A little dedication to the upcoming arrival of Valentine’s Day and an ode to all things hearts.

Red, vibrant, sparkly and inspired by love with a little explanation below.



Red and gray are so inviting. Fell in love with the Love Letter Decor. I truly “heart” iPhones. My macaron obsession lives on. Swooning over the rose gold ring. Must make smooches cookies. Sequins + shoes = ♥. Giggling at the anti-valentine lollies…I think we all know someone who would appreciate these.

♥  ♥

Click below for links to all these lovely products.

Sources: 1. Valentine Invite. 2. LOVE Decor. 3. iPhone cover 4. Heart Macaron Recipe 5. Rose Gold Ring 6. Kiss Cookie Cutter. 7. Heart shoe clips 8. Anti-Valentine Lollies.

And before I go I have to mention that I’m still heart-broken by Seattle’s loss to Atlanta a few weeks ago. Stings! I don’t want to get off topic too much so I’ll stop there, but I did make some football inspired cupcakes for Super-bowl next week-end which will be up on the blog soon. They are both soy and dairy free so I get to enjoy them myself. That always makes me happy!

Check back soon.



One thought on “Heartspiration

  1. Ode to all things hearts, love, glitter, the color red, lips and all things inspired by love. thanks for bringing them all together in a lovely and posh little monologue to love and hearts. Sexy and Beautiful. ❤

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