‘Float’ Away with Me

Water is my beverage of choice and I don’t stray from it much, but occasionally I like to have a glass of DRY Soda. Have you ever tried it? I found it in the organic section of grocery store several months back and immediately fell in love. And what’s not to love? It’s all natural with only 4 ingredients, has no artificial colors, is low in carbs and sugar and tastes good too. Seriously, it’s about time they came up with an alternative like this. Since I happen to be a bit of a health nut I get excited when I discover new products such as this soda. A little off topic but in case you were wondering I’ve been a vegetarian since 12 years old. I do not eat pork or beef products but I do eat seafood and limited poultry. Combine that with my youngest daughter’s soy and dairy sensitivities and there is not much left for me to enjoy (kidding). It’s all about getting creative with recipes. This is why you see some vegan posts on my blog. Everything else I share here is made in very small quantities and if they happen to have soy or dairy products in them I just rely on my hubby to taste test for me.

Anyway, back to the DRY Soda. It comes in many flavors (lemongrass, lavender, cucumber, vanilla, rhubarb (and more) and I like them all. After trying the rhubarb I thought it would be fun to make a healthier version of an ice-cream float with it. The simplistic bottle in burgundy got me thinking of Valentine’s Day so I made this float inspired by the holiday, complete with festive sprinkles.

DRY soda valentine's floats

How cute would these be displayed on a dessert table for Valentine’s Day!? I know the weather is still a bit chilly (at least where I live,) so bundle up to enjoy these, perhaps fireside? As I was sipping on one the other day it brought me back to my childhood, so if you have children they will love them too!

‘Float’ Away with Me

Heart’s Day Floats

Since I’m currently dairy free I used coconut milk ice-cream to make the floats but I’m sure dairy ice-cream works just as well.


(Makes 4 servings)

2 12 oz bottles DRY Rhubarb Soda

1 pint of Coconut Milk or regular dairy Ice-cream

Lemon wedge

Festive Sprinkles

4 Paper straws

4 stemless champagne flutes or plastic for the kiddies


Pour festive sprinkles into a shallow dish.

Rim four stemless champagne flutes with slice of lemon. Dip the rimmed flutes in the dish of sprinkles and set aside to dry.

Teaspoon ice-cream into champagne flute and fill about half full.

Simply pour DRY Soda over ice-cream until the billowy cloud of heavenly goodness forms.

Finish them off with adorable striped paper straws and they are ready to enjoy!

rhubarb soda valentine's float

‘float’ away with me!!

DRY soda valentine's floats

pour. sip. repeat.

posh little tip: use these floats for any fun celebration you have in mind. Simply change the color of the sprinkles and paper straws to match the theme of your choice.

I’ll have more fun ideas and inspiration for Valentine’s Day as well as a sweet Superbowl game day recipe coming soon so be sure to check back in.


This recipe was seen first on Posh Little Designs

7 thoughts on “‘Float’ Away with Me

  1. Brandi, how cool is this. It looks great. I love the vintage chic of it and it has to taste great as well. I’ve never heard of dry soda, but I know it must taste divine. Plus, I love how the paper straw and sprinkles gives it that valentines edge. Nice!

  2. Now THIS is fantastic! ANd I have the perfect pink striped straws for it!!! 🙂 Plus there is a “glacier” in Paris near my house called Raimo, and they have dairy free coconut sorbet!!! It’s all so perfect. 😉

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