Sweet Valentine ♥

February 14th is fast approaching and I couldn’t think of a better way to ring in the celebration of love, then with a little chocolate, sugar, sprinkles, and of course the color pink.

Here’s a little ‘posh’ inspiration to get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

The pink chevron fabric via Hawthorne Threads and Riley Blake Designs would be an adorable backdrop for any Valentine’s soiree. Match this modern pink and white color scheme with some ‘posh little’ treats such as cherry rock candy, pink chocolate spoons and pink chocolate s’mores and you’ll have a sweet celebration to remember. The homemade treats are super simple to make, (see recipes below) and would be perfect for a dessert table, children’s party, or even a candy display.


Valentine’s Pink Chocolate Spoons:

Ingredients: Favorite white dipping chocolate, red gel food coloring, colored plastic spoons and sprinkles (you can also use Wilton’s Pink Candy Melts.)

Heat the chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave.

Add in a few drops of the food coloring until you get the desired color you are looking for.

Pipe melted chocolate on to spoons.

Add a ‘posh’ touch and decorate with festive sprinkles.

Chill in the fridge until solid..

These stir-ins are both festive and scrumptious with your favorite hot chocolate recipe.


Valentine’s Pink Chocolate Dipped S’Mores:

Ingredients: Graham crackers quartered, jet puffed marshmallow fluff, pink dipping chocolate, and sprinkles and wax or parchment paper.

Spread a spoonful of jet puffed marshmallow fluff onto quartered graham cracker, placing another graham cracker on top to create a sandwich.

Dip graham cracker marshmallow sandwiches into melted pink chocolate.

Place on wax or parchment paper.

Add a ‘posh’ touch and decorate with festive sprinkles.

 Chill in fridge until chocolate has hardened.

Serve and enjoy!

I can find any reason to throw a party, or create something fabulous, but Valentine’s Day gives me the perfect excuse!

Stay tuned for more ‘posh’ Valentine’s inspirations coming soon.


Posh Treats ~ Snow Ice Cream

We’ve undergone quite a winter blast here in Washington in the last week and I literally have over a foot and a half of snow outside my home. I am officially snowed in and have been trying to avoid falling victim to cabin fever. Here’s a delicious treat that I made today while waiting for the snow to melt. This one brings me back to me childhood!

Snow Ice Cream, with a little ‘posh’ twist!

My Father use to make this frosty dessert for me and my siblings when we were kids. It was one of those recipes that was never written down. He really just added his special touches and it always turned out perfect. Unfortunately he passed away and I never had the opportunity to ask him for it, but after much research and tasting, I came up with a version that’s not exact, but will do.


14 cups of clean snow.

1 cup milk.

1 teaspoon quality vanilla extract.

3/4 cups regular or powdered sugar, to taste.

Directions ~

Place large bowl outside to collect snow once it begins to fall.

Once full, measure out 12 cups in a separate bowl, setting the 2+ extra cups aside.

Stir in cup of milk, followed by 1/2 cup of the sugar and the teaspoon of vanilla.

Mix ingredients together well.

Once blended, taste, then add the remaining sugar and snow until desired flavor and consistency is achieved.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

This is truly a fun family tradition to start with your children, and would be a fabulous dessert idea for a sleepover or even a kids party! My 2 year old daughter just loved being involved!

Oh and of course I couldn’t consider it ‘posh’ without a few extra embellishments. I added silver and white sugar pearls for the glam factor!


This recipe is very forgiving. If it’s a little too sweet add more milk. If not sweet enough, add more sugar. You could also stir in extracts, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla bean or really anything else that suits your fancy. Whole milk or heavy whipping cream will make for a richer and thicker Ice Cream.

Color me Turquoise

With over the foot of snow that I currently have outside my window, I am craving color!! Spring, Summer and Wedding Season are nearing so what better way to gain inspiration for each, then by vivid hues that remind me of warmth and celebration on these cold Winter days! This mood board is a reflection of just that!

Turquoise is a life-long favorite hue of mine. Pair it with purple and you truly have a match made in heaven. Both along with seashell remind me of beachy days and extended Summer nights. This color scheme would be the perfect accompaniment to a quaint back-yard affair. Perhaps a glamourous pool party with chic attention to detail and of course, modern textiles. I have been officially transported!!

Credits: Sample Board: Suppliers: Decor & Wedding Cake: Theknot.com, Chandelier: Fundidesigns, Look and Feel:  Cocokelley, Fabrics: Thibaut Design, Wedding Dress: Watters & Color Schemes: Textile Report Autumn 08.09.

