast and french toast which got me thinking…how lovely would these be on a romantic brunch menu for two!?

Decadent. Divine. Delish.

DIY Heart Sticker Toppers

This DIY is almost simple enough to not need instructions. The toppers literally take seconds to make and add a dash of posh to any treat in mind.

DIY heart sticker toppers


Decorative toothpicks

Glittery heart dimensional stickers



DIY heart sticker toppers

Simply apply the stickers to the top of each toothpick.

Place a small piece of tape on the back to make sure they stay secure.

They are ready for use.

DIY heart sticker toppers

Dress up your cupcakes, cookies and any other dessert you can think of this Valentine’s Day!

More posh is on the way! Check back again soon.



6 thoughts on “Strawberry Nutella Dessert Panini

  1. This is darling!!!! I too must refrain from nutella (dairy) but there are other brands that make dairy free chocolate hazelnut spread! I find them in organic stores. So…. I need to make this!!!!

  2. Brandi, I’m continually amazed at your concepts and ideas. This is so pretty and it looks delicious. You are such a fabulous crafter! I hope to taste one of these sweetheart treats. Love!

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