DIY: Glittered Wood Cutlery

Christmas is less than 3 weeks away and I’m totally in the holiday spirit. I haven’t decorated my house yet…that’s coming this weekend, but I have been working on some simple holiday DIYs that feature another favorite thing of mine….lots of glitter.

Yes I can freely admit that I have a bit of a glitter obsession. And since the holidays are filled with things that sparkle and shimmer I’m getting my fix everywhere I turn. I love the versatility of glitter and the way it elevates the simplest of things. Like this leftover plain jane wood cutlery I had. As you can see below it was in dire need of a glitter makeover! All it took was a few minute DIY whilst my youngest daughter napped earlier today. The transformation…nothing short of posh.

Glittered Cutlery

Here’s what you’ll need.


Craft glue (I use Martha Stewart’s with the brush included.)

Wood cutlery. I had leftover from my Vintage glam baby shower.
Scotch tape.
Your favorite glitter. This time I’m using red gold and silver for the holidays.

Glitter finishing spray such as Krylon to seal the shimmer so it stays put.

Glitter cutlery supplies


Rip a piece of scotch tape off the roll that’s about double the width of your cutlery.

Adhere the tape about 2 inches above the bottom of the cutlery in a straight line. Leave enough tape hanging off the edge of utensils to pull later.

Using glittering glue, evenly paint a thin coat on the bottom of the utensils where you’ll be applying the glitter. Be sure not to paint past the line of tape.

Simply dust with your favorite glitter and set aside to dry.

Once dry shake off any excess and remove tape. You should be left with a clean line of glitter as seen below.

Lastly, spray with finishing spray. (If you’ll be eating with these, be certain to guard the cutlery by covering in plastic before spraying.)

Allow finishing spray to dry.

And here is the transformation.

Holiday glittered cutlery

 Sparkling and ready for holiday party fun.

DIY Glittered cutlery

Use for a festive dessert table, or how about a hot chocolate bar?

I have more glittery holiday DIYs coming up next week so be sure to check back again soon.



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