Color me Turquoise

With over the foot of snow that I currently have outside my window, I am craving color!! Spring, Summer and Wedding Season are nearing so what better way to gain inspiration for each, then by vivid hues that remind me of warmth and celebration on these cold Winter days! This mood board is a reflection of just that!

Turquoise is a life-long favorite hue of mine. Pair it with purple and you truly have a match made in heaven. Both along with seashell remind me of beachy days and extended Summer nights. This color scheme would be the perfect accompaniment to a quaint back-yard affair. Perhaps a glamourous pool party with chic attention to detail and of course, modern textiles. I have been officially transported!!

Credits: Sample Board: Suppliers: Decor & Wedding Cake:, Chandelier: Fundidesigns, Look and Feel:  Cocokelley, Fabrics: Thibaut Design, Wedding Dress: Watters & Color Schemes: Textile Report Autumn 08.09.


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