Sweet Valentine ♥

February 14th is fast approaching and I couldn’t think of a better way to ring in the celebration of love, then with a little chocolate, sugar, sprinkles, and of course the color pink.

Here’s a little ‘posh’ inspiration to get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

The pink chevron fabric via Hawthorne Threads and Riley Blake Designs would be an adorable backdrop for any Valentine’s soiree. Match this modern pink and white color scheme with some ‘posh little’ treats such as cherry rock candy, pink chocolate spoons and pink chocolate s’mores and you’ll have a sweet celebration to remember. The homemade treats are super simple to make, (see recipes below) and would be perfect for a dessert table, children’s party, or even a candy display.


Valentine’s Pink Chocolate Spoons:

Ingredients: Favorite white dipping chocolate, red gel food coloring, colored plastic spoons and sprinkles (you can also use Wilton’s Pink Candy Melts.)

Heat the chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave.

Add in a few drops of the food coloring until you get the desired color you are looking for.

Pipe melted chocolate on to spoons.

Add a ‘posh’ touch and decorate with festive sprinkles.

Chill in the fridge until solid..

These stir-ins are both festive and scrumptious with your favorite hot chocolate recipe.


Valentine’s Pink Chocolate Dipped S’Mores:

Ingredients: Graham crackers quartered, jet puffed marshmallow fluff, pink dipping chocolate, and sprinkles and wax or parchment paper.

Spread a spoonful of jet puffed marshmallow fluff onto quartered graham cracker, placing another graham cracker on top to create a sandwich.

Dip graham cracker marshmallow sandwiches into melted pink chocolate.

Place on wax or parchment paper.

Add a ‘posh’ touch and decorate with festive sprinkles.

 Chill in fridge until chocolate has hardened.

Serve and enjoy!

I can find any reason to throw a party, or create something fabulous, but Valentine’s Day gives me the perfect excuse!

Stay tuned for more ‘posh’ Valentine’s inspirations coming soon.


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