Red Carpet Party Palettes

This past Sunday I spent the afternoon watching The Oscars red carpet live. If you tuned in, how did you feel about what they wore? I was pleasantly surprised at how many looks I loved!! Some of my top favorites: Naomi Watts, Halle Berry & Zoe Saldana.

Of the several looks, I personally nominated the two for best dressed that left me day dreaming. But since I don’t have a place fancy enough to wear one of these star-studded looks, I’ve done something with each that’s a little more practical and perfectly posh too! This posh that I speak of is in the form of party inspiration. Because how amazing would it be to host a celebration inspired by your favorite red carpet look?!

Below you will see how fashion has personally inspired my creative point of view. Two of my favorite looks transformed into the perfect party palettes.

First up the beautiful Stacy Keibler. She looked incredibly dazzling in this Naeem Khan embellished gown for Fall 2013. The design and intricate detailing left me speechless as did her overall styling. A true stunner in gun-metal glam. I am literally obsessed.

Stacy Kiebler - Oscars 2013

Source Naeem Khan Runway. Stacy Keibler Oscars

The party

Platinum and Black - party inspiration

How I was inspired

I chose a color scheme of black, platinum and gun metal to match fabric in the gown. The shape of the chandelier and serving tray reminding me of the overall design and structure of the dress, with disco dust and edible confetti glitter to tie in the embellished detail. This party inspiration would be ideal for any celebration with a glamorous theme. Bachelorette parties, engagement parties or birthdays come to mind.

1 Chandelier 2 Disco Dust Black 3 Edible Confetti 4 Balloons 5 Disco Dust Platinum 6 Baroque Serving Tray 7 Platinum Martini Glass 8 Platinum Gum balls 9 Black Gum balls 10 Platinum cupcake wrappers

The second beauty I nominated for best dressed was Kerri Washington in Miu Miu. This gown in coral with the diamond studded bust truly sang to me and reminded me that the warmth of the sun is near.  There’s something so bright and welcoming about this cheerful hue that reminds me of Spring! I also love that Kerri added an unexpected pop of color to her look with the red shoe and bag. A true vision!!
Kerri Washington - Oscars 2013

Source: Kerri Washington Oscars 2013

 The  party

Coral & Gold party inspiration

How I was inspired

I chose a color scheme of coral and gold to match the look of the gown, with added touches of red to tie in Kerri’s shoes and handbag. Gold details in the cake, bunting and edible jewels were a necessity to reference the embroidered bust, as was a drink recipe as refreshing as her overall look. This inspiration would be ideal for a Spring welcoming celebration. Perhaps a baby shower, bridal shower, tea party or birthday.

1 Gold Cake Bunting 2 Tissue wrapped party favors 3 Peach Gummies 4 Grapefruit Jellies 5 Chevron Straws 6 Edible Jewels 7 Grapefruit Cocktail 8 Gold Cake 9 Roses

What was your favorite look from The Oscars red carpet?

Feeling inspired? Be sure to check back soon for another dose of posh.



Glitter Party Popcorn

I’m so happy the weekend is here! Both my girls have been sick so it’s been quite an exhausting few days. Now that they’re getting better, things can slowly start getting back to normal around here which means a little spare time for me…I think I’ve earned it. First on the to do list: Make and photograph the popcorn I spoke of in my previous post.

We all know how well popcorn and movies go together and with The Oscars coming up on Sunday, I’ve made an A-List worthy recipe fitting for the event. Just a few special ingredients and ordinary popcorn is transformed into a posh party treat, ready for it’s Sunday debut. Whether you’ll be watching quietly at home, or alongside friends, this popcorn will certainly be enjoyed by all but I do warn not to make too far in advance unless you plan on making a double batch.

Fabulously posh and incredibly addictive.

Glitter Party Popcorn

Glitter Party Popcorn

If you’re a fan of sweet and salty, you will love this candied popcorn recipe! The sugar coating gives the popcorn a flavor reminiscent of kettle corn, while the sea salt, edible glitter and pearls add a little extra crunch and most importantly the glam factor. This treat is also vegan.


