Super Bowl Soiree

You probably wouldn’t expect that someone like me who obsesses over all things adorable and chic would love football but I do. For years now I’ve been watching it with my hubby on Sundays…and Mondays, Thursdays and (sometimes Saturdays.) In fact what I look forward to the most during NFL season are our lazy Sundays, which consist of football, pajamas, a little brunch, more football and some pinterest…perfection!

Our favorite team is the Seahawks (reppin’ where we live) and this year I hand it to the rookie. Russel Wilson has been magic! He is truly something special. Incredibly talented and dynamic. I personally nominate him as rookie of the year! And if things keep going the way that they have, I can see them making it all the way to the Super Bowl. I’m putting it out there now…Seahawks for the Super Bowl.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I’m pretty sure we’ll be a attending a friends party this year, but if you plan on throwing one of your own, you’ll appreciate this inspiration for a chic Super Bowl Soiree that’s masculine with some feminine touches.

I took a less literal approach for this board. The color scheme is inspired by the ref’s uniforms, black and white. The football confetti (there is a god) and tassel garland that’s reminiscent of cheerleader pom poms are a must. What to serve? How about your favorite appetizers, or if you’re short on time try a potluck. And if you aren’t a baker, consider dressing up store-bought cupcakes with some fitting football wrappers. For refreshments, choose simple bottled drinks in a tub filled with ice and put out fun party straws for sipping. Foil wrapped chocolates would make the perfect party favor. Lastly, add in some game day invitations (an Etsy find) and free printables from the fabulous HWTM and you have a Super Bowl XLVII Soiree on your hands.

super bowl inspiration

Source: I. Football Chocolates II. Football Confetti III. Tub of Beer IV. Free Printables V. B&W Paper Straws. VI.Game Day Invitations VII. Tassel Garland VIII. Football Cupcake Wrappers.

Btw…I have never been a fan of beer, but my husband is. Check back soon for a unique treat inspired by football that combines beer and something sweet. Here’s a hint…I made a similar goodie for New Years.

p.s. Did any of you join a Fantasy Football league this season? This was my first year in an 8 person league and things got a little out of hand. How does one manage to get anything done whilst in a FF league!? No joke. I ended up doing entirely too much research and got a little carried away checking scores and points but apparently this paid off for my hubby because he came in 1st place winning the grand prize by just 6 points. I have to take credit for the ‘W’ because if it wasn’t for me telling him to bench Matt Ryan and put in Russell Wilson in his place (who was surprisingly still on the waiver wire) he would have come in 2nd. So with his winnings he’ll be buying me something special. I see a new handbag in my future 🙂

I came in 5th place…not bad for my first year playing!


3 thoughts on “Super Bowl Soiree

  1. Dear Brandi, I don’t even care much for football but this little Super Bowl Soiree of great ideas for entertaining, makes me want to watch the Super Bowl, where some smart woman has utilized your ideas and made them come to life for all the fans to enjoy. Simply fabulous, posh and even masculine for those real men who could care less for party favors, décor and chic. 🙂 Thanks again for all the inspiring ideas.

    • Awe!! Thank you! I should be throwing this Super Bowl party, but since I’m not, I hope that I can inspire others with the idea for something chic and perfectly co-ed. Thanks for all of your sweet comments and support! xoxx

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