Cranberry Vanilla Bean Mimosas

Christmas is on Tuesday and unfortunately I’m a bit under the weather but that won’t stop me from enjoying a wonderful celebration with my loved ones. This year my husband and I will be hosting our usual group of family members for an afternoon of good food and good laughs and I’m looking forward to every minute of it. One of the drinks that will be on our holiday menu is the Cranberry Vanilla Bean Mimosa. I came across the recipe a few years back and have loved it ever since. The cranberry juice adds a tart and refreshing twist and the vanilla beans add a slightly sweet and smooth finish, making this beverage perfect for a holiday toast!

Make it on Christmas Eve so its ready to serve on Christmas Day.

Cranberry Vanilla Mimosa

Cranberry Vanilla Bean Mimosas

Favorite sparkling wine
1 bottle of cranberry juice
2.5 vanilla beans
lemon wedge and 1/4 cup white sugar for rimming glass.

cranberry vanilla bean mimosa

Pour entire bottle of cranberry juice into pitcher.
Slit 2 vanilla beans (do not scrape) and add to cranberry juice. Soak overnight.
Slice and scrape the half remaining vanilla bean and mix with 1/4 cup of sugar.
Rim champagne glass in lemon and then vanilla sugar.
Fill the glass half full with vanilla cranberry juice (pour through a strainer)
Top with your favorite champagne/sparkling wine.
Garnish with extra vanilla beans or cranberries (optional)

Toast and enjoy!!

Cranberry vanilla bean mimosas

A holiday cheers to all of you!

recipe adapted from: Epicurious


2 thoughts on “Cranberry Vanilla Bean Mimosas

  1. That looks delightful. Perfect as a holiday drink. I don’t recall tasting it but I love cranberries and vanilla so I know it’s devine and it looks pretty too.

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