2 tablespoons Organic Yellow Popcorn (5 cups)

1/2 cup water

1/4 cup sugar

1 tablespoons corn syrup

1 teaspoon sea salt (optional)

Sprinkles sugar pearls and edible glitter

Parchment paper

Candied Glitter Popcorn


You are welcome to try this recipe using microwave popcorn. I’ve personally had a difficult time locating any microwave brand popcorn that’s free of soy and dairy, which motivated me to make popcorn the old fashioned way.

Line baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

Pop popcorn with a hot air popper by following manufactures instructions. This can also be done on the stove top by using a large pan with a lid. Simply heat 2 tablespoons popcorn with 1/4 cup oil. Cover pan and allow corn to pop over medium heat until you hear no more popping. Remove from heat. If using microwave popcorn, make 2 bags. Place popped popcorn in a large heat-proof bowl and set aside.

Add water and sugar to a saucepan and bring to a boil.

Once water and sugar has come to a boil, add in corn syrup and continue boiling until sugar mixture reduces and thickens a bit to about the consistency of a thin syrup (about 4-5 minutes.) Remove from heat.

Spoon sugar syrup one spoonful at a time down the side of heat-proof bowl of popcorn. Gently stir the popcorn into the sugar, repeating these steps until popcorn has a thin even coat.

Pouring syrup down the side of the bowl in segments will keep the popcorn from soaking up too much of the mixture and becoming soggy. You will most likely have leftover syrup.

Evenly spread sugar coated popcorn onto parchment lined cookie sheet and top with sea salt.

Lastly dust with sprinkles, edible glitter and sugar pearls to your little heart’s content. A few mixes with your hands will ensure even distribution of the garnishes.

Set aside to dry about 1 hour.

Store in ziplock or cover in saran wrap until ready to serve.

Serve in treat bags or a special dish as seen here.

Candied Glitter Popcorn

Sweet, salty, sparkly and party perfect!

posh little tip: This recipe is completely versatile. You can customize it for your next celebration by changing the colors of the edible garnishes.

Can’t wait to see all the fashions from the red carpet on Sunday. Perhaps a look or style will inspire one of my future posts.

Check back soon.


An Award Winning Affair

There are a few things in life that I obsess over and celebrations just happen to be one of them. So when I got word that The Oscars were airing this Sunday creating a board for an award-winning viewing party was an absolute must. What I’m anticipating the most about the event this year is the red carpet pre-show, as I love to see the latest trends and fashions, (always searching for new ways to be inspired.) Will you be tuning in? Throwing a viewing party with your favorite girlfriends would be the perfect way to spend a chilly February afternoon!

Black tie affair

Source of inspirationThe iconic gold statue. 

Color schemeBlack and gold.

DecorElegant and glamorous with black bows to “tie” it all together.

Menu. Champagne and simple sweet treats. 

Party Favors. Something affordable yet decadent and rich.

Tips for creating an Award Winning Affair of your own.


Send. If you don’t have time to purchase and mail invites, Evite is always a great option. They have a fabulous array of Awards Party invites to choose from which you can create and send via email for free.

Decorate. Add the glam factor by decorating with gold shimmer & lots sequins.

Make. Glammed up popcorn…(yes there is such a thing.) Stay tuned for the Oscar inspired recipe later this week!

Serve. Your favorite Champagne/Sparkling wine. There are many options available in your local grocery store that are affordably priced.

Bring. Ask each friend to bring a sweet treat to share that fits your color scheme. This could be anything from store-bought OREOs and cupcakes, to color coordinated candy.

Give. A sweet Lindor truffle would make the perfect parting gift.


And the nominees are

1. Invite 2. Crystal Gold Pinata 3. Black Cake Stand 4. Lanvin Bow-tie 5. Lindt White 6. Gold Confetti

7. Lindt Dark 8. Party Cups 9. Vintage Veuve Clicquot

Next up I pair popcorn with glitter. Intrigued? Be sure to check back for that recipe and more.


My littlest Valentine

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow will you be celebrating? To us the day is all about family so we’ll be spending it with our girls, but this year is extra special for us. Our youngest daughter just turned 9 months old so this will be her very first hearts day (also known as another excuse for me to do a photo-shoot.) The key here…let her “explore,” code word for mess. But all in the name of love. There is no greater gift.

WardrobeButton-closure Heart sweater — H&M baby.

Baby M

Her favorite pastime.

Baby M

A glimpse into the future? (she must get this from Mom.)

