DIY: Glitter Clothespins – holiday edition

Im sure many of you know that I love glitter, but just to reiterate how much I love sparkle and shimmer I’m revisiting one of my favorite posts of the year. And this time I’m adding a festive color scheme to get you in the holiday crafting spirit.

Glitter Clothespins - Holiday

Here’s what you’ll need



Scotch tape

Glitter glue (easier and quicker than the double stick tape used in the original post)

Red, silver and gold glitter

Plain sheet of paper

Glitter Clothespins Holiday Edition


Add one piece of scotch tape to the very top of the clothespin, leaving enough hanging off the edge to pull later (this is for the portion that you will leave un-glittered, as seen above.)

Apply a thin, but even layer of craft glue to the untaped portion of the clothespin.

Place the clothespin on a piece of scrap paper (glue side up) and pour glitter over top, covering completely.

Once applied allow to dry for 1 hour, then shake off the excess.

Repeat these steps to make additional sparkly pins.

Use the sheet of paper to pour any leftover glitter back into the original containers.

Glitter Clothespins - Holiday

A simple, versatile and glamorous holiday craft.

Dress up your gift tags or use them to display Christmas Cards, holiday photos, garland or stockings in a posh and glitter way.

And as always be sure to check back soon for more!



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