Glamorous Glitter Clothespins ~ DIY

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of clothespins? For me it’s laundry or a clothesline, yet after gaining some inspiration on Pinterest, I found some alternative uses much more exciting than laundry. Just add a little glitter and viola! You now have a glamorous version perfect for weddings, bridal or baby shower games, favors, gifts and celebration decor.

Today I made some for my upcoming vintage-glam baby shower using gold and white glitter. They turned out adorable and all you need are the following 3 supplies to make your own:

1. Glitter in colors of your choice.

2. Double stick tape.

3. Wood clothespins.

A pair of Scissors and scrap paper.


Apply a piece of double-stick tape to one side of the clothespin.

Using a pair of sharp scissors, trim the excess tape from the pin.

Place the clothespin on a piece of scrap paper (sticky side up) and pour glitter over top, covering completely.

Once applied. Press glitter down with fingers and shake off any excess.

Repeat these simple steps to make additional clothespins.

Note ~ I prefer to use Martha Stewart crafts, but you could use any supplies of your choice and I’m sure they’d turn out just as great!

Adapted from: Creature Comforts Blog


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