Coco Chanel Inspirations

This elegant and classy wedding inspiration board, was created based on my own love for Chanel’s signature and beautiful handbags.

Picture an opulent event overflowing with Camelias and Anenome, also featuring a black and white color scheme with pink accents, similar to the interior of my favorite Chanel Tote. A modern yet everlasting twist on bridal party fashions and reception decor would make for a memorable celebration, just as stunning as each Chanel Design.

I know this concept has been seen over and over again, but it’s considered timeless, in my book.

I’m. in. heaven!!!

Credits: Sampleboard Suppliers: Wedding Cake & Dress Accessories: Theknot.com, Jewelry: Net-a-porter, Fabrics & Patterns: Comfort Creations, Look and Feel: Cocokelley, Bridal Hair Jewelry: Tigerlilly Jewelry, and Wedding Styles: Primadonnabride.

Real Parties ~ Bachelorette

I had the honor of hosting and designing a Bachelorette party for my sister-in-law recently. The inspiration behind the party came from the bride-to-be’s love for the color purple and also her love for bling!!

We used a black, white and purple color scheme, with damask accents. The little details consisted of diamond ring accessories, feathers, diamond table scatter and lace.

For dessert we served these adorable lingerie cookies, which I made myself, using my favorite sugar cookie and royal icing recipe. These seriously took forever to decorate, but were completely worth it because they turned out adorable! I got the inspiration for these darling cookies from the How Does She website which includes a great tutorial. All you need is your favorite cookie and icing recipe, sprinkles, some patience and a heart cookie cutter. These cookies could also be used for Valentine’s Day or Bridal Showers.

Other treats on the menu included provocative cake pops, Hot Tamales and Dark Chocolate kisses with some names fitting for the occasion. Since our bride-to-be was preggers, we setup a sparkling beverage bar with San Pellegrino, Ciders and fruit nectar mixers.

And finally, for the gifts. I’ve seen the panty line done at several bachelorette parties that I’ve been to, but none in the form of a parfait. I got the inspiration from Wedding Bee and it could not have turned out cuter! I found the parfait vase at a local department store, and I went to Victoria’s Secret for all the panties. I adjusted the poem a bit to match my bride-to-be, and hand designed all the labels. She absolutely loved her gift and it was humorous to have her read the poem aloud in front of all her guests. What a hit this celebration was!!

Real Parties ~ Minnie Mouse Birthday

My sweet little girl had her 2nd birthday recently, and with her absolute love for Minnie Mouse, we knew it was the perfect direction for her celebration. I am an avid do it yourself-er, so I was determined to create everything on my own, down to the very last detail. My daughter couldn’t have been more excited for her special day and seeing her smiling face was worth every moment it took to create this party so near and dear to my heart.

I decided on a pink and yellow color scheme with polka-dot accents and of course a bit of sparkle for that posh flair. I hand designed the mouse ears via The Suburban Mom tutorial. The invitations, dessert table, labels, flower arrangements,  and all other decor that you see were hand crafted by me as well. The adorable Minnie Mouse Banner was a custom creation by my Mother Kelly.

We served an array of sweets and goodies decorated to match our theme and color scheme. Chocolate dipped oreos, or “Mouse Ears”, Magical rice krispies, pink and yellow sixlets, crushed pineapple and cotton candy jelly bellys and pineapple and cherry rock candy.

We also served homemade pink lemonade punch, red velvet Minnie and Mickey mouse cake pops and a homemade cake. 1st layer coconut with strawberry lemonade swiss meringue buttercream and 2nd layer, chocolate with double chocolate frosting.

We hand decorated the cake with pink, yellow and black fondant. For Minnie’s head, we wrapped the black fondant around a rice krispie mold. We used Oreo cookies for Minnie’s ears and adorned the top with a pink polka-dot bow.  I got the inspiration for the silhouette cake pops from none other than Bakerella. It was a bit difficult to get the ears on the cake pops to not melt while dipping them in the chocolate, but freezing them before dipping seemed to do the trick.

Other items on the menu: Minnie’s bow tie Caprese pasta salad, Mickey’s Chicken and Spinach meatballs, Mouse masala wings, Fruit Skewers in cutout shapes, Mouse shaped cheese ball with crackers, and cheese panini cutouts for the little ones.

Lastly, photos of my little “minnie” enjoying her special day! Happy 2nd Birthday sweet pea!! ❤