DIY: Lace Trim Favor Bags

Here is an easy tutorial for the lace trim favor bags we made for my Vintage Glam Baby shower seen here. The idea for them actually came about last minute. We couldn’t find the specific style of favor bag in stores that would tie in with our party theme so we utilized what we had around the house to make our own, following the simple steps below.


Large Brown Paper Bags

Lace Trim paper punch (I used Martha Stewart’s)



Hole Punch

DIY Instructions~

Trim about 5 1/2 inches off the top of each paper bag and open.

Using lace paper punch, evenly punch the front side of the bag twice leaving about 1/4 inch between your first and second punch.

Repeat this step for the back of the bag.

Fill with goodies.

Simply seal each bag by hole punching the left and right side, tying them closed with a ribbon bow.

Posh little tip~

These inexpensive DIY bags are perfect for party favors and prizes. Change the color of the ribbon to match your celebration theme.


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