Real Parties ~ Bachelorette

I had the honor of hosting and designing a Bachelorette party for my sister-in-law recently. The inspiration behind the party came from the bride-to-be’s love for the color purple and also her love for bling!!

We used a black, white and purple color scheme, with damask accents. The little details consisted of diamond ring accessories, feathers, diamond table scatter and lace.

For dessert we served these adorable lingerie cookies, which I made myself, using my favorite sugar cookie and royal icing recipe. These seriously took forever to decorate, but were completely worth it because they turned out adorable! I got the inspiration for these darling cookies from the How Does She website which includes a great tutorial. All you need is your favorite cookie and icing recipe, sprinkles, some patience and a heart cookie cutter. These cookies could also be used for Valentine’s Day or Bridal Showers.

Other treats on the menu included provocative cake pops, Hot Tamales and Dark Chocolate kisses with some names fitting for the occasion. Since our bride-to-be was preggers, we setup a sparkling beverage bar with San Pellegrino, Ciders and fruit nectar mixers.

And finally, for the gifts. I’ve seen the panty line done at several bachelorette parties that I’ve been to, but none in the form of a parfait. I got the inspiration from Wedding Bee and it could not have turned out cuter! I found the parfait vase at a local department store, and I went to Victoria’s Secret for all the panties. I adjusted the poem a bit to match my bride-to-be, and hand designed all the labels. She absolutely loved her gift and it was humorous to have her read the poem aloud in front of all her guests. What a hit this celebration was!!


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