Sunshine Yellow & Gray ~ Baby Shower Inspiration

The due date of my 2nd daughter is fast approaching and I have many projects to accomplish before her May 2nd arrival. A few of my largest tasks consist of designing her nursery and creating items for my upcoming baby shower. Although I am not planning the baby shower in it’s entirety on my own, I tend to be a bit of a control freak so I have more of a hand in the planning process than I probably should. Call me crazy but preggers or not, I absolutely love being involved. I always find an excuse to throw a party so there was no way that I’d be staying out of this one. I must however mention how fortunate I am to have a few special people in my life who will be helping plan and are also willing to put up with me and my obsessive demands for perfection.

The color scheme we decided on for the baby’s nursery is yellow and gray. I drew my inspiration for these colors from the Season of Spring that my daughter will be born in. There is something so bright, cheery and joyous about yellow that warms me like a sunny afternoon. The gray adds in a modern twist, and together they offer the touch of posh that I live for.

I fell in love with the combination of yellow and gray so much so, that I’ve decided to use that color scheme for my baby shower as well. I will be pairing these hues with some of my favorite textiles, decor and delicious treats, which together will embody my vision for a Vintage-Chic celebration with modern and posh touches. I currently live for gated trellis prints & ornate chalkboards. Lanterns, paper straws, mason jars & milk glass will add in the vintage touch I am looking for and the french macarons, and other sweet treats are favorites of mine that would look beautiful on any dessert table.

I couldn’t be more excited about these colors and just love how versatile they are together. Yellow and gray can be both masculine and feminine and would look stunning in a wedding, home interiors, fashions or as the backdrop for any cheerful celebration.

Sources: 1. Paper Straws 2. Rock Candy 3. French Macarons. 4. Mason Jar Lemonade. 5. Milk Glass. 6. Baby Shower Invitations. 7. Trellis print pattern. 8. Moroccan Lantern. 9. Ornate Chalkboard. 10. Sweet Treats.


6 thoughts on “Sunshine Yellow & Gray ~ Baby Shower Inspiration

  1. Hi Brandi,
    Thanks so much for linking my milk glass article – I really appreciate it. I think your inspiration is awesome and love the mix of grey in there. The colours are perfect for your daughter’s May arrival. It’s so cheery and fresh, the perfect welcoming for a new baby. Good luck with your little one’s arrival, and the party on her behalf 🙂

    • Sheila,
      Thank you so much for your comments and feedback on my post, as well as your kind sentiments regarding my baby’s arrival. I was so inspired by your article on milk glass and appreciate being given the opportunity to share that inspiration with others.
      My very best~

      • Yeah…I love the colour scheme as well. I think it’s the perfect combination to welcome a lil baby girl. I can’t wait to see it all come together. I know by the time of her arrival, you will have sold everyone on how fabulous yellow and gray are in all their varying tones, by displaying tantalizing treats, chic decor and posh designs at the upcoming baby shower. I can’t wait to see your inspirations come to life. No doubt we will all be saying ‘wow or Owhhh and Ahhh.”

      • Why thank you! We’re certainly on the same page. I can’t wait to see it all come together either. I almost wish I could hit the fast forward button. I’m super grateful that you’ll be there to assist me along the way 🙂

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