Baby M

Favorite ruffle pillow. Baby M

no longer a toothless grin…4 new teeth at once.

Baby M

we live for candid moments like this.

Baby M

and this.

Baby M

and sweet ones too.

Baby M

a sure sign she’s getting sleepy.

Baby M

And after the kids are off to bed tomorrow, my hubby and I get to enjoy a kid free dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Only the 2nd trip away from the girls since our youngest was born. Very much anticipated and very much deserved.

Have a fabulous day tomorrow celebrating with the ones you love and remember to check back soon for another dose of posh.

xo xo

DIY: Ring Pop Valentine

Today’s DIY brought me on a trip back to my childhood. Maybe because I was born in the 80s and remember sporting sweet jewel-shaped bling on my fingers. Perhaps you do too? Oh the memories!! Well if you loved Ring Pops as a child, you will certainly love making this craft at home for Valentine’s Day.

This post is inspired by my Ring Pop Party Favors. Do you remember those? Well this DIY will surely bring out the child in the one you love.

Put your heart on display.

ring pop valentine

A two-part feature with DIY instructions on the hand-made card and heart-shaped Ring Pop valentine.

Handmade Hearts Card


Pink Cardstock

Paper cutter or scissors

Hole punch

Heart-shaped stickers

Bakers twine or ribbon



Using paper-cutter or scissors, cut pre-designed card stock in half.

Take the cut half of card stock and fold in half to the right, making sure to line up the edges.

Place a heart-shaped sticker in the front center of the card.

Handwrite words of your choice on the inside of the card. Mine reads, “you have my heart, and my heart is yours, xoxo.”

Using your hole punch, punch one hole in the top right corner of your card.

Thread your bakers twine or ribbon through the hole and tie in a sweet little bow.

hand-made card

Ring Pop Valentine

Ring Pop Valentine


1 clear plastic container (these are available in my etsy shop)

15 inches of red or pink ribbon

1 Valentine Collection Ring Pop

Ring Pop Valentine


Remove Ring Pop from packaging.

Remove lid from plastic box.

Flip box upside down and insert Ring Pop into box on an angle, pushing until secure.

Seal with lid.

Ring Pop Valentine

Add a festive bow and get ready to display your love.

Ring Pop Valentine

A valentine that’s perfect for kids of all ages.

Ring Pop Valentine

please note: you must flip the box upside down for the ring pop to fit securely and for easy removal. Make these only 24 hours before gifting and be certain that they are stored in a cool and dry place.

posh little tip:

Bridal season is almost upon us. Are you looking for a memorable Bridesmaid invite? Look no further! Other fun uses: Favors for parties of all kinds, especially wedding related celebrations such as engagements and bachelorette.

More inspiration is on the way! Until then, stay posh!


This DIY concept was seen first on Posh Little Designs. All images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs.

Strawberry Nutella Dessert Panini

World Nutella Day was on Tuesday the 5th and although I wasn’t able to get this post up in time to celebrate (chasing two kids around is a full-time job,) the holiday was enough to inspire a little treat…even if it took a few extra days to make. Now before I go any further, let me announce that Nutella does include both dairy and soy ingredients so this is not a treat for me to enjoy but my husband and 3-year-old daughter certainly loved tasting these little ‘sweethearts” today. And with Valentine’s day just one week away, making something with a chocolate hazelnut spread and strawberries seemed appropriate because we all know how well chocolate and strawberries go together. Well this treat is certainly no exception. A modern twist on the classic chocolate strawberry that your “sweetheart” will truly adore.

Also featured is an incredibly simple DIY. See below for the easiest instructions ever!

Strawberry Nutella Panini

Strawberry Nutella Dessert Panini


Panini Press

4 slices of whole grain bread

Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread

4 Fresh strawberries rinsed and sliced into rounds

2 Tablespoons Powdered Sugar (optional)

Heart shaped cookie cutters (optional)

1 paper towel.


Slice strawberries into rounds and place on a paper towel to soak up excess juice.

Spread an even layer of nutella onto all slices of bread.

Cover two slices of the nutella bread with strawberry rounds, placing remaining two slices of nutella bread atop the strawberries, creating two sandwiches.

Place both nutella and strawberry sandwiches in Panini press and cook for 2-4 minutes until bread has grill marks and is perfectly golden brown.

Remove from heat and allow to cool for 2 minutes.

If you are Celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, you can cut your Panini into festive shapes using a heart cookie cutter (warning…this can get a little messy.) Check out my etsy shop to purchase one today. You still have time to receive it before Valentine’s Day!

Dust with powdered sugar and serve.

strawberry nutella panini

When I started photographing these sweetheart sandwiches they began to remind me of breakfast and french toast which got me thinking…how lovely would these be on a romantic brunch menu for two!?

Decadent. Divine. Delish.

DIY Heart Sticker Toppers

This DIY is almost simple enough to not need instructions. The toppers literally take seconds to make and add a dash of posh to any treat in mind.

DIY heart sticker toppers


Decorative toothpicks

Glittery heart dimensional stickers



DIY heart sticker toppers

Simply apply the stickers to the top of each toothpick.

Place a small piece of tape on the back to make sure they stay secure.

They are ready for use.

DIY heart sticker toppers

Dress up your cupcakes, cookies and any other dessert you can think of this Valentine’s Day!

More posh is on the way! Check back again soon.


Valentine’s DIY – U are my Rock

It’s officially February today and Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away. For those of you who are anti this holiday I do apologize for the consistent reminders appearing on the blog this month. Perhaps I can make it up to you by sharing a sweet little DIY that’s not just for those who are in love, but for everyone. A handmade and affordable gift featuring rock sugar swizzle sticks found at Trader Joes and a festive loose leaf tea. I’ve titled it “u are my rock,” so the ideal recipient would be a person in your life who has been your support system or source of inspiration. Someone you want to show gratitude to on Valentine’s Day, like your mother, sister, daughter, BFF or anyone else deserving of this sweet gift from the heart.

u are my rock - valentine's diy PLD

Here’s what you’ll need:

u are my rock - valentine's diy PLD


Rock sugar swizzle sticks (as many as you’ll be giving out).

Paper cutter & scissors or a craft knife.

Editable party flag template  from Little Flamingo. This will be used to display the special verbiage on the swizzle sticks.

1 sheet of plain colored or patterned A4 paper.


Double stick tape.

1 serving of your favorite loose tea or ground coffee.

Small clear cellophane bags.

Bakers twine or ribbon.


(instructions for party flags adapted from Little Flamingo)

1. Simply click on the link above and fill in the template by typing the words “u are my rock” in the blanks (you could also add a little heart to one side of the party flag…see images below.) Once you’ve typed the verbiage into the desired number of columns, you will want to print the template onto the paper of your choice.

2. Using your paper-cutter, or craft knife, cut out the flags on the lines shown on the printed template. (You should end up with several rectangles.)

u are my rock - instructions

3. Take a piece of double stick tape that’s the length of one side of the party flag and cut it into two strips. Apply one of the two strips to the inside of the flag.

u are my rock - instructions

4. Take one swizzle stick and place it on the fold of the party flag. Wrap both sides of the flag around the wood and seal with your fingers, being certain to line up the ends.

u are my rock - instructions

5. If you so choose, you can cut a small triangle out of the end of each flag for a decorative finish.

Repeat these steps until you’ve attached flags to your desired number of swizzle sticks.

u are my rock - valentine's diy PLD

Gift Assembly

1. Spoon 1 serving of your favorite loose tea or coffee (or your recipients favorite) into a small cellophane bag.

2. Insert the flag decorated swizzle stick sugar side down into the center of each tea filled bag.

8. Seal the bag by tying a bow around it with bakers twine or ribbon and they are ready for gifting.

u are my rock - valentine's diy PLD

For an extra special gift, include a festive mug like the one seen above (found at Pier 1) or add in a heart-shaped tea strainer.

u are my rock - valentine's diy PLD

The tea that I chose to make these gifts came from The Spice Hut which is a local spice and tea house in my home town. Not only do I love their teas but I am a long time friend of the owner who is a continued inspiration to me. The tea that I’ve featured in this post is one of her special Valentine’s blends called “Love Struck.” It’s black tea with strawberries, coconut, rose petals and edible sugar hearts that melt in your cup while you sip. Both delicious and incredibly adorable! If you’re local, be sure to stop in and try their amazing blends. Their shop is truly a slice of tea heaven.

And as always, be sure to check back soon for your next dose of Valentine’s posh.

A DIY concept seen first on Posh Little Designs