Yesterday I celebrated my 31st birthday in the gorgeous city of Seattle and what a lovely celebration it was. Last year we were traveling at this time so it was nice to take advantage of some low-key festivities close to home. The weather was great with no rain and it was surprisingly sunny and warm. The tourist spots were quiet without the usual hustle and bustle and this was quite a refreshing surprise.

We shopped at my absolute favorite H&M flagship store, did some sightseeing, enjoyed the pier 54, merry-go-round and the Great Wheel, (which I was completely freaked out by, but I put on a happy face for my oldest daughter who was thrilled to ride it.) We ate some fresh and local seafood, sourdough bread, and enjoyed yummy birthday treats from a little French Bakery called Le Panier. I am totally obsessing over this place now! The French Macarons were to die for and were an amazing compliment to my vanilla Rooibos tea from the original Starbucks. Pike place was relaxed and the sounds of gospel filled the market. Fruit and veggies were vibrant and impossible to pass up. I took home some raspberries which I look forward to creating treats with over the next few days.

Here are some of the highlights from my celebration captured via Instagram. Follow me by clicking on the icon to the right.




The day was nothing short of perfect. Unhurried, and filled with lasting memories with my loved ones. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!



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