It has been an extremely busy week here at home and with Christmas only 9 days away there is still plenty left to accomplish. Luckily my oldest daughter is done with preschool and dance class until the new year so I’ll have more time coming up to finish my list of holiday to dos. By the time I get it all done, Christmas will be over, but I love this time of year nonetheless. My oldest daughter is now 3 and this seems to be the first year that she truly understands the holiday. Just seeing her face light up makes all this busyness completely worth it and since this is my 7 month old’s first Christmas this is certainly a special year for us.

Last week we focused on getting our home holiday ready. Picking out the perfect tree which involved us going to a local tree farm and cutting down our own. This is a long loved family tradition my hubby and I started even before our girls were born. We also decorated our home with old and new Christmas decorations, got shopping out of the way, holiday cards addressed and ready for mailing, homemade goodies prepped and ready for gifting…is this starting to sound like a Christmas song to you, or is it just me? Well speaking of songs, having my favorite holiday music playing in the background is the perfect way to get me in the Christmas spirit, especially when listening to my old vinyl. But my highlight of the week by far had to be the matinee viewing of the nutcracker with my oldest daughter. Some much needed Mommy/daughter time, plus a stunning and mesmerizing performance that was the perfect finish to our hectic holiday week, with Instagram there to capture it all.


I have more Christmas posts coming soon, including a few simple and last minute recipes like the grasshopper bark seen above. Be sure to check back in for your dose of holiday posh.

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