Valentine’s DIY – U are my Rock

It’s officially February today and Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away. For those of you who are anti this holiday I do apologize for the consistent reminders appearing on the blog this month. Perhaps I can make it up to you by sharing a sweet little DIY that’s not just for those who are in love, but for everyone. A handmade and affordable gift featuring rock sugar swizzle sticks found at Trader Joes and a festive loose leaf tea. I’ve titled it “u are my rock,” so the ideal recipient would be a person in your life who has been your support system or source of inspiration. Someone you want to show gratitude to on Valentine’s Day, like your mother, sister, daughter, BFF or anyone else deserving of this sweet gift from the heart.

u are my rock - valentine's diy PLD

Here’s what you’ll need:

u are my rock - valentine's diy PLD


Rock sugar swizzle sticks (as many as you’ll be giving out).

Paper cutter & scissors or a craft knife.

Editable party flag template  from Little Flamingo. This will be used to display the special verbiage on the swizzle sticks.

1 sheet of plain colored or patterned A4 paper.


Double stick tape.

1 serving of your favorite loose tea or ground coffee.

Small clear cellophane bags.

Bakers twine or ribbon.


(instructions for party flags adapted from Little Flamingo)

1. Simply click on the link above and fill in the template by typing the words “u are my rock” in the blanks (you could also add a little heart to one side of the party flag…see images below.) Once you’ve typed the verbiage into the desired number of columns, you will want to print the template onto the paper of your choice.

2. Using your paper-cutter, or craft knife, cut out the flags on the lines shown on the printed template. (You should end up with several rectangles.)

u are my rock - instructions

3. Take a piece of double stick tape that’s the length of one side of the party flag and cut it into two strips. Apply one of the two strips to the inside of the flag.

u are my rock - instructions

4. Take one swizzle stick and place it on the fold of the party flag. Wrap both sides of the flag around the wood and seal with your fingers, being certain to line up the ends.

u are my rock - instructions

5. If you so choose, you can cut a small triangle out of the end of each flag for a decorative finish.

Repeat these steps until you’ve attached flags to your desired number of swizzle sticks.

u are my rock - valentine's diy PLD

Gift Assembly

1. Spoon 1 serving of your favorite loose tea or coffee (or your recipients favorite) into a small cellophane bag.

2. Insert the flag decorated swizzle stick sugar side down into the center of each tea filled bag.

8. Seal the bag by tying a bow around it with bakers twine or ribbon and they are ready for gifting.

u are my rock - valentine's diy PLD

For an extra special gift, include a festive mug like the one seen above (found at Pier 1) or add in a heart-shaped tea strainer.

u are my rock - valentine's diy PLD

The tea that I chose to make these gifts came from The Spice Hut which is a local spice and tea house in my home town. Not only do I love their teas but I am a long time friend of the owner who is a continued inspiration to me. The tea that I’ve featured in this post is one of her special Valentine’s blends called “Love Struck.” It’s black tea with strawberries, coconut, rose petals and edible sugar hearts that melt in your cup while you sip. Both delicious and incredibly adorable! If you’re local, be sure to stop in and try their amazing blends. Their shop is truly a slice of tea heaven.

And as always, be sure to check back soon for your next dose of Valentine’s posh.

A DIY concept seen first on Posh Little Designs


10 thoughts on “Valentine’s DIY – U are my Rock

  1. Brandi Reid, what a fabulous idea! I love how you personalized with the hearts for valentine’s day or for lovers. How Clever and Posh. The rock candy and tea look divine!

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