Golden Thanksgiving

If you follow trends, you’re definitely aware that metallics are all the rage for Fall 2012, seen everywhere from fashions to decor. I personally love this trend! There’s just something truly chic about a metallic color palette that falls right in line with the holiday season. Especially the color gold….I can’t seem to get enough of it lately.

Silver and gold usually mean Christmas to me, but I actually love this color scheme for Thanksgiving too! The gold is elegant and timeless and together with the silver creates a balanced, yet modern effect perfect for a beautiful holiday celebration. So perfect that the shiny hues have become the focal point of my Golden Thanksgiving Inspiration Board which features the following products from some of my favorite online stores.

Cheese knives for your appetizer spread, a delicious homemade spiced orange wine recipe for your holiday beverage, darling DIY pumpkin place cards for your guests, my favorite style of champagne coupes and modern coasters for toasting, beautiful flatware for your main course, and lastly a little collage of words expressing what Thanksgiving means to me.

Feeling inspired? Purchase the above items for your own home by clicking on the links below.

Source: 1.Cheese knives 2. Pumpkin place settings 3. Champagne Coupes 4. Metallic Coasters 5. Orange spiced wine recipe 6. Gold flatware

Wishing you all a perfect holiday